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This is a response to: And you should check out Australia, Belarus, Hong Kong, Hungary, Kuwait, Netherlands, Poland, ... in fact, most other countries.
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And you should check out: The Mistake of Only Comparing US Murder Rates to "Developed" Countries
01/11/17 11:26 PM

Much of the political thinking about violence in the United States comes from unfavorable comparisons between the United States and a series of cherry-picked countries with lower murder rates and with fewer guns per capita. We’ve all seen it many times. The United States, with a murder rate of approximately 5 per 100,000 is compared to a variety of Western and Central European countries (also sometimes Japan) with murder rates often below 1 per 100,000. This is, in turn, supposed to fill Americans with a sense of shame and illustrate that the United States should be regarded as some sort of pariah nation because of its murder rate.

Note, however, that these comparisons always employ a carefully selected list of countries, most of which are very unlike the United States. They are countries that were settled long ago by the dominant ethnic group, they are ethnically non-diverse today, they are frequently very small countries (such as Norway, with a population of 5 million) with very locally based democracies (again, unlike the US with an immense population and far fewer representatives in government per voter). Politically, historically, and demographically, the US has little in common with Europe or Japan.

Wondering what your excuses will be now.

Pay it forward ~ Deb

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* How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime
01/09/17 01:25 PM
xx * *applauds* NT
01/11/17 05:28 PM
xx * 33,599!!!!? NT
01/09/17 02:12 PM
xx * I didn't do further research but that is what it says according to Wiki NT
01/09/17 02:19 PM
xx * Doesn't anyone else think 33,599 is a tad outrageous? What will it take to convince Americans that doing more of the same isn't the solution? NT
01/09/17 06:07 PM
xx * i thought it would be a lot more. Think of all of the gun related deaths that are later or never discovered NT
01/11/17 05:27 PM
xx * Really, more than 33,600 in a year? I knew it was horrific, but I never would have guessed that high. What the hell is wrong with America? NT
01/11/17 05:43 PM
xx * You should check out Mexico & Brazil. NT
01/11/17 06:20 PM
xx * And you should check out Australia, Belarus, Hong Kong, Hungary, Kuwait, Netherlands, Poland, ... in fact, most other countries.
01/11/17 08:58 PM
xx * And you should check out: The Mistake of Only Comparing US Murder Rates to "Developed" Countries
01/11/17 11:26 PM
xx * Debs there is no way you'd compare our beloved Patriots to the Browns. When you are a top team, you look to other top teams in a well implemented
01/12/17 05:50 AM
xx * That article is largely nonsense. Who should the US be compared to, if not other developed countries? And as for “cherry picked” countries,
01/12/17 12:17 AM
xx * THIS is why I intensely dislike having a convo w/you. You want links, then you decide you don't like the links. I'm done ~ tired of wasting time. NT
01/12/17 12:22 AM
xx * I did ask for a link, but for a link to your assertion that most of the guns were coming from Honduras and Mexico. Still don't have that one,
01/12/17 09:48 AM
xx * im sorry but im not crazy about that blog as a source either... :/ NT
01/12/17 01:13 AM
xx * I agree. It was largely an opinion piece with cherry picked data to match his point of view. NT
01/12/17 05:09 AM
xx * Well ... I'm sure you'll agree we need to do something about this:
01/11/17 08:32 PM
xx * Where do you think a large majority of the guns are coming from???? Honduras & Mexico. Yes, we're working on fixing that. I'm not getting
01/11/17 08:42 PM
xx * We might have different ideas on how to solve the
01/11/17 09:37 PM
xx * Don't you have to agree that there's a problem before you can disagree on the solution? NT
01/11/17 09:46 PM
xx * The large majority of guns are coming from Honduras & Mexico? I'd really like to see a source on that little factoid. NT
01/11/17 08:48 PM
xx * There's this thing called Google...give it a try. Adios, Beard. NT
01/11/17 08:50 PM
xx * Since you made the assertion, it is really your responsibility to provide the foundation. Those are kind of the rules around here. However,
01/11/17 09:08 PM
xx * Damn, those pesky facts. Au Revior NT
01/11/17 09:50 PM
xx * TTFN NT
01/11/17 10:12 PM
xx * Have you checked out the numbers? You might be surprised. NT
01/11/17 08:11 PM
xx * And right on cue, there she is. Yes, I checked them...shocking! Adios. NT
01/11/17 08:14 PM
xx * I'm sorry have you missed me? NT
01/11/17 08:17 PM
xx * Lol, Deb. Forever, hold your piece. NT
01/11/17 07:09 PM
xx * you've become a MG LL, I like!! NT
01/11/17 07:39 PM
xx * LOL :) NT
01/11/17 07:38 PM
xx * Why should I do that, do conditions there somehow speak to the problem in the US? NT
01/11/17 06:43 PM
xx * Ooooops, I forgot...check out Honduras. Oy vey. NT
01/11/17 07:49 PM
xx * I live here not Honduras. NT
01/11/17 08:12 PM
xx * Oh, so that's the point: as long as there is somewhere else that is worse, then everything is fine at home.
01/11/17 08:04 PM
xx * We'll catch up NT
01/11/17 07:59 PM
xx * Don't think so. NT
01/11/17 08:03 PM
xx * The 1% NT
01/11/17 06:01 PM
xx * Nothing. NRA is more powerful than reason. NT
01/10/17 04:16 AM

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