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*Big Brother on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Cindy13341 0   Sticky Post
*CBB + regular big brother reported to "merge" in one house; split in 1/2:
LettucePray73 1   04/23/16 07:33 PM
x*Seems like they've been wanting to do this since Gina and Dexter's year. NT
Veruta04/23/16 09:07 PM
*New? If not, please remove: Harry Amelia and Nick (BBUK 16)
LettucePray82 1   04/17/16 05:26 PM
x*ugh, that poor child NT
Cindy04/19/16 06:06 PM
*I cannot believe how twisted this past CBB was. The whole David is dead situation just became even more mind boggling. NT
BigBrotherFly45 2   04/12/16 09:45 AM
x*He didn't look well on the show and his leaving early was more serious than everyone thought NT
georgia938204/13/16 05:12 PM
Amberbeauty304/12/16 07:12 PM
*You guys didn't tell me that David is dead (for real)! NT
banner_boy104 6   04/12/16 09:02 AM
x*When I read it this morning I thought it was a joke. So sad NT
Amberbeauty304/12/16 07:12 PM
x*that's sad, I really liked him on BBUK NT
CaboWabo04/12/16 11:44 AM
x*I didn't know. Whoa. That makes the whole thing surrounding that scene much weirder. NT
SpaceEVA04/12/16 09:07 AM
x*oh wow, he died for real? has anyone told tiffany pollard? NT
Ivy04/12/16 09:03 AM
x*omg lmao NT
bbfan3404/12/16 09:06 AM
x*Yes,she took down her "David is Dead" t-shirt from her website! :/ NT
waypast4004/12/16 09:06 AM
*David is dead...
M3gabyt3244 9   04/12/16 08:08 AM
x*Wow! so sad and yet eerie at the same time NT
Cindy04/12/16 08:03 PM
x*He looked awful in the house, but it sounds like he was still in England when it happened. NT
Veruta04/12/16 10:26 AM
x*Last week Tiffany launched this shirt I guess...
M3gabyt304/12/16 08:33 AM
x*This is sick. RIP David NT
psychofish04/12/16 09:31 AM
x*David was going to begin his David Gest is not dead tour as well...
M3gabyt304/12/16 10:02 AM
x*Her management has pulled the t-shirts and tweeted Tiffany doesn't know about David's passing yet. NT
psychofish04/12/16 09:40 AM
x*I thought you were joking :) Oh very sad :( NT
caressastar04/12/16 08:10 AM
x*Thought it was a joke too NT
xrayspex04/12/16 08:45 AM
x*omg how sad! NT
04/12/16 08:10 AM
*Janice Dickinson Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis: 'I'm Going to Get Through This. This is Not a Pity Party'
Cindy43 0   03/28/16 09:33 AM
*For anyone who watched BB UK Stephanie finally dumped Jeremy after multiple cheating allegations- article inside
tiffer7497327 5   03/26/16 11:02 AM
x*He had been seen with girls the same week he was evicted. NT
Veruta03/26/16 01:20 PM
x*Yes- here is article where he admits he cheated on Stephanie the first night out after leaving the house
tiffer749703/26/16 03:05 PM
x*Shocker! NT
colleenag03/26/16 11:11 AM
x*More like because she got all the publicity she could out of him. NT
Jan303/26/16 11:10 AM
x*heard about it not surprised NT
Mishanb03/26/16 11:05 AM
*Big Brother House, in Borehamwood, given approval to extend production set
Dreamer82 0   03/20/16 03:18 AM
*Nikki Grahame is going to be on BB Canada! starts March 2 NT
CaboWabo185 3   02/25/16 06:51 AM
x*So far she hasn't done much "Nikki stuff", but Tim from BBAU is in too and he is great. They need to give Nikki alcohol. Drunk Nikki is the best NT
georgia938203/07/16 11:33 PM
x*I am pretty sure she needs to be voted in first. NT
caressastar02/25/16 07:22 AM
x*she'll get in no doubt. That Italian lady wont get more votes anyway NT
CaboWabo02/29/16 08:03 AM
*seems jeremy and stephanie will have a bumpy relationship
Mishanb161 0   02/24/16 11:54 PM
*Finally watched the whole series-Tiffany made me laugh through the whole series-would have liked to have see her win over all of them NT
xrayspex114 1   02/23/16 05:07 PM
x*Me2, she was a lot of FUN! She has grown leaps and bounds from her days with Flav eh? Such a cutie! NT
colleenag02/23/16 05:30 PM
*Reality TV legend Nikki Grahame returning to Big Brother - in Canada
WillRulz228 3   02/23/16 05:17 AM
x*I'm not too sure she'll do very well... the UK is a completely different format. This should be interesting.... NT
Starr02/29/16 08:41 AM
x*Then it would only be right to bring Richard on there to patronise her childishness. NT
Veruta02/23/16 07:23 AM
x*Yes! lol I'd love that, actually. NT
Starr02/29/16 08:37 AM
*FYI a Flavor of Love and I Love NY marathon is on VH1 right now. They contain Tiffany. I'll pass but I did watch them once. NT
ringo973 0   02/12/16 01:03 PM
*Jonesing for the show...:/ NT
colleenag150 1   02/08/16 02:52 PM
x*Me, too. Always an emptiness when a series has finished. NT
pigpen02/10/16 12:26 AM
*I am so disappointed in this finale. NT
BigBrotherFly511 6   02/06/16 11:31 AM
x*I've pretty much come to terms with this being the norm with BB for me. NT
ello02/07/16 10:43 AM
x*This Whole series was crap bad cast. NT
M0shPit02/07/16 09:30 AM
x*Me too :P The winner could have been worse IMO but could have been MUCH better too. NT
LindseyLouWho02/06/16 06:31 PM
x*You expected something different? NT
colleenag02/06/16 11:32 AM
x*Very different. Didn't expect him to win, I know he was a favorite to win early on, but not later. NT
BigBrotherFly02/06/16 02:45 PM
x*UK winners tend to be very unassertive and bland, ie.. James Hill, Chloe, Sam, Rachel, Josie, Pete, etc. ONLY big surprise to me was Helen.jmo NT
LettucePray02/06/16 04:29 PM
*I didn't notice that space between John's bottom teeth in the house, its so noticeable during his interview NT
Cindy173 1   02/05/16 06:21 PM
x*lol and how about that mustache? NT
colleenag02/06/16 07:18 AM
*Final Big Brother Bile podcast
bigbrotherbile101 0   02/05/16 05:14 PM
*Voting percentages released- Source BBSPY
MoonDesire1152 10   02/05/16 03:23 PM
x*God, how did that horrible Stephanie get so many votes? NT
Starr02/29/16 08:40 AM
x*She annoyed the hell out of me NT
xrayspex02/29/16 07:50 PM
x*I'm no expert in statistics, but the public re-votes after each elimination. So each vote has a smaller pool to choose from and the remaining players
kaper02/06/16 05:13 AM
x*Great point. I didn't think of that. But since the voting was over a 3 day period most of the votes were probably while all 6 were still in it. NT
ringo902/06/16 09:05 AM
x*Wow a reality show that will actually releases the number at the end. I wish they all did that. Though most don't have 6 finalist. I wish they all
ringo902/05/16 07:28 PM
x*Thx for posting that NT
LatteStone02/05/16 04:31 PM
x*Thanks for posting that. That's a shocker. Especially Tiff's #s compared to Danniella and Darren. What show have I been watching? NT
pigpen02/05/16 04:13 PM
x*yeah and >>>> spoiler
colleenag02/06/16 07:19 AM
x*I think they only removed the fraudulent votes that were confirmed by the people who were scammed, so I'm sure some votes stayed if not reported NT
LindseyLouWho02/06/16 06:28 PM
x*yeah...darren hasn't been entertaining at all. NT
sliver01302/05/16 04:32 PM
*The WINNER and runner up of CBBUK17 are:
Veruta1553 18   02/05/16 02:23 PM
x*Eh, not happy at the results, but happy that my fav lasted till the end. It's was one of the better CBBs because of that person. NT
pigpen02/05/16 04:10 PM
x*Same here. NT
colleenag02/06/16 07:22 AM
x*Just how did they identify and delete improper votes for Scotty lolol impossible to do ...tainted winner congrats NT
BBadd02/05/16 03:05 PM
x*My question exactly. NT
colleenag02/06/16 07:23 AM
x*He seemed like the leader on day 1 with a fan base... NT
M3gabyt302/05/16 03:18 PM
x*Yes, he was in the lead to win from the start, But what did he do. He kissed M butt and slapped it. That's a winner NT
bacicat02/05/16 05:31 PM
x*I knew early on that he would win, they should have just ended the show weeks ago and handed him the prize. NT
decafjnr02/05/16 05:11 PM
x*Exactly NT
Dexter02/05/16 03:11 PM
x*Saves me from watching the last 20 minutes. I can't imagine they would have even one remotely interesting thing to say. NT
Veruta02/05/16 02:38 PM
x*why??? idgi...what did he bring to the show? must have been that crapping during sex story. *smdh* NT
sliver01302/05/16 02:29 PM
x*Charlotte pisses in bed and won, he sh*ts in bed and won, I hate to see what the next Geordie hm does :/ NT
Dexter02/05/16 02:51 PM
x*I stopped watching that season when she smashed the cake! I was shocked to hear that she won.Makes me wonder about the UK public 0-o NT
waypast4002/06/16 09:36 AM
x*I hope the current Queen of the Jungle doesn't show up on the show. They even had her accept their National TV Award for them. NT
Veruta02/05/16 05:35 PM
x*he has a huge fan base NT
Mishanb02/05/16 02:31 PM
x*Who is his fan base- sluts and whores? NT
tiffer749702/05/16 02:33 PM
x*lol goerdie shore fan base remember how big jersey shore was NT
Mishanb02/05/16 02:36 PM
x*booooo typical NT
Mishanb02/05/16 02:27 PM
x*Thank goodness. I dont have to throw the remote now NT
LatteStone02/05/16 02:26 PM
*The CBB housemate finishing in 3rd place is:
Veruta658 7   02/05/16 02:06 PM
x*Steph final two? What a nightmare NT
LatteStone02/05/16 02:09 PM
x*I honestly think Steph was the star of the show ... hope she wins NT
dustysnemisis02/05/16 02:12 PM
x*her and tiff brought i believe NT
Mishanb02/05/16 02:16 PM
x*All hail cheaters- so lame! NT
tiffer749702/05/16 02:18 PM
x*I respect your choice but she ruined this season for me. I found her irritating NT
LatteStone02/05/16 02:14 PM
x*I agree NT
bbfan3402/05/16 02:14 PM
x*better than scotty i believe NT
Mishanb02/05/16 02:11 PM
*The CBB housemate finishing in 4th place is:
Veruta717 7   02/05/16 01:49 PM
x*Dang...and >>>
colleenag02/06/16 07:25 AM
x*Thank you! phew. NT
M3gabyt302/05/16 01:58 PM
x*Not even making 3rd?? What a load. She was the only entertaining one in there! Ridic NT
LatteStone02/05/16 01:55 PM
x*Agree disappointed. NT
colleenag02/06/16 07:26 AM
x*darren of all ppl NT
Mishanb02/05/16 01:56 PM
x*I'm pleasantly surprised NT
dustysnemisis02/05/16 01:55 PM
x*Did not expect that. NT
bbfan3402/05/16 01:51 PM
*The CBB housemate finishing in 5th place is:
Veruta395 3   02/05/16 01:32 PM
x*Loved the hairdo, looked very pretty on her! NT
colleenag02/06/16 07:26 AM
x*Her kid didn't seem very happy to see her NT
Cindy02/05/16 06:41 PM
x*That person's posing and mugging for the cameras had me splitting a gut! Hilarious!!! NT
MoonDesire02/05/16 01:37 PM
*The CBB housemate finishing in 6th place is:
Veruta227 1   02/05/16 01:16 PM
x*Not surprising - next will most likely be Darren and Daniella NT
tiffer749702/05/16 01:27 PM
*Supposedly Jeremy has the flu and there is a chance he wont show. Do you want him to be at the final? NT
LatteStone361 4   02/05/16 11:26 AM
x*He's there. NT
JCash202/05/16 01:08 PM
x*rumour is that he hooked up with some girl last night NT
Mishanb02/05/16 12:10 PM
x*Ok just read that. He did say he was single so i guess he meant it. Lol NT
LatteStone02/05/16 03:24 PM
x*The Mirror is now saying he will be there NT
LatteStone02/05/16 11:38 AM
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