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*Big Brother on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Cindy14614 0   Sticky Post
*Anyone hear if Lewis and Marnie are still together? NT
Cindy22 2   09/26/16 09:32 AM
mebe09/28/16 05:44 PM
x*They are a cute couple, hope they last. NT
caressastar09/29/16 10:22 AM
*The Moan Zone BB podcast
themoanzone19 0   09/25/16 09:53 PM
*Just watched episode 4 of Hollywood medium and guess who is the mediums managers assistant charlie Travers! She looks good NT
tiggles35 2   09/25/16 04:45 PM
x*Ohhh, I remember seeing someone in a car with him on a clip or commercial a long time ago and couldn't place where I knew her from. Maybe it was her.
M3gabyt309/25/16 06:00 PM
x*It's deffo her, she drives him to his readings. I went to he fb page and people have said there too that's her. Lol NT
tiggles09/27/16 02:36 PM
*Just started watching and I'm having a very tough time understanding many people. Are their accents so thick or are they talking slang? Or BOTH?? NT
Fruzia88 3   09/04/16 09:27 PM
x*I think only Bear and Chloe NT
mebe09/06/16 01:25 AM
x*Some of them have much thicker accents than others but it kind of depends on how much you have been exposed to those accents.
Lake09/05/16 12:52 PM
x*depends on which part of the UK the houseguests are from. more you watch the easier some are to understand. NT
Matzak09/05/16 12:55 PM
*Haha bear is upset that no one congratulated him since he won. NT
tiggles173 2   08/31/16 12:56 PM
x*Awwwww, he thought people actually respected him.
Dexter08/31/16 03:54 PM
x*LOL he hijacked a reality show, he didn't win the freaking Oscar. NT
unclevanya08/31/16 03:15 PM
*this is exactly why the public vote in BBUK blows! worst winner ever NT
CaboWabo137 5   08/30/16 02:52 AM
x*finally a deserving winner. bbuk always hands it to the boring good looking guy. NT
09/04/16 11:16 AM
x*Since Helen Wood won NT
PackerBBlover09/02/16 12:47 PM
x*Why is there so much Helen hate? Because she got a pass to the finale? NT
bunnielebowski09/04/16 02:19 AM
x*Did you watch that season? She was a Grade-A C**t all throughout NT
NEWORDER72009/04/16 10:27 AM
x*Because she had a pass to the final. NT
lurkinglongtime09/10/16 08:37 AM
*well, that was a suck finale NT
Cindy153 3   08/28/16 11:54 AM
x*frankies face at the shock of losing was the best part NT
09/04/16 11:17 AM
x*Indeed NT
lurkinglongtime08/28/16 01:18 PM
x*yup NT
xrayspex08/28/16 12:29 PM
*I'm behind. Just got to the can of tomato/soup on bed...I guess his previous 'final' warning on wasting food mean nothing then? NT
M3gabyt3298 9   08/28/16 10:35 AM
x*it was only a can of tomato, maybe if he used the eggs, then well.....maybe, nah just the final, final, final warning. NT
lurkinglongtime08/28/16 12:51 PM
x*LOL @ final final final warning NT
xrayspex08/28/16 05:46 PM
x*I had caught that too. Media claims he was given 4 total final warnings. NT
Dexter08/28/16 10:43 AM
x*He should have been out the second he broke the glass and broke the DR door NT
Lorelael08/28/16 05:35 PM
x*I am sure he got a warning after he screwed up Sams eye but the whole thing was edited out-for all we know he could have got 50 warnings NT
xrayspex08/28/16 12:40 PM
x*On the bright side we'll probably never have to see that idiotic trash again. NT
Dexter08/28/16 12:47 PM
x*Don't be so sure. If we do have a CBB All Stars in our future, we already know he's a cheap buy for them... ugh. lol. NT
pikatroy08/29/16 02:23 AM
x*CBB All-Stars...something so meta it would fold into itself and create a black hole. NT
unclevanya08/29/16 03:47 AM
x*sounds like Sam may have embellished the eye story. she looked fine. NT
Matzak08/28/16 12:41 PM
*PAPA BEAR KICKS OFF! Watch CBB winner Stephen Bear’s dad in foul-mouthed drunken rant at security
Dexter312 3   08/27/16 03:47 PM
x*Hardly a surprise. They should have sent Tom the security guard out there to sort it out, it would have ended quickly, as we have seen before... NT
ello08/27/16 05:38 PM
x*I find it more reasonable to say, hardly a surprise that Bear is how he is, one is usually a product of their parents, not the other way around. NT
Lake08/28/16 10:38 AM
x*I loved that Tom won the award for unsung heroes on BBOTS....that is a really big dude. NT
Lorelael08/28/16 08:36 AM
*I for one was happy with the ending..
bbdude284 6   08/27/16 11:11 AM
x*YES!! ITA! when one has unstable parents they find ways to cope. When Bear does get serious he is very nice. NT
Lake08/28/16 10:41 AM
x*I actually thought Frankie would place higher than Aubrey....was really hoping Ricky would win tho over Bear NT
Lorelael08/28/16 08:38 AM
x*I think the British Public got it right. I would switch out Marnie/Ricky though. NT
Matzak08/28/16 08:59 AM
x*Agree 100%. Aubrey spitting in food is the worst of the season and she is 35 at least. NT
Matzak08/27/16 11:14 AM
x*This disgusted me and if I ran the show she would have been booted out for this NT
bbdude08/27/16 11:16 AM
x*Absolutely! NT
Matzak08/27/16 11:26 AM
*This is the first season of BBUK I've missed in 10 years, if nothing changes I won't be back next summer. Shame, was good while it lasted. NT
FOX90 2   08/27/16 10:38 AM
x*ITA! I go thru a hassle to access the show and it wont be worth it...No longer fun. Gary Busey, Perez Hilton and now Bear. NT
Stylin08/27/16 02:27 PM
x*Why go through a hassle? Every episode is posted to Youtube NT
ratso08/28/16 09:23 AM
*A bit of a let down. Shame.
Melonie326 6   08/26/16 09:43 PM
x*He's not evil but he has a lot of growing to do. I remember people thought he was on drugs 1st night. Hope that's not the case. NT
08/27/16 01:46 PM
x*Bear honestly seems like a bit of a crack head. NT
Dexter08/28/16 10:44 AM
x*As soon as Emma announced Bear's name, I turned it off. Reality TV is so incestuous now; CBB is pointless if they are all reality stars. NT
unclevanya08/27/16 04:38 AM
x*IKR, even the civilian version had a handful of reality people too. NT
ello08/27/16 10:04 AM
x*Yep. The rewarding of outrageous behaviour is setting a bad precedent for future seasons. NT
Stylin08/26/16 10:16 PM
x*This is what I have been saying. I guess c5 really wants to change it to more like ex on the beach or something. NT
tiggles08/27/16 12:55 AM
*Anyone know what happened to Ricky's career on Eastenders? NT
GirlfromOz119 2   08/26/16 01:15 PM
x*Umm, wasn't it a cam sex scandal? and EE chose not to renew his contract cuz of it? NT
Stylin08/26/16 02:16 PM
x*Supposedly he got into drugs an partying to much. He lost it all-supposedly learned from it. NT
xrayspex08/26/16 02:01 PM
*I've heard Renee complain several times about the horrible way Bear and others have spoken to her. I have not seen this on the show, but I have seen
GirlfromOz355 6   08/26/16 01:12 PM
x*Maybe its a cultural thing, but when Renee refers to his 'disrespect', it's the aggression and the way Bear initiates his attacks. Bear has what
Stylin08/26/16 02:09 PM
x*Not everyone who is not a Brit, feels that way. NT
Lake08/26/16 02:37 PM
x*agree-an would love to see Renee win this although I doubt it NT
xrayspex08/26/16 02:10 PM
x*Everyone like to say Bear plays the victim but for him it is a game but Renee seems to feel picked on all the time, even when not. NT
Lake08/26/16 01:45 PM
x*Games are supposed to be fun, not traumatic and stressful! Clearly, many hg's aren't in on his joke. NT
Stylin08/26/16 02:15 PM
x*Why is BB suppose to be fun? One reason our season is crap is because no one want to play the game, they just want to kiss and have fun! NT
Lake08/26/16 02:39 PM
*CBB scripted? Late live feed shows BB directing scenes for tommorows show (link inside)
Canucko531 10   08/25/16 06:19 PM
x*LOL-that was NOTHING. NT
xrayspex08/26/16 01:00 PM
x*If scripting a few goodnight scenes is making the whole show fake, they should hear what BBUS secretly tell HG throughout the whole season!!!!! NT
Lake08/26/16 12:43 PM
x*Not surprised...but does bring up questions of what other situations they setup.
M3gabyt308/26/16 01:32 PM
x*U.S is the most scripted of them all. The "diary" sessions are the worst-scripted and rehearsed. NT
xrayspex08/26/16 01:02 PM
x*I agree! The diary room statements by all the BBUS houseguests seem phony and planned. NT
GirlfromOz08/26/16 01:14 PM
x*They dont "seem"-THEY ARE! NT
xrayspex08/26/16 02:00 PM
x*Yep! Def scripted. NT
Stylin08/26/16 02:26 PM
x*I think this whole season was scripted and rigged for bear. I catch those occasional winks before the drama starts. NT
Melonie08/26/16 09:41 PM
x*Whoops! Watching the lf now, listening to production. NT
Dexter08/25/16 06:23 PM
x*Well some scenes the probably do direct it probably will show the house,ate going to bed in a dark house saying goodnight big brother cut to bed roomT
Melonie08/26/16 01:08 AM
*Team America FTW! Hope one of them win. NT
241 6   08/25/16 12:33 PM
x*Yeah, I think/hope it's Marni over Bear but I'd prefer Renee to win or be 2nd. NT
Stylin08/25/16 03:30 PM
x*I wish top 3 ... but I'm guessing ... Aubrey 6th Ricky 5th Frankie 4th Renee 3rd Bear 2nd Marnie winner NT
mebe08/25/16 01:00 PM
x*I doubt Aubrey will be 6th, she picked up a lot of votes after she cut into the sociopath last night. NT
ello08/25/16 01:31 PM
x*Sounds right. NT
M0shPit08/25/16 01:13 PM
x*sorry I would like Bear to win with Marnie in second.. NT
Matzak08/25/16 12:58 PM
x*Ditto!! NT
Lake08/25/16 01:08 PM
*"They say, only look back to see how far you have gone." This is a quote from the most horrible person in the world Bear, to the shining light in
Lake195 3   08/25/16 11:45 AM
x*Him and Marnie are always making digs ... F/R/A never call them on it or just don't realize NT
mebe08/25/16 12:22 PM
x*Frankie for 5th place. Aubrey for 4th Renee for 3rd. NT
Matzak08/25/16 01:00 PM
x*Oh I am sorry, I didn't realize we were watching two different shows. NT
Lake08/25/16 12:47 PM
*I wonder why Aubrey didnt get in trouble for putting the pies/cakes in Bears bed? Was it because Bear had already had a warning about wasting food? NT
Cindy72 1   08/25/16 11:10 AM
x*yes. Aubrey will be leaving in 4th place I think just after Ricky NT
Matzak08/25/16 11:12 AM
*I LOVED when Aubrey went off on Bear. She didn't mince words and told him some 'home truths'! It's about time. Good job Aubrey! NT
Stylin303 8   08/25/16 10:30 AM
x*She had him shook! LOL! NT
Dexter08/25/16 05:46 PM
x*Agreed. She was 100% right that he is the only one who really needs BB to prop up his "career" NT
Ahuke08/25/16 05:32 PM
x*Yuuup! NT
Dexter08/25/16 05:40 PM
x*Aubrey hasn't a career here in the USA for a decade NT
Matzak08/25/16 05:37 PM
x*Her career is more recent than a decade ago, but nice try. NT
Ahuke08/25/16 09:47 PM
x*Exactly! NT
Dexter08/25/16 10:14 PM
x*Aubrey was talking about herself. spits in food. no excuse. NT
Matzak08/25/16 10:59 AM
x*Didn't she (sincerely) apologize for it??? Has she done anything remotely close to that since?? Geez, let it go! NT
Stylin08/25/16 11:20 AM
*Oh dear me. Renees in that right red clinging mini dress. Oh. She actually thinks her butt Implants were a good idea. That butt is hideous! NT
Lacey1993142 2   08/24/16 11:56 PM
x*I just love watching the videos of Ricky and Bear rifting on planning their parties in their club!! They are so good together! NT
Lake08/25/16 09:20 AM
x*I can't believe anyone with that figure would wear that dress!! But Lacey,
Lake08/25/16 09:10 AM
*So just saw the clip of Aubrey standing and voting Bear the biggest joker in the house as she is wearing pink furry juvenile Minnie ears. Grow up! NT
Lacey199340 0   08/24/16 11:55 PM
*Hold up! Aubrey and Renee get pissed because Bear got Aubrey in the face with a pie yet they both found it hysterical when Aubrey spit in Bear's food
BBloverstarr222 4   08/24/16 06:24 PM
x*Oh I hate Aubrey and Renee! So much. They are despicable humans. I'm sick of Reness mob attitude like she gonna take everyone out. Fat slob. NT
Lacey199308/24/16 09:53 PM
x*Hear hear!! NT
lurkinglongtime08/25/16 04:37 PM
x*There seems to be a lot of double standards when it comes to Bear, Aubrey and Renee. All have behaved poorly at times, but when Bear does it he
Lake08/24/16 08:10 PM
x*Aubrey is a PIG NT
Matzak08/24/16 07:23 PM
*I suspect that Bear will have an "accident" after Big Brother, whether "authorized" or not. Just saying. NT
WillRulz100 1   08/24/16 04:49 PM
x*I think renee just gave a shout out to british mobs to grant her a favour.
krob4708/25/16 01:32 PM
*Sam said she was pied in the face by Bear and had to wear an eyepatch for half the day-they edited out in Bear favoritism NT
xrayspex528 13   08/24/16 04:10 PM
x*SAMs a liar. It was water he splashed in her eye. Just water. She wouldn't even walk down with Katie's because she "wanted to pose for her fans. NT
Lacey199308/24/16 09:55 PM
x*Why should one assume that Sam is telling the truth? NT
ASQ08/24/16 06:43 PM
x*Oh Sam, The Drama! she was fine at eviction. Played too late NT
Matzak08/24/16 07:40 PM
x*medics were called in-they edited out the whole thing! NT
xrayspex08/24/16 07:34 PM
x*Well Katie didn't interject to say it wasn't true for starters. NT
Dexter08/24/16 06:47 PM
x*It wasn't a pie. It was a trick he was.playing on her. He had a water bottle
tiggles08/24/16 06:23 PM
x*Damn! Ouch NT
NEWORDER72008/24/16 07:51 PM
x*right! Even worse NT
xrayspex08/24/16 07:33 PM
x*This. Medic called in and retrieved the contact. Eye patch to let the eye heal. NT
LettucePray08/24/16 07:31 PM
x*Sam was calling out Big Brother on a lot of the crap they edited out in regards to Bear, loved it. NT
BBabe08/24/16 05:52 PM
x*As far as im concerned this wasn't a real season of BB, production had no control over the house mates, no sternness. Should have given this series
Dexter08/24/16 04:20 PM
x*he made it to the finals thats all they need right? no more ratings too boost. people will talk about bear regardless if he wins or not now NT
08/24/16 04:15 PM
x*sorry this was also response to the article below saying the show is fixed for bear. fixed to make it to the finals, win? does it matter? NT
08/24/16 04:19 PM
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