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Cindy12001 0   Sticky Post
*You know who I would love to see on Celebrity BB? Davina!!! NT
Kcbedo0 1   07/29/15 09:22 PM
x*She probably knows that would do nothing but destroy her image. NT
Veruta07/29/15 09:36 PM
*Came across this today...
M3gabyt3101 2   07/28/15 08:39 PM
x*Hahaha! At least that was closer than Danny's. NT
Kcbedo07/29/15 09:21 PM
kitoriley07/29/15 04:48 PM
*Have been watching BBUK 2006 (Season 7) during the break. Question.
kitoriley65 3   07/28/15 05:27 PM
x*I've often wondered why it was ok for BBUK to sing but not for BBUS. I just re-watched season 14 (UK) and they sang.
Kcbedo07/28/15 10:12 PM
x*BBUS housemates could sing if BBUS wanted to buy the rights to the song. BBUK acquires the rights. They blocked the feed when HMs sang on BBUK. NT
Veruta07/28/15 11:04 PM
x*I remember quite a few seasons after that one where the HM would sing songs and BB never said a thing, not like in the USBB. NT
M0shPit07/28/15 07:16 PM
*Nick & Nikki Madness!
MoonDesire137 5   07/28/15 10:31 AM
x*My God that story just wouldn't end it just kept looping and looping down the page. NT
unclevanya07/28/15 06:29 PM
x*They are both pretty pathetic. NT
Veruta07/28/15 11:00 AM
x*sadly, I concur... NT
MoonDesire07/28/15 06:13 PM
x*Oh, man! lol the story is 'unavailable'. IF true, I'll be happy for him... sort of. NT
Starr07/28/15 10:34 AM
x*Apparently they kissed (pics of course), but Nikki claimed they slept together. Too bad it's unavailable. Bizarre read! Opens for me. :( NT
MoonDesire07/28/15 10:40 AM
*This may be old news, but my roommate's friend is an assistant that works with Farrah Abraham's people. She's def going in, and Janice Dickinson... NT
tv_savage188 9   07/24/15 11:59 AM
x*What about Hulk Hogan? NT
Kcbedo07/25/15 07:37 PM
x*Hulk Hogan got fired from the WWE and erased any association from him on their website etc... For using the N word multiple times and vulgar
xx2000xx07/27/15 01:58 AM
x*Linda Hogan more likely. NT
M0shPit07/26/15 11:04 AM
x*They have both been rumoured, and most of the rumours are true these days... so I hope Janice is still like old Janice. NT
Veruta07/24/15 01:12 PM
x*Definitely will make for some good tv. NT
Kcbedo07/25/15 07:37 PM
x*She was good on "Im a celeb get me outa here" in the UK an actually survived a long time in the jungle NT
xrayspex07/27/15 06:35 AM
x*Yeah, I think she should have been given the win. NT
Veruta07/27/15 04:08 PM
x*Agree! Did she come in 2nd or 3rd? All I remember is that she totally surprised me with how long she lasted an her an willingness
xrayspex07/28/15 06:32 AM
x*She was runner-up. NT
Veruta07/28/15 11:00 AM
*I wish bb would stop putting the worst of America in the house, they make us all look bad!! NT
chicklet1515130 7   07/23/15 03:25 PM
x*Michelle Visage was an improvement. But they have to take what they can get. NT
unclevanya07/26/15 04:58 AM
x*Dennis Rodman was not bad on the show either-and in one of the best CBB seasons. NT
xrayspex07/27/15 06:36 AM
x*I will always remember Pete's face when Chantelle was singing. NT
Veruta07/27/15 04:11 PM
x*Did Pete have a falling out with BB? You dont see him at all on BB anymore. NT
xrayspex07/28/15 06:37 AM
x*They should put Tan Mom in. :) NT
M0shPit07/23/15 03:53 PM
x*LMAO.....with OctoMom NT
Kcbedo07/23/15 05:37 PM
x*and with honey boo boos mom NT
xrayspex07/24/15 06:36 AM
*Donald Trump is going on CBB NT
xrayspex189 6   07/22/15 11:01 AM
x*Quote from trump: "I am awesome and would make an excellent HM, unfortunately BB could not afford me." NT
M0shPit07/22/15 03:36 PM
x*HIII Ray!! <3<3 NT
BigBrotherFly07/22/15 11:22 AM
x*hey sexy NT
xrayspex07/22/15 11:43 AM
x*really? NT
Tywyllwch07/22/15 11:02 AM
x*Yup- its been confirmed that Trump and Pokey (from the famed Gumby and Pokey series)will be living in the house NT
xrayspex07/22/15 11:43 AM
x*They will be the only Americans in the house this year NT
xrayspex07/22/15 11:46 AM
*Dan Osborne is the first star 'confirmed to join Celebrity Big Brother'… as Carol Vorderman and Danniella Westbrook are also rumoured to enter
Jokerette224 3   07/20/15 08:58 PM
x*I never know who the UK celebs are anyway. And as always my opinion about the HMs change throughout. NT
Kcbedo07/22/15 07:14 PM
x*Another Essex boy? Ugh. NT
unclevanya07/22/15 02:48 AM
x*but they are so sexy ,spray tanned an alpha like NT
xrayspex07/22/15 11:45 AM
*Any news out there about CBB UK, when it starts or who might be in it this year? NT
chicklet1515294 3   07/20/15 02:23 PM
x*This is what I just copied and pasted from The Mirror....
Kcbedo07/20/15 04:05 PM
x*I'd like the longer break if that's that case. Never liked them airing back to back. NT
M3gabyt307/20/15 06:05 PM
x*Thank you NT
chicklet151507/20/15 04:16 PM
*Was happy with this years finale. Glad Chole won. I have to say though this season wasn't one of my faves. It seemed to lack what the previous few
Melonie225 6   07/19/15 11:40 PM
x*This was the first one I watched a whole season and I LOVED it. Glad I watched. I was enjoying it much better than BBUS and I loved most of the hms NT
cbeverly07/20/15 06:10 PM
x*Probably because I thought the last few were awesome. NT
Melonie07/20/15 11:19 PM
x*Any of finalist was fine. They messed with the game so much with changing HMates/Legends. Still prefer regular folks working thru a season. NT
Stripes07/20/15 11:39 AM
x*It could have been better with more of the legends. They should of put then in the whole time from start to end. NT
M0shPit07/20/15 02:19 AM
x*I disagree. I thought this season was a blast. Probably my fav season of any BB.
jrrTolkein07/20/15 12:24 AM
x*A lot of it seemed contrived. There's a difference in real drama and contrived drama for the show. They didn't play it off well the best parts were
Melonie07/20/15 10:18 AM
*Big Brother Bile finale podcast
bigbrotherbile65 0   07/18/15 12:42 PM
*Oh MY... O_O
unclevanya518 6   07/18/15 04:28 AM
x*This tweet about Chloe makes me laugh... I do believe she played the normal girl. Never saw £5,000 but owns Louboutins??
MoonDesire07/18/15 05:07 AM
x*Um they do make knock offs Gina had them 2 years ago, oTher HM have had them They are easy enough to buy in The UK NT
lvr07/18/15 04:57 PM
x*I'm pretty sure they were real. The pic shows the box too... NT
MoonDesire07/19/15 03:49 AM
x*you can buy knock offs of Louis Vuitton in their boxes too it's a huge business outside of the states NT
lvr07/19/15 06:22 PM
x*Well her father was running hundreds of thousands of £ worth of drugs when he got arrested, so she obviously had some money. NT
Veruta07/18/15 08:29 AM
x*Very true! NT
MoonDesire07/18/15 04:10 PM
*What happened to Harriet and Sarah they were missing at the end of BOTS??? NT
lvr197 4   07/17/15 07:56 PM
x*Sarah looked really mad about something. I kept watching her rant about something when you could see her in the background then she was gone. NT
Kcbedo07/18/15 04:34 PM
x*I saw that too, now I really want to know and why Harriet left with her NT
lvr07/18/15 04:58 PM
x*Was the lightning storm, i think they got stuck in the house. NT
M0shPit07/18/15 01:33 AM
x*They were there for the first part of BOTS the disappeared NT
lvr07/18/15 04:34 PM
*Harry tripping was so embarrassing!! Poor Nick, the girl mauled him LOL NT
Cindy197 2   07/17/15 05:39 PM
x*She claimed him "Mine"! NT
M0shPit07/18/15 01:34 AM
x*she says she mowed over his mom and sis
Cindy07/18/15 05:50 AM
*Congratulations sweetheart
colleenag205 2   07/17/15 11:18 AM
x*I like her pick up top. NT
M0shPit07/17/15 01:45 PM
x*I was happy she won too! NT
Melonie07/19/15 01:49 PM
*Poor Nick! Biggest fan & his BOTS Bits were the same as his Best Bits, and not presented with fangs. He being 5th was a downer for me! :( NT
MoonDesire280 6   07/17/15 10:51 AM
x*i wanted a Nick/Cristian F2. didnt think that would happen. dont pay attention to bookies. expected Cristian 6th the way BOTS & whatever ***** on
KlausHeissler07/18/15 12:25 AM
x*fangs? NT
Cindy07/17/15 08:11 PM
x*On BOTS.. NT
MoonDesire07/18/15 04:58 AM
x*what are fangs? NT
Cindy07/18/15 05:50 AM
x*He got his fangs, everyone got them! NT
lvr07/17/15 07:54 PM
x*He didn't get fangs? I didn't even notice. I loved Nick as was hoping he would win. Harry was his downfall. NT
Kcbedo07/17/15 07:24 PM
*I'm so shocked that Nick went out before Jack! NT
Cindy130 2   07/17/15 09:15 AM
x*Ditto. Thought for sure top 3. NT
Kcbedo07/17/15 07:25 PM
x*I'm only shocked by Danny's position... NT
M3gabyt307/17/15 10:32 AM
*Wonder if it boiled down to giving the money to a 25 year old instead of a 19 year old? NT
augie49 0   07/17/15 06:10 AM
*Tonight while he was talking to Emma I realized how much Joel looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll NT
lvr126 2   07/16/15 08:52 PM
x*Yeah or like a dummy ventriloquists use. NT
Kcbedo07/17/15 07:26 PM
x*He kind of does. NT
treefrog07/17/15 06:02 PM
*Celebrity Big Brother next month? What? Coolness. NT
WillRulz447 11   07/16/15 05:59 PM
x*Just read that besides Janice, Hulk Hogan and Kathy Griffin are rumored to enter. I hope Chloe Jasmin enters as well. I really like her on BOTS. NT
Kcbedo07/17/15 06:27 AM
x*Kathy has standup gigs in the US in August, then nothing in September, then more shows in Oct. Hmm... NT
unclevanya07/17/15 05:10 PM
x*The article I read said that CBB should start next week and to end in time to start her tour in Aug. Cutting it kinda close if you ask me.
Kcbedo07/17/15 07:29 PM
x*BBUK16 ended a week earlier than planned, so there will be a longer period between them than usual. NT
Veruta07/17/15 08:06 PM
x*Hogan is doubtful. He is filming Tough Enough live with the WWE every week. NT
WillRulz07/17/15 03:45 PM
x*I heard Teen mom Farah Abrams too but it was a few months ago so who knows. NT
M0shPit07/17/15 01:47 PM
x*I didn't watch Teen Mom but I couldn't stand her on Dr Phil. NT
Kcbedo07/17/15 02:50 PM
x*Yes I just read that yesterday in The Mirror but forgot to add her to my post. NT
Kcbedo07/17/15 02:49 PM
x*Seems people are already betting on Janice Dickinson to win. NT
Veruta07/16/15 09:42 PM
x*Did you watch her on I'm a Celebrity? NT
Kcbedo07/17/15 07:31 PM
x*Yep, I am a fan of Janice. NT
Veruta07/17/15 08:03 PM
*What a crap winner NT
Tywyllwch859 24   07/16/15 02:10 PM
x*I am disappoint. NT
ello07/16/15 11:43 PM
x*I don't think any of the finalists winning would have been a great outcome. NT
Veruta07/16/15 10:03 PM
x*Happy with the winner. Any of the finalists except for Jack. She was true to herself, stood up to anyone, relatable but hardly perfect. Not about...
WillRulz07/16/15 05:52 PM
x*That means Chloe was first one in the house and the last one to leave. NT
mam12307/16/15 05:44 PM
x*Worst winner ever! Why? She brought nothing. Because she sat in a bowl of popcorn! NT
Lacey199307/16/15 03:08 PM
x*Other people liked her NT
lvr07/16/15 08:51 PM
x*I seldom like the one that gets voted the winner. This time is no exception! NT
Lake07/16/15 02:22 PM
x*marc should have won, chloe sucks. NT
megz07/16/15 02:16 PM
x*GoldenRule of reality tv .Do what you want but never call a woman "fat", that's poison considering most people voting are women & some overweight NT
jrrTolkein07/20/15 12:36 AM
x*His sexist behaviour took him out. Most of the viewers are women. First time up, he was booted. Still too ***** funny, that. NT
WillRulz07/16/15 05:53 PM
x*lol marc didn't even make the voted out first time up. NT
sliver01307/16/15 02:27 PM
x*But who will you remember in a year from BBUK 2015? Marc or Chloe? The only memorable HGs will be Marc, Harry and Jack. All 4 diff reasons.. NT
Ziroc07/16/15 08:51 PM
x*i only remember marc because a few keep bringing him up...i didn't find him entertaining at all. NT
sliver01307/17/15 11:27 AM
x*Marc voted out because he was the monster hated, but also most liked housemate
Mrsly07/19/15 09:35 PM
Lake07/16/15 02:23 PM
x*BBUK should be cancelled. Too much outside interference and manipulative editing. It has gone from the best BB version to utter tabloid trash. NT
tbs07/16/15 02:15 PM
x*Not about the eventual winner to me. It is about the drama and journey getting there. NT
WillRulz07/16/15 05:55 PM
x*Exactly I wish our BB was more like this with production stirring the pot if the season is becoming boring. NT
jrrTolkein07/20/15 12:37 AM
x*Most votes happen on the last few days and even on the eviction night and Chloe and Joel got good edits all week. Danny got trashed but 3rd, fine NT
Stripes07/16/15 02:15 PM
x*Much better than last year. NT
treefrog07/16/15 02:12 PM
x*No kidding. NT
vixenk9907/16/15 02:16 PM
x*I don't get it- she is boring as hell! Anyone would have been better! NT
tiffer749707/16/15 02:12 PM
x*win some lose of a bb fan. NT
sliver01307/16/15 02:11 PM
x*Such a crap end NT
mebe07/16/15 02:10 PM
*The winner (and runner-up) of BBUK16 is:
Veruta494 10   07/16/15 02:06 PM
x*Good lord, I can barely understand this interview. NT
Veruta07/16/15 02:33 PM
x*As long as Joel didn't win, hate his word games, trying to make others look dumb. Hate it on Tv and in the real world. Chloe is fine! NT
Stripes07/16/15 02:13 PM
x*Same NT
JCash207/16/15 03:00 PM
x*same, just glad joel didn't win. NT
sliver01307/16/15 02:45 PM
x*Joel was the only deserving winner, Chloe was a hypocrite who stole 5 grand, hope she wastes the money on her dads drug ring NT
Tywyllwch07/16/15 02:21 PM
x*Booo :( I really hoped for Nick to win NT
Starr07/16/15 02:13 PM
x*Should have been the other way around, stealing little cow deserves nothing NT
Tywyllwch07/16/15 02:10 PM
x*Of those two, I'm okay with that. NT
M3gabyt307/16/15 02:07 PM
x*Me too. NT
vixenk9907/16/15 02:17 PM
x*same. NT
sliver01307/16/15 02:08 PM
*The BBUK16 HM coming in 3rd place is:
Veruta252 3   07/16/15 01:49 PM
x*That was a relief..but the 2 finalists are blech also! NT
Starr07/16/15 01:57 PM
x*well that stinks, we have the hypocrite and the manipulator as the top 2 NT
Grey07/16/15 01:57 PM
x*Phew... NT
M3gabyt307/16/15 01:50 PM
*The BBUK16 HM coming in 4th place is:
Veruta177 1   07/16/15 01:34 PM
x*Meh. NT
M3gabyt307/16/15 01:35 PM
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