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If it was vote to evict The Chad would be gonzo, but it isn't. NT
08/08/17 12:29 PM

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* This nominees for eviction are:
08/07/17 02:25 AM
xx * Vote-to-Save at this early stage heavily relies on pre-existing fan bases for support. Because of that, I think ...
08/07/17 05:32 PM
xx * After today's episode, I think Sarah will go. NT
08/07/17 04:53 PM
xx * I don't think Chad will go. My guess is either Karthik, Sarah, or Marissa. NT
08/07/17 02:27 PM
xx * Sarah has a big fan base, so I think it will be either Marissa or Karthik. I go back and forth on who it'll be but I think Special K will go. NT
08/08/17 12:23 PM
xx * I agree, with Karthik & Marissa as slight favorites of those 3. Hoping it's Chad though, but I doubt it, he will get a lot of female votes NT
08/07/17 09:48 PM
xx * My thoughts
08/07/17 02:22 PM
xx * If it was vote to evict The Chad would be gonzo, but it isn't. NT
08/08/17 12:29 PM
xx * I'm liking Chad. NT
08/07/17 04:09 PM

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