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Aug 9 Episode discussion
08/09/17 11:17 PM

Ok, I'll be the first to admit I believe in ghosts & spirits, but I wasn't buying Derek's task at all, tonight. Nor do I ever buy ppl like him who try to convince others they are among spirits. All they do is ask generic questions like "does anyone know a Tom?" Or "im sensing a grandmother who has passed" until they get a response from someone. John Edwards is the best example of this. Anyways, I didn't buy it one bit but maybe I'm alone there.

Paul turned into an even bigger loser tonight with his straightened hair, we get it dude you want to look younger & be a part of the Sam & Jordan embarrassing for Paul

So this is "celebrity bb", but I'm curious, discluding "fame" from reality shows, is there anyone besides Shaun, Sarah & Helen (not even sure on her) who have done something legit to be considered "famous"? This is a serious question as I'm from the US, not the U.K.

I had to LOL a bit when Shaun was talking about knowing you're old & not wanting to go out because you think the music sucks! I couldn't agree more, I have always loved music in all forms (except country) but I've always loved rap & pop.....when I hear what is considered "music" in those genres today, especially rap, it make me never want to go to a club again. It's SOOOOO bad. So I felt Shaun on that one!

Eviction on Friday, not sure how they will go about getting the noms but if they do an actual vote (crazy to think, I know) I'm guessing it'll be a mixture of Karthik, Trisha, Chad & Sarah....maybe throw in a Derek, but I think everyone else is fairly safe

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* Aug 9 Episode discussion
08/09/17 11:17 PM
xx * I can totally relate to Shaun about today's music lol NT
08/10/17 10:16 AM
xx * This was the first time I felt sorry for Paul. The ponytail... The desperation to be a lad at 39....
08/10/17 08:42 AM
xx * Derek's (not so) slight-of-hand moving of the coin on the table when he picked up the clipboard had me pegging him as a fraud. People are gullible. NT
08/12/17 03:32 AM
xx * Yeah, I'm guessing the same people will be up again. They are easy targets now NT
08/10/17 07:00 AM

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