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Jokerette2305 0   Sticky Post
*Reminder ~ Rules on posting "Articles"
AprilSky1809 0   Sticky Post
*Fox News Pounded in Ratings as Truth Mounts Surprising Comeback
moonscape5345 2   05/23/17 04:02 PM
x*They'll be back. It's been days now since Trump did anything outrageously stupid. Consequently, we don't appear to have anything to talk about,
Beard05/23/17 05:16 PM
x*Exactly he hasn't done anything extremely nuts so far overseas other than give the rest of his soul to that orb of evil...but that can be considered
kidfresh51205/23/17 07:38 PM
*High possibility of war with North Korea, warns new South Korean president
Dreamer15 0   05/22/17 04:55 PM
*Republican redistricting is taking a beating in the courts (again)
Blockhead15 0   05/22/17 01:39 PM
*California Democratic chair race angers ‘Berniecrats’
Dreamer65 4   05/21/17 11:58 PM
x*The Obama effect seems to have been very short lived. NT
Beard05/22/17 12:07 AM
x*shortest decade ever NT
PointBeing05/22/17 09:25 AM
x*Kimberly Ellis asks for an audit of the votes ~
Dreamer05/22/17 12:07 AM
x*Geeze, I hope the Democrates aren't getting on the voter fraud bandwagon. NT
Beard05/22/17 12:09 AM
*Kushner-Trump are selling the precision guided munitions to Saudis that Obama had put on hold out of fear civilians in Yemen will be bombed
petite649 2   05/19/17 05:05 PM
x*Donald wants to bomb the s*** out of them NT
PointBeing05/19/17 05:06 PM
x*Donald is still trying to find Yemen on the map. NT
petite605/19/17 05:13 PM
*FBI Warned GOP Rep. In 2012 That Russian Spies Were Trying To Recruit Him
petite629 0   05/19/17 01:56 PM
*Trump-Russia probe now includes possible cover-up, Congress is told
petite632 0   05/19/17 01:51 PM
*Politico: Trump said to favor move that could destabilize Obamacare
petite617 0   05/19/17 12:29 PM
*Breathe a sigh of relief. Trump is safely out of the country for a few days, and Mike Pence is in charge. What could go wrong
Beard209 13   05/19/17 12:06 PM
x*Trump Told Russians That Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation
BlondeMoment05/19/17 12:33 PM
x*Air Force One must be a real party atmosphere right now. NT
Blockhead05/19/17 12:46 PM
x*where is Spencer? we need video! lol NT
petite605/19/17 12:50 PM
x*I'm hurt that BlondeMoment doesn't read my posts. NT
Blockhead05/19/17 12:36 PM
x*does anyone? NT
petite605/19/17 12:43 PM
x*:-D NT
BlondeMoment05/19/17 12:44 PM
x*I saw your post after I posted to Beard. Whining doesn't become you.:-P NT
BlondeMoment05/19/17 12:42 PM
x*Disagree. NT
Blockhead05/19/17 12:44 PM
x*:-) NT
BlondeMoment05/19/17 12:48 PM
x*Breaking News....You thought we were save Beard? NT
BlondeMoment05/19/17 12:34 PM
x*Politico: ‘People Here Think Trump Is a Laughingstock’
petite605/19/17 12:30 PM
x*People here think so too. NT
cantgetenough05/19/17 01:05 PM
x*Hey, if you can make people laugh, you can make them your friends. NT
Beard05/19/17 12:32 PM
*Trump Told Russians That Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation
Blockhead232 15   05/19/17 12:05 PM
x*LOL Dummy! NT
PointBeing05/19/17 04:35 PM
x*Thank you for this very informative post, Bloc. :-D NT
BlondeMoment05/19/17 12:43 PM
x*OMG @Trump now on the plane with all those reporters after the bombshell reports!!! bwahhahahhahah NT
petite605/19/17 12:37 PM
x*they are also NOW reporting Russia probe reaches current White House official. I'm thinking the only reason I'm not a billionaire is that I wasn't
petite605/19/17 12:11 PM
x*Kushner? NT
Blockhead05/19/17 12:16 PM
x*Chris Matthews...someone close to the President maybe even family!!!! Everyone knows but doesn't want to say. NT
BlondeMoment05/19/17 04:36 PM
x*Everyone is saying Jared, but Ivanka is close friends with Putin's alleged girlfriend. Could be her! NT
cantgetenough05/19/17 07:47 PM
x*Oh, no, Ivanka wouldn't do well in prison. NT
Beard05/19/17 04:59 PM
x*man, is Jared going to jail like his dad? You always want things to turn out differently. NT
petite605/19/17 12:21 PM
x*Is he considered a White House "official"? What exactly does that mean? NT
cantgetenough05/19/17 12:25 PM
x*I'm guessing someone that has access to the POTUS. NT
petite605/19/17 12:28 PM
x*Kushner was named a named senior adviser to Trump, has an office at the white house, so I would think that qualifies.
Blockhead05/19/17 12:28 PM
x*Could be any one of them....or, likely, all of them. NT
cantgetenough05/19/17 12:12 PM
x*Just keep digging that hole, Mr. President. NT
cantgetenough05/19/17 12:08 PM
x*"Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, did not dispute the account." Hmmm. NT
Blockhead05/19/17 12:06 PM
*Donovan dropping out as Trump's nominee for deputy Treasury secretary
petite634 1   05/19/17 11:56 AM
x*Wow!!! This is huuuge! Maybe i should be Trump's cleaner and get him back to reality. I would not take any mess. NT
petite605/19/17 12:01 PM
*WATCH: Ex-adviser shows how Hillary Clinton trained to ward off unwanted Trump hugs at debate prep
petite668 3   05/19/17 11:39 AM
x*LOL she was so cute here. Funny, this was right around the time people were calling her sick and suffering from some brain damage NT
petite605/19/17 11:44 AM
x*Not people, the Republican attack machine, or maybe the Putin attack machine, it's hard to tell where one starts and the other leaves off. NT
Beard05/19/17 11:47 AM
x*amazing how the optics can shift reality. not Putin compromised, so I have no idea what his spin is lol NT
petite605/19/17 11:49 AM
*Donald Trump Warned Us About Himself: A Closer Look (VIDEO)
petite621 0   05/19/17 11:32 AM
*Jeff Sessions has done more damage in his first 100 days than his boss
petite620 0   05/19/17 09:23 AM
*Ukraine’s ex-premier comes to Washington with a warning: Putin’s "primary objective is to outplay President Trump.”
petite620 0   05/19/17 09:20 AM
* NYT: Kushner Asked Lockheed CEO To Cut Better Arms Deal For Saudi Arabia
petite619 0   05/19/17 08:54 AM
*Post Poll: President's Popularity Plummeting Among Israeli Jews
petite617 0   05/19/17 08:13 AM
*Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton push for women’s museum
petite616 0   05/19/17 08:06 AM
*Julian Assange: Sweden drops rape investigation
Dreamer20 0   05/19/17 04:47 AM
*Syria condemns US-led attack on pro-Assad forces
Dreamer17 0   05/19/17 04:45 AM
*Why Trump will likely resign as Mueller pursues 'Putingate'
petite656 1   05/18/17 03:56 PM
x*A few others will need to resign too. NT
tweeter05/19/17 07:00 AM
*Someone Needs to Explain to Donald Trump That His Own Administration Appointed the Special Counsel
petite678 3   05/18/17 03:52 PM
x*in 140 characters or less NT
PointBeing05/19/17 04:32 PM
x*Even if the explained it, he would not understand NT
tweeter05/19/17 06:59 AM
x*Shaking head yes NT
BlondeMoment05/19/17 04:34 PM
* The Israeli source Trump endangered so he could boast to Russians about his intel is key operative in war on ISIS.
petite626 0   05/18/17 03:25 PM
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