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Ooo this could be fun. I like this. My Rankings:
08/10/17 05:08 AM

Strongly Like:
1- Brandi

2- Jemma

3- Sandi

4- Amelia

5- Chad

6- Helen

7- Shaun

8- Trisha

9- Sam

10- Karthik

11- Derek

Strongly Dislike:
12- Jordan

13- Paul

14- Sarah

Sarah really plunged down my list during the latest episode. And I hate how on BOTS she's getting this perpetual sympathy card, when, if it were any other HM, they'd be getting roasted, called a crybaby *****-stirrer and everything else, but for some reason, she gets off the hook. I guess that's what you get when you're friends with the presenter and they keep bringing people who know her personally to be on the panel.

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* Week 1 rankings
08/08/17 08:13 PM
xx * Every time I sit down to do my rankings it changes from episode to episode lol NT
08/10/17 07:43 AM
xx * Same!!! That's why I figured only donit after every eviction instead of daily lol NT
08/10/17 12:48 PM
xx * Ooo this could be fun. I like this. My Rankings:
08/10/17 05:08 AM
xx * I'm surprised so many of you like Brandi.
08/09/17 08:11 PM
xx * My rankings
08/08/17 08:37 PM
xx * My rankings:
08/09/17 02:36 PM

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