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Love that :-) (more)
08/10/17 02:25 PM

The man who lived in our home before us had died very suddenly of a heart attack at 50 so we figured it was him. He was a really nice and funny guy in life and when we moved, my mom invited him to come along but he didn't.

We learned that every day, he'd sit at the window and have his one cigarette a day at the open window. I think he wanted mom to stop smoking which is why the ashtray would go missing. No idea why he'd steal the can opener unless it was out of was a HORRIBLE cook!

About 5 yrs after we moved, dad ran into the new owners and he asked it anything strange happened and they laughed and said they have a ghost who opens the window and throws clothes on the floor :-)

It's the whole oooh ahhh thing where ghosts are appearing and telling you things I question. Most people I've met who have a ghost story are a lot like mine and your grandparents stories.

"Be nice to each other ... play fair." Colleen's last words on Survivor

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* Just curious, does anyone on here believe Derek and all his spiritual stuff? Look, I am the first to admit that ghosts are possibly real but I am
08/10/17 08:13 AM
xx * I answered below that it's obvious he's a fraud. He fumbled moving the coin when he picked up the clipboard. NT
08/12/17 03:41 AM
xx * Ya i couldn't believe even 1 of the other HMs bought that, much less a lot of them. That was one of the worst tricks I'd ever seen lol NT
08/12/17 12:47 PM
xx * No. It's demonic NT
08/11/17 10:46 PM
xx * I don't believe in ghosts or monsters but I love getting scared by horror stories. It's the same thing with Derek for me. While I think ...
08/10/17 05:46 PM
xx * My somewhat cynical view based on quite a bit of knowledge is that he is doing the old carnival "spook act,"
08/10/17 05:16 PM
xx * Lol A Margaret in Britain! My mom & sis, my Gran, a dozen cousins and their kids are Margarets. We have even more Elizabeths..both safe bets NT
08/10/17 09:12 PM
xx * As I've said in another thread I believe in spirits but I don't believe in "mediums", like Derek. NT
08/10/17 12:32 PM
xx * I believe in ghosts because we lived in a house with one. Derek doesn't seem to believe in them because he was shocked they showed up to knock on ..
08/10/17 08:52 AM
xx * That's a cool story, my grandparents shared a similar story with me
08/10/17 12:44 PM
xx * Love that :-) (more)
08/10/17 02:25 PM

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