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*Big Brother UK 2014 Season 15 Full Schedule
lurkinglongtime1568 0   Sticky Post
*Please do not post information that directs to illegal live streams, episodes or file hosting sites for BB UK.
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*Big Brother on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Cindy10047 0   Sticky Post
*When other housemate private words are shown Helen takes them ad gospel. When they show her spewing venom she denies it. Double standard. Liar. NT
Lacey19930 1   07/23/14 08:57 PM
x*Everyone else has owned up to what they've said. No matter how bad it was, but Helen! No she lies about it. NT
Lacey199307/23/14 09:11 PM
*I watched BBOTS for the 2nd time ever tonite - who is the blonde older lady? (m)
vixenk9915 1   07/23/14 08:21 PM
x*I missed the show tonight, but I just went to look. That's Lauren Harries who is a former BBCeleb house mate...
Starr07/23/14 08:49 PM
*So Helen tells the 3 power HM to NOT tell Xmas what they were told by D, B and Matt?? But it's ok that Mark told Helen, Ash and Steven?i hate her NT
Lacey19931 2   07/23/14 07:59 PM
x*So basically the whole house but Xmas can know? Pav and Zoe know too. But Helen demands that no one tell Xmas. I am fuming with this. NT
Lacey199307/23/14 08:01 PM
x*Why doesn't she want Xmas to know what was said? It's pretty simple, they wanted to give Xmas a break and he's a besty of theirs. Helen!! NT
Stripes07/23/14 09:06 PM
*Cheer Ashleigh Friday and boo everyone else! NT
Lacey19936 1   07/23/14 03:30 PM
x*I really hope she gets cheers too, and stays. NT
LindseyLouWho07/23/14 04:06 PM
*Why is Emma acting like her interview with Kim is the most important event in the world? Do we care about this girl? She is on to save Steven! NT
Lacey19932 1   07/23/14 03:30 PM
x*Kim isn't saying anything worth listening to. It's all p.r. b.s. NT
dezboi07/23/14 09:04 PM
*Is Chris still in the game or has he been evicted? NT
Joy2 2   07/23/14 02:35 PM
x*He is still there and favored to win! NT
Lacey199307/23/14 02:42 PM
x*Yay!! he was my fav at the start, but I've not watched since BBUS started. TY for info. NT
Joy07/23/14 02:45 PM
*I LOVE Xmas.....but was that tattoo on his upper back what I thought it was? I hope someone drew that and it's not permanent. Surely it's fake! NT
Lacey19932 0   07/23/14 02:24 PM
*Snake Mark! NT
Lacey19930 0   07/23/14 02:23 PM
*Why does Helen and ash ALWAYS get to be on the same team? And why do they get all these rewards? Why not put them on the losing team? Fix fix! NT
Lacey19930 0   07/23/14 01:04 PM
*Ace please tell me about Mark exposing the power alliance. Was it before Bb revealed it to the house? I thought he did it after. Please tell me NT
Lacey199380 1   07/23/14 12:31 PM
AceRimmer07/23/14 12:43 PM
*Apparently Emma wasn't even informed about the latest double bluff. (Tweet inside.)
allieFTW179 2   07/23/14 11:37 AM
x*i think it was done after mark opened his mouth and blew the secret alliance. Instead of production punishing mark for his deliberate gossip, i think
AceRimmer07/23/14 11:45 AM
x*I hope the public see what a snake Mark is. NT
hare07/23/14 12:06 PM
*i dont understand how someone doesnt tell mark to quit faking. In this clip you'll see mark, scowling, quiet SUDDENLY spring to life when the claxton
AceRimmer36 2   07/23/14 10:30 AM
x*He is so fake. I hope he get some boos soon! NT
Lacey199307/23/14 12:31 PM
x*i think everyone including the public forgot what a little arsekisser he was when pauline was in the house. NT
AceRimmer07/23/14 10:33 AM
*can pav or zoe stay with a vote to save? or is it a vote to go? i get confused as it has changed season to season NT
AceRimmer4 2   07/23/14 10:18 AM
x*It's probably back to a vote to evict. NT
allieFTW07/23/14 11:31 AM
x*if its a vote to save, i think steven may stay. Its likely that little old ladies and his mom will spend tons of money to keep him in NT
AceRimmer07/23/14 10:19 AM
*Why did all the former Hgs say Pav was untrustworthy? I haven't seen anything on the show to give that impression. Was it something written? NT
HumblePie6 2   07/23/14 09:45 AM
x*Well, we don't get live feeds so really don't know anything more than what they want us to know. NT
augie07/23/14 10:47 AM
x*because hes quiet, smart and i think the idea that he has a psych degree scares them all. NT
AceRimmer07/23/14 10:13 AM
*Said it weeks ago and we are entering the home stretch, ASHLEIGHANGEL TO WIN <333 NT
DrunkenStorm10 5   07/23/14 09:04 AM
x*IMO, being 18 should rule you out for the win. NT
augie07/23/14 10:48 AM
x*That's unfair. Being a decent human being and an entertaining HM are the only qualifications to win in my book. NT
allieFTW07/23/14 11:33 AM
x*ashleigh and christopher are the only real people in the place. Winston has been on cruise control since he got there. NT
AceRimmer07/23/14 10:31 AM
x*Let's be honest, a few weeks ago Ashleigh was on the Toya train hating "the other side" when they had done nothing to her directly that I remember.
augie07/23/14 04:46 PM
x*Ashleigh has actually been above Winston in the odds to win this past week. NT
allieFTW07/23/14 11:34 AM
*Get Ashleigh out. Save 2 second Steven, him and his split/psycho personality are comedy gold compared to these other fools. Ash or Winston to win.
diff67 7   07/22/14 10:41 PM
x*I don't want to watch that pig pick his nose one more time., bye Stevo! NT
Lacey199307/23/14 11:18 AM
x*Sorry, I can't stand him! I don't agree that he is comedy gold. He is a self-centered, disgusting person! NT
decafjnr07/23/14 06:54 AM
x*He was self centered on his vt, nothing new.
diff07/23/14 07:10 AM
x*If you want to influence people to vote Ashleigh out, you shouldn't add "Ash to win". You lose all credibility in judgment. NT
NomDePlume07/23/14 03:23 AM
x*It's a game, not about my credibility. They have all, for the most part, been disgusting this season. My vote is eye candy at this point.
diff07/23/14 07:08 AM
x*People actually watch Big Brother just for eye candy? NT
allieFTW07/23/14 11:30 AM
x*ash has lost his eye candy credentials. He doesnt eat properly, doesnt exercise so now is a bone rack, has deep circles around eyes and wrinkles and
AceRimmer07/23/14 10:16 AM
*Ash removed from noms. Ashleigh up in his place, along with Steven, Pav and Zoe NT
LettucePray83 9   07/22/14 06:30 PM
x*Ashleigh totally got screwed big time. I hope she gets massive cheers on Friday's live show and I also hope she goes on to win after this BS. NT
mainebbgal07/23/14 09:04 AM
x*She did. It's unfair. She has said for weeks she wanted to go though. I hate when the public leaves in people that want to leave. NT
HumblePie07/23/14 09:49 AM
x*bbuk is making a mockery of this series. Ok fine, 'rig' tasks to try & stir up drama but keep your dirty rotten hands off nominations & voting. NT
tbs07/23/14 07:05 AM
x*I know BBUK has never been about being fair! But it's so wrong that Ashleigh was put up after telling her she was immune from the vote. If they were
decafjnr07/23/14 06:53 AM
x*I wish these double bluffs were even remotely entertaining. It's coming off as completely desperate. NT
Veruta07/22/14 10:16 PM
x*They just repeat what they've done earlier with Toya and the lack of originality makes it tame. In this case, you'd think they just come up with
NomDePlume07/23/14 03:29 AM
x*Steven will probably be evicted but I would have to laugh if it was Ashleigh, its bound to happen can't see her winning. Winston or Chris ftw. NT
kat00407/23/14 09:16 AM
x*I thought Ashleigh was immune this week. What happened? NT
Rev07/22/14 08:35 PM
x*go to bbspy they have a post on it NT
yelabne07/22/14 08:39 PM
*Mark such a weasel! I didn't do wasn' me idea....I had no choice....I cried for an hour. Believe me yous is me best mates! Shut up Mark! NT
Lacey199326 2   07/22/14 06:06 PM
x*they picked him because they trusted him to be part of it. I honestly hate the arsekisser so much i couldnt finish watching the clip of hs Grovelling
AceRimmer07/22/14 09:43 PM
x*He was so afraid of them kicking off that he took the lead. He wanted to win but this is going to be his demise. NT
NomDePlume07/23/14 03:31 AM
*By revealing the PH's to the house and giving them drink maybe BB was hoping Helen would go nuts and lose her pass. Didn't happen. I hope it does NT
Lacey19934 0   07/22/14 06:04 PM
*So Helen is what ? The house GodMother! Why does everyone listen to that Ho? Why is everyone letting her protect Ash? I don't get it. Barf! NT
Lacey19932 0   07/22/14 06:01 PM
*Wow Mark is so scared of Helen. Watch and listen to this coward in this video clip...
tbs75 2   07/22/14 03:17 PM
x*Mark is such a coward and a suck up! I think him scurrying like a rat to Hel, Ash and Steven shows he is with them! He will drop in the polls now NT
Lacey199307/22/14 06:00 PM
x*i knew it, i knew he'd throw em all under the bus. Little shyster, arse kisser. Wish Christopher cut off all his pandering to the little neurotic
AceRimmer07/22/14 09:39 PM
*I am SO afraid public will vote out Pav instead of Steven this week! NT
Lacey199316 5   07/22/14 02:29 PM
x*You never know what the public will do or how BB will rig it. They love "twists" so much yet they keep on protecting Helen's pass & past lol NT
tbs07/22/14 02:33 PM
x*Btw, BB revealed who the power housemates were. Ohhhhh couldn't see that one coming. I'm so shocked by that twist haha The show is run by monkeys! NT
tbs07/22/14 02:35 PM
x*That's not true. The monkeys would do a far better job. NT
MirageUK07/22/14 05:04 PM
x*mark probably already blew it so bb needed tto save his persona NT
AceRimmer07/22/14 02:43 PM
x*Mark was biting his lip so much, while Pav was in the pool with them earlier, its a wonder he never drew blood. Mark does not have a poker face. NT
tbs07/22/14 02:59 PM
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