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*Big Brother UK 2014 Season 15 Full Schedule
lurkinglongtime1622 0   Sticky Post
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ForumAdmin534 0   Sticky Post
*Big Brother on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Cindy10067 0   Sticky Post
*After a week and a half, it seems like I haven't really missed much. I might go back and watch Steven's eviction. rest of the time seemed dull. NT
lurkinglongtime1 0   07/29/14 07:33 PM
*Chris went from favourite to win just a week or so ago, to favourite to be evicted on Friday. Seems him targeting Pav backfired NT
DrunkenStorm49 2   07/29/14 04:19 PM
x*chris was shown in a ch5 clip sucking up to helen and trying to fake tears. THIS is what started the backlash. Now he's threatened by ashleigh's
AceRimmer07/29/14 04:50 PM
x*I thought for sure he would float his way to the finals but it all ended with his fake tears for Steven's eviction and then later that night kissing
BBloverstarr07/29/14 05:30 PM
*Remember Chris, Ashleigh and Mark heard from outsiders that Pav had a crush in Ashleigh and was after her. This made Chris look out for her more. NT
Lacey19934 5   07/29/14 03:34 PM
x*Chris is the one with a crush on Ashleigh. NT
psychofish07/29/14 09:20 PM
x*OKAY only daneille said something and it was Pav was infatuated with Ashleigh NT
AceRimmer07/29/14 04:48 PM
x*i'm not sure it was so blatantly said by all three but i'm pretty sure danielle said something about pav liking Ashleigh. i'm going to rewatch NT
AceRimmer07/29/14 04:39 PM
x*Pav hasnt done anything to warrant Chris looking out for her more. If Ashleigh can handle Helen then she can handle Pav no problem. NT
Dandi07/29/14 04:13 PM
x*Poor Chris picked the wrong week. The UK public love redemption and poor Pav may get a reprieve on Friday and Chris a stiff sentence. NT
Stripes07/29/14 03:37 PM
*Have they brought up Zoe's condescending remarks again anywhere. It was mentioned once on Bits but they seem to be protecting her. I don't have
Stripes19 2   07/29/14 03:27 PM
x*She insulted people who work at places like Tesco. Would have NOTHING in common with them and they couldn't carry a conversation with her! NT
Lacey199307/29/14 03:36 PM
x*I think any other HM would get tossed by the public for that remark. Zoe shouldn't be in there anyway. If she wins the dough, what a travesty. NT
Stripes07/29/14 03:39 PM
*Why does Helens son need to be dieting? That was alarming to me. Also her own parents have nothing to do with her still. Prostituting killed tha NT
Lacey199329 2   07/29/14 03:05 PM
x*her parents must have been so upset. A monster child going to live with the vicar then slutting it up til she got pregnant. When someone is so toxic
AceRimmer07/29/14 04:42 PM
x*Her affair was a big deal in the UK. It had to have affected her son at school, it never went away as a topic but has been off limits on BBUK NT
Stripes07/29/14 03:29 PM
*Helen in DR acting shocked that Pav is there for the money!! OMG Helen you are all there to win the money. Shut up! NT
Lacey19930 0   07/29/14 03:04 PM
*A rainbow appears! What will Mark say or predict. It is pretty! NT
GazingEyes0 0   07/29/14 02:45 PM
*I love the letters. They are all so genuine. Lol@Winston's dad wanting Bianca's number. NT
GazingEyes5 4   07/29/14 02:39 PM
x*Loved it and shed a few tears myself. NT
psychofish07/29/14 09:38 PM
x*They do the every year. The others will get their letters in a couple days. It will be a secret task reward. NT
Lacey199307/29/14 03:02 PM
x*It bothers me that they had to choose who gets them and who doesn't. I wish they all got a letter. NT
GazingEyes07/29/14 02:44 PM
x*I teared up at Ashleigh's letter. NT
GazingEyes07/29/14 02:43 PM
*Chris calling out Pav for leering at Ashleigh and saying others say the same? He just told Ashleigh no one else saw it. And what was with Chris
HumblePie45 5   07/29/14 12:16 PM
x*Unfortunately, the public is making a big deal out of his treatment of Pav and he may go on Friday. It just takes 1 scene in 1 show to erase it all NT
Stripes07/29/14 03:31 PM
x*Chris has loathed Steven from the start and then upon his eviction, he changes his tune with the Helen butt-licking and fake tears?!? He's fake NT
TuaTua07/29/14 05:39 PM
x*^^^ Agree NT
BBloverstarr07/29/14 08:04 PM
x*But it hasn't been one scene. He went around to everyone saying Pav should have gone over Steven, complained about Pav & then went to Pav. NT
HumblePie07/29/14 04:42 PM
x*Haven't caught up, but... my poor Chris seems smitten with Ashleigh and seems to have started acting inappropriately. I had such high hopes! NT
MoonDesire07/29/14 02:09 PM
*Has anyone else noticed that on the Bits show the host goes nuts when the word bully is ever used. They correct it pronto. Something legal perhaps? NT
Stripes46 3   07/29/14 06:35 AM
x*I noticed as well. Whenever bully is mentioned they shut that down super fast. That and there has been a lot of "Well, they aren't here to defend
BBloverstarr07/29/14 10:10 AM
x*here in North America bullying has been considered a serious thing. There are thngs like PINK SHIRT day which is to call attention to 'any bullying'
AceRimmer07/29/14 10:55 AM
x*It is a serious problem and I hate bullies. The Bits hosts jump fast at that word is all. They've been instructed to not let it be discussed. NT
Stripes07/29/14 03:36 PM
*I'm so tired of the phrase 'playing a game' this series. NT
M3gabyt323 4   07/28/14 10:29 PM
x*I always thought this was odd too, then thought maybe the meaning of playing
augie07/29/14 01:24 PM
x*I agree but they do it every year and it never makes sense. Of course, it's a game show but don't play the game, huh? NT
Stripes07/29/14 06:31 AM
x*it was never started as a game show, its not considered a game show in uk. ITs considered a Social Experiment....which is why REAL people reacting in
AceRimmer07/29/14 11:00 AM
x*This is the reason I don't watch BBUS anymore. I love BBUK and BBAU because it is the real BB, a social experiment and HMs are much nicer. The US game
Stripes07/29/14 03:16 PM
*Why has BB not warned Pav about not wearing his mic? He hasn't had he mic on for the past couple episodes. NT
psychofish34 5   07/28/14 06:47 PM
x*I think the Pav has had enough thrown at him by the original HM's. Mic is no big deal. NT
Lacey199307/29/14 03:22 PM
x*I wonder why he isn't wearing it and how can they not reprimand him for not wearing it? NT
GazingEyes07/28/14 07:07 PM
x*hes always wearing it. Why do you feel he isnt? there are numerous clips with him playing with the neck piece NT
AceRimmer07/29/14 11:01 AM
x*numerous pics of pav's mic
AceRimmer07/29/14 11:07 AM
x*I did notice him not wearing it in the beginning of the show when he was talking to Ashleigh but I figured he was just getting dressed and then
BBloverstarr07/29/14 11:21 AM
*Who do you think will be evicted this Friday, August, 1, 2014? "Who Goes? You decide!"
GazingEyes132 14   07/28/14 03:06 PM
x*I think Chris will go if he keeps it up with talking about others. NT
M3gabyt307/29/14 12:02 PM
x*I hope he does go. He seems to be enjoying kicking someone when they're down. NT
HumblePie07/29/14 02:37 PM
x*His edit tonight isn't the best, imo but I still think Pav will go. We shall see how the future edits are this week. NT
GazingEyes07/29/14 02:32 PM
x*I want Zoe out but it wont happen. Chris probably will have enough goodwill stored up to sneak by PAV but the bullying is a problem. NT
Stripes07/29/14 06:33 AM
x*I'm hoping it will be Zoe but I can see it being between Pav and Chris. I think a lot of people will feel bad for the way Pav is being treated and I
BBloverstarr07/29/14 10:09 AM
x*i'm thinking pav will stay IF the community gets behind him. There is TONS OF money in some of the East Asian communities and it could sway the #s NT
AceRimmer07/29/14 11:02 AM
x*Ideally, I would like to see Zoe out, but under the current circumstances, I want Pav to leave because I'm tired of all of them hating on him. NT
allieFTW07/29/14 09:59 AM
x*I saw a clip with Zoe going off on Helen accusing Helen for doing the deed with Ash and reprimanding her. Helen was shocked and denying it but
GazingEyes07/29/14 09:06 AM
x*Chris is treating Pav the same way everyone else is. No different. NT
Lacey199307/28/14 08:33 PM
x*chris has taken it upon himself to take pav to the side and grill him about staring. Now the house has taken to commenting about pav staring or
AceRimmer07/29/14 11:04 AM
x*I did find him boring but now I just feel really bad for him, I think a lot of people feel bad for him and I wonder if that is going to change the
BBloverstarr07/29/14 11:10 AM
x*Chris. He's acting like a twat to Pav. Chris didn't like being picked on in the beginning and now he's doing it to Pav. Get Chris Out!!! NT
TuaTua07/28/14 08:22 PM
x*Hope so. And I really liked Chris. Knew it was too good to be true. NT
Dandi07/29/14 02:04 AM
x*Zoe. NT
Lacey199307/28/14 05:27 PM
*Mark is too over the top with his so called "psychic abilities" or lack thereof, lol. NT
GazingEyes24 8   07/28/14 02:59 PM
x*Get Mark Out!!! I hope he gets chanted! Acting like a little suck. NT
TuaTua07/28/14 08:26 PM
x*so annoying! NT
xrayspex07/28/14 03:45 PM
x*I didn't like or dislike Mark in the beginning..he was kind of a non factor for me but now he is beyond annoying to me and I want him out! *edited to
BBloverstarr07/29/14 10:14 AM
x*It makes me laugh when he says that Christopher is making him look like a fool when Mark is making himself look like a fool. NT
allieFTW07/28/14 03:01 PM
x*I was literally laughing out loud at Mark! "Pick a number from 1-4" He guessed wrong! Christopher was so perfect with responses! Too funny! NT
GazingEyes07/28/14 03:07 PM
x*Who would have guessed that Christopher would be Mark's downfall and Pav would be Chris's. NT
allieFTW07/28/14 03:50 PM
x*Makes me wonder if Pav is evicted will Chris get back any fans he has lost because of his treatment of Pav? Kinda like how there was SO much Ashleigh
BBloverstarr07/29/14 10:12 AM
x*its chris's creepy treatment of ashliehg and oogling her that has me icked out. NT
AceRimmer07/29/14 11:11 AM
*Letters from home spoiler
allieFTW169 3   07/28/14 02:35 PM
x*Wow, interesting! Thanks for this info! NT
GazingEyes07/28/14 02:57 PM
x*ashleigh had a taped Video message already from her mom, to reward her again was just winston pandering. DId you see his FACE when ashleigh got the
AceRimmer07/29/14 11:11 AM
x*Yes, they didn't expect Ashleigh to get the immunity. They should have gotten a clue when she got the PH the prior week. Helen, imo, always
GazingEyes07/29/14 11:53 AM
*I am surprised at one of Mark's nominations. I wish they would reveal to them those who nominated them! NT
GazingEyes88 3   07/28/14 02:32 PM
x*Mark nominated
GazingEyes07/28/14 02:33 PM
x*I'm surprised he didn't nominate Xmas for Helen. NT
psychofish07/28/14 03:51 PM
x*Lol. Not his "Chreeeestopher". NT
GazingEyes07/28/14 04:26 PM
*This is why I never have cared for intruders. The original vs. new HMs narrative has been seen on this show too many times before. NT
allieFTW3 1   07/28/14 02:15 PM
x*I don't like it either! I would have done the same noms if I was in the house. NT
GazingEyes07/28/14 02:31 PM
*I see that these story editors are now using clips from completely different days and putting them into questionable contexts. That sucks. NT
Veruta8 2   07/28/14 11:27 AM
x*Nope. Don't agree at all on that. NT
Lacey199307/28/14 05:30 PM
x*example? i cant think of one and i watch all ch 5 clips/ what have i missed? NT
AceRimmer07/28/14 11:44 AM
*"the morning after "clip, mark says he doesnt remember most of last night, Claims to never want to drink in the house again and seems to really be
AceRimmer92 1   07/28/14 09:33 AM
x*Oh boy! I have to go over to the site and look at that clip.
GazingEyes07/28/14 09:42 AM
*i would love to know from Matthew why he tolerated that idiot Mark in the house. Matth had been making comments about how stupid people were in the
AceRimmer60 1   07/28/14 09:19 AM
x*He didn't say much when it came to Mark. I always wondered if Mark was secretly in love with Matt. He crumbled when Matt was evicted. Also, on
GazingEyes07/28/14 06:02 PM
*mark and christopher chat it out. Best part was Zoe busting herself laughing and trying to keep quiet about it NT
AceRimmer6 0   07/27/14 09:53 PM
*IS PRODuction turning on Mark or is the focus supposed to show his journey? 5 of 7 new ch5 clips are featuring mark NT
AceRimmer84 2   07/27/14 09:26 PM
x*mark thinks hes psychic>? so how did he NOT know that Christopher was LYING if he was Truly psychic? drunk drama queen is more disgusting then sober
AceRimmer07/27/14 09:46 PM
x*at 2;37 in the second clip where mark is ranting, he demands to know Christophers game plan...i think this is mark KNOWING the public is deciding whos
AceRimmer07/27/14 09:49 PM
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