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*Big Brother on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Cindy15321 0   Sticky Post
*Logan giving Paulie vibes. Pity. He needs to go. NT
Bbfan5210 2   06/23/17 08:28 PM
x*Not a fan but I don't see it. His argument with the combative Chanelle, who has anger issues gallore, was just that a thick-headed argument. NT
WillRulz06/23/17 10:36 PM
x*Time to make him bake apple pies for 24 hours. NT
unclevanya06/23/17 08:32 PM
*Raph is nothing but a whiner and a tattle-tale. Get him gone. Almost Friendship level of awful. NT
WillRulz30 7   06/23/17 06:08 PM
x*he is whiney and I think his persona is a bit put on NT
Poz06/23/17 07:36 PM
x*Raph appears to be working the public and the house. It might take a "twist" to get him out. NT
ASQ06/23/17 06:52 PM
x*He's awful! Lotan ftw! NT
Dexter06/23/17 06:20 PM
x*Raph isn't going anywhere soon. NT
Matzak06/23/17 06:10 PM
x*Hopefully, viewers will begin to realize what a righteous hypocrite he is. NT
WillRulz06/23/17 06:21 PM
x*Eventually the DR will trip him up in one of his answers -- that's how the viewers will really notice the game he's playing. NT
unclevanya06/23/17 08:03 PM
x*I have a feeling your on to something after today especially NT
Matzak06/23/17 07:46 PM
*Women unite! Let's get Lotan out the first time he is up for eviction! NT
Lacey199328 1   06/23/17 05:49 PM
x*I don't like anyone using c-word but for what? A mouse in a bed? Arguing with a proven violent, argumentative Chanelle? Don't like how many of...
WillRulz06/23/17 06:38 PM
*Lotan is the worst housemates I have ever seen. If anyone likes him after tonight I feel sorry for you. NT
10 2   06/23/17 04:33 PM
x*Lotan didn't do himself any favors. However I'm over Chanelle and Hannah. NT
ASQ06/23/17 05:08 PM
x*Agreed. Both have truly awful attitudes and behaviour. NT
WillRulz06/23/17 06:41 PM
*Ok Rebecca went to hospital and had a sling on her RIGHT arm. In all the shots her right arm is slinged. Then she did a question/answer with the . NT
Lacey19938 4   06/23/17 03:52 PM
x*Was it for when she fell in the kitchen? Or something unrelated? NT
M3gabyt306/23/17 04:47 PM
x*Most likely, Haven't heard anything. NT
Matzak06/23/17 05:12 PM
x*Now the left arm is in a sling! Someone even asked her why the sling was on the other arm now. She said it's not. What's up? NT
Lacey199306/23/17 03:54 PM
x*Maybe the camera for the FB live was doing a mirrored image (like, flipped, you know?)? I don't know though. Maybe she wanted ppl to feel sorry? NT
pikatroy06/23/17 04:35 PM
*The lads and their crew want people to take a joke yet the prank of sunscreen on the floor is going to get Isabel nominated. Wow Lotan over reaction
Patel34 3   06/23/17 03:18 PM
x*Their prank was actually very dangerous which is why BB told them to clean it up immediately. Chanelle's previous behaviour speaks for itself. NT
WillRulz06/23/17 06:43 PM
x*Lotan and his gang ruffhouse and make a mess all around, but whenever someone else is being loud Lotan has something to say about it. sick of him NT
Poz06/23/17 04:06 PM
x*Replying to my own post yes. I feel bad for Isabelle now , don't know if I am just easily emotionally manipulated or what but Lotan your a jerk. NT
Patel06/23/17 03:27 PM
*I think I dislike Lotan more than any other civilian BBUK housemate I can personally remember... NT
pikatroy19 4   06/23/17 01:38 PM
x*Lotan isn't even close to people like Helen and Marc. NT
WillRulz06/23/17 06:42 PM
x*I don't like Lotan either. I want tom and joe out also so Kieran can be on his own without those guys.
Patel06/23/17 03:04 PM
x*I agree, I think i'd like Keiran on his own NT
Poz06/23/17 04:06 PM
x*YUP. Couldn't agree more. NT
pikatroy06/23/17 03:56 PM
*I'm not sure who handles the banner but shall we update that with Savannah and Isabel? NT
Patel2 0   06/23/17 01:32 PM
*This is about an old argument but I could see Hannah's point when she was called aggressive but Kayleigh wasn't for similar or worse behavior NT
9 2   06/23/17 12:30 PM
x*Nope. She is off base. They were both aggressive and HGs did comment on Kayleigh. NT
WillRulz06/23/17 06:07 PM
x*Agree, same thing happened with New York on CBB but to a more extreme extent. NT
Dexter06/23/17 12:59 PM
*Ellie "This is a sh*t party" lmao When she is not going on and on and on about Lotan I think she is pretty funny NT
BBloverstarr1 0   06/23/17 12:25 PM
*Thursday's BOTS had a bunch of appearances from past HMS to mark Rylan's 300th episode. NT
M3gabyt311 3   06/23/17 11:33 AM
x*Any good? NT
Matzak06/23/17 12:33 PM
x*Not great...thought it was good enough to point out if anyone skips them now. Davina even shows up (video message) NT
M3gabyt306/23/17 02:07 PM
x*I'll watch this weekend. Thanks! NT
Matzak06/23/17 05:13 PM
*Rebecca had a sling on, because of her fall?
M3gabyt338 1   06/22/17 10:23 PM
x*My guess is the daily tasks BB assigns them (that we aren't seeing) may be too physical for the clumsy. NT
CClovesBB06/23/17 11:53 PM
*Why is a man Joe's age so desperate to fit in? NT
Poz12 2   06/22/17 08:27 PM
x*I don't see him trying to fit in at all. seems a bit of a loner NT
Matzak06/22/17 09:18 PM
x*he seems to want to be apart of the boys club NT
Poz06/22/17 11:24 PM
*Emma asked the crowd how they liked the new HMates and it was "crickets". I'll continue to watch but this is one boring group of Brits. NT
Stripes7 2   06/22/17 07:45 PM
x*The fans didn't vote the same way the HMs did. They didn't want Orangina to go in. NT
unclevanya06/22/17 10:32 PM
x*That's true. I wanted the same . Savannah and Sam in. But after seeing them I like Isabel. She isn't fooled by the boys. NT
Patel06/23/17 01:29 PM
*Tonight's "surprise" eviction evictee is...
Starr64 1   06/22/17 05:25 PM
x*I really thought it was Joe for sure. I mean who's voting to save that grumpy geezer? NT
no1home06/22/17 11:02 PM
*This is just wrong...
Starr133 3   06/22/17 04:26 PM
x*on one hand I think "poor girl" but then she's aware of what it looks like and wants it that way so, more power to ya NT
Poz06/22/17 06:51 PM
x*what's wrong with her skin and edges? NT
petite606/22/17 04:39 PM
x*She goes a bit crazy with the faux tan and it's gets into her hair around the hairline lol.. But, the eyebrows! No one mentions those eyebrows
Starr06/22/17 05:11 PM
*Watching "Live from the House" - I can't believe how much alcohol they get in UK... damn Justin & Krista had to go & ruin it for BBUS NT
Starr11 1   06/22/17 04:01 PM
x*They get so much that many of them can't remember what happened the night before lol. And it seems like they get some almost every night. NT
no1home06/22/17 11:47 PM
*Ellie needs to get some self respect. Lotan is not into her and has told her. She goes down in my opinion of her everyday NT
Lacey199324 3   06/22/17 08:15 AM
x*I think she's gotten with the whole Lotan thing, but when she drinks she's just as bad as ever. NT
Starr06/22/17 05:16 PM
x*has she reached Charlie level yet? NT
Poz06/22/17 02:26 PM
x*Chasing after someone who has stated emphatically they are not at all interested is just plain creepy. NT
WillRulz06/22/17 01:59 PM
*Isabelle makes savana look like an albino! Those two side by side...oh my. Sorry but Isabelle looks like a freak. I gasp when she comes on tv! NT
Lacey199318 1   06/22/17 06:15 AM
x*It's scary! Funny how some see things so differently than others. I mean, she must think it's an attractive look, right? NT
Starr06/22/17 05:21 PM
*Is Raph already the clear winner? who else could pull it off? NT
79 13   06/21/17 09:54 PM
x*Pretty sure Kieran could. I think the house (except for Chan, Hannah & Deb) just might nom Raph until he's evicted since he's their biggest threat NT
Starr06/22/17 04:30 PM
x*LMFAO KERION? no chance in hell, the winner is Chanelle, Raph, Lotan or Ellie NT
06/23/17 11:47 AM
x*Why do you think he has no chance in hell? And Chanelle?? I can't see her winning. NT
Starr06/23/17 12:41 PM
x*Kieran has a real chance. Alot more than Ellie. NT
06/23/17 12:26 PM
x*Raph? lol NT
Dexter06/23/17 11:50 AM
x*He's got nearly 50% of the vote for favorite in the polls, he won't get evicted. If anything, his fans will fight harder to keep him in. NT
CClovesBB06/22/17 04:56 PM
x*That's true. In that case, I think it could end up Raph & Kieran the F2. NT
Starr06/22/17 05:04 PM
x*I would never say Bear would win CBB so I think it's anyone's game. NT
06/22/17 05:55 AM
x*I still don't know how he won. I had to quit watching that series b/c of him. NT
Starr06/22/17 05:13 PM
x*I thought if Tom didn't get kicked out or do something maybe Tom, cause the house likes him? NT
M3gabyt306/21/17 11:16 PM
x*Joe. NT
Dexter06/21/17 09:58 PM
x*pretty much, maybe Kieran or Ellie.. NT
Matzak06/21/17 09:57 PM
x*i thought ellie too at the beginning but she has just become a weaker hg as the show progresses in my eyes NT
06/21/17 09:58 PM
*so kayleigh doesnt get any appearance on bots to explain herself? im not a fan but i didnt think they just forget about them like that. NT
58 2   06/21/17 09:47 PM
x*There's this...
M3gabyt306/22/17 08:28 AM
x*Same with Arthur NT
Dancingclowns06/22/17 03:54 AM
*Did I miss something, why didn't the whole house get to decide on the 2 coming in? NT
Poz20 2   06/21/17 08:01 PM
x*that was so weird. they didnt explain on the show how those 3 got chosen. not even on bots NT
06/21/17 09:44 PM
x*at first I thought so too, but as it went on it was clear that the three had the say as to which 2 would enter. imo NT
Matzak06/21/17 09:44 PM
*I'm finding it very difficult to watch Isabelle. I literally cringe at the sight of her. Savannah is cute and doesn't annoy me at all... yet. ;) NT
Starr26 3   06/21/17 03:33 PM
x*those eyebrows though... NT
Cindy06/21/17 08:30 PM
x*I would of liked to see Sam come in... Those aren't Eyebrows those are Windshield Wipers!! :) NT
Matzak06/21/17 08:49 PM
x*I'm not keen on her 'orangeness' but she seems to have a half decent head on her shoulders. They both do. NT
06/21/17 08:08 PM
*Do we like the need to include sexual themes every day?
M3gabyt354 1   06/20/17 07:32 PM
x*I imagine that they do talk about pretty much anything to kill time but why not show something different than the sex talk? NT
06/20/17 08:18 PM
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