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Happy with the eviction..
08/08/17 08:49 PM

After Paul's set-to with Karthik yesterday, I was rooting for him. Paul telling him that if he didn't like his name he should change it yesterday was racist. Karthik just wanted them to get his name correct and is equally happy if they call him K

Happy to see the Jordan storyline cut short. Hard to imagine any woman wanting to go where so many have gone before. Hard to believe Jordan didn't do the math and doesn't understand how stupid he sounds with his 1500 number. He can't have learned anything from his many conquests since women don't appear to want seconds and he has to move to another ..his made up # doesn't allow for any kind of long term commitments

"Be nice to each other ... play fair." Colleen's last words on Survivor

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* Aug 8 (eviction episode) discussion
08/08/17 08:03 PM
xx * Those Tuesday night eviction eps really need to be longer, it makes it so that we see very little of what happened Monday. NT
08/09/17 06:02 PM
xx * I was thinking the same thing. And, am I losing my mind or did there used to be one more show after the live finale that showed you a bit more of
08/10/17 06:58 AM
xx * They used to have a Daily show after the finale showing the last day in the house, but that ended years ago, even before Channel 4 cancelled BB NT
08/10/17 12:28 PM
xx * Thank you!! I know it ended a long time ago but for a minute there I thought I was remembering incorrectly lol NT
08/10/17 01:07 PM
xx * No prob! I actually enjoyed those Saturday final day shows, you felt like you were getting full closure on the season NT
08/10/17 01:17 PM
xx * Yeah, I wish they brought those back. NT
M3gabyt3 Administrator
08/10/17 01:19 PM
xx * The ratings on those shows were normally bad, but what's the difference of 1 bad Saturday night for an hour after months of daily shows? Lol NT
08/10/17 01:29 PM
xx * I think the ratings are so low Channel 5 can't justify giving them another 30 minute block of their primetime programming block NT
08/09/17 06:57 PM
xx * Happy with the eviction..
08/08/17 08:49 PM
xx * So far you & I agree on about 90% of things! NT
08/08/17 11:27 PM

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