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Aug 8 (eviction episode) discussion
08/08/17 08:03 PM

I'm basically just going to touch on the eviction from tonight's episode

Everything went down like I thought it would, to me it was clear Marissa & Karthik would be the bottom 2, but I'm glad she went & he stayed. For one, I think K has been given a raw deal so I'm glad he gets a bit more time to prove the haters wrong (I also think this was the one factor that saved him over Marissa, he got some "sympathy" votes I'd guess).

I can't really say I'm sorry Marissa left, outside of her storyline with Jordan, she was pretty darn boring (in a house full of fairly average characters the way it is) & im SOOO glad that storyline with Jordan has been killed. Every second less of that idiot I see, the better.

I love Emma but did she really say she was shocked & that Marissa was a "reality tv veteran"? Ummm ok, ya....or not, she's not even a main character on her cable tv low budget reality show. Come on Emma, you're smarter than that

Overall a very predictable first boot, a pretty girl...though she wasn't annoying like most are. Onto week 2!!!

Ps- does anyone here watch the Rw/RR Challenge on MTV? If so do you not think Marissa looks identical to Nany? Noticed that yesterday!!!

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* Aug 8 (eviction episode) discussion
08/08/17 08:03 PM
xx * Those Tuesday night eviction eps really need to be longer, it makes it so that we see very little of what happened Monday. NT
08/09/17 06:02 PM
xx * I was thinking the same thing. And, am I losing my mind or did there used to be one more show after the live finale that showed you a bit more of
08/10/17 06:58 AM
xx * They used to have a Daily show after the finale showing the last day in the house, but that ended years ago, even before Channel 4 cancelled BB NT
08/10/17 12:28 PM
xx * Thank you!! I know it ended a long time ago but for a minute there I thought I was remembering incorrectly lol NT
08/10/17 01:07 PM
xx * No prob! I actually enjoyed those Saturday final day shows, you felt like you were getting full closure on the season NT
08/10/17 01:17 PM
xx * Yeah, I wish they brought those back. NT
M3gabyt3 Administrator
08/10/17 01:19 PM
xx * The ratings on those shows were normally bad, but what's the difference of 1 bad Saturday night for an hour after months of daily shows? Lol NT
08/10/17 01:29 PM
xx * I think the ratings are so low Channel 5 can't justify giving them another 30 minute block of their primetime programming block NT
08/09/17 06:57 PM
xx * Happy with the eviction..
08/08/17 08:49 PM
xx * So far you & I agree on about 90% of things! NT
08/08/17 11:27 PM

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