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Hey Paul in Khazakstan is the best Paul of them all! Lol
08/07/17 10:05 PM

Speaking of Pauls, the one in this house sure is a giant d**k. He's one of those people who thinks they are always right & loves to patronize others about it. He's so condescending & it will catch up to him sooner rather than later. And what's with those dumb bracelets he always wears? Does he know how stupid he looks? Lol

I'm starting to feel kind of bad for Karthik...sure he has said a few dumb things but the others (especially ringleader Paul) just keep pounding him over & over about it. He's an easy target being different from them all & they are using a gang mentality against him because of it. I hope he squeaks through Tuesday's eviction because I think he could be a great arcing storyline this season, if given the chance.

I liked Sarah off the bat but she's starting to do my head in. If there's one thing I can't stand in BB (ok there are lots of things lol) it's weak people who cry & whine all the time. Yes it's hard, it's hard for everyone not just you! Sometimes I wonder if these people really take a look at what they are getting into before hand. Super annoying

Am I the only one already sick of the Jordan/Marissa storyline? No thank you, don't care one bit. And lmao at Jordan pretending he will turn her down after she said she wants a showmance for publicity. Dude you've "slept with 1500 women", your standards can't be that high, wait you obviously don't have standards at all, dumba$$. Then an even bigger lmao to Jordan, Sam & Paul bashing Marissa for wanting publicity when all they do is the reality circus for fame themselves, what a bunch of stupid hypocrites.

Eviction tomorrow night, Vote to save. Trisha is safe for sure, Chad will get every single vote from women who drool over the hot guys, saving him. Leaving it between Sarah, Karthik & Marissa. I think Sarah will slide by just barely this time. Leaving it between Karthik & tossup to me but I hope if it's down to those 2 Karthik survives as Marissa doesn't seem she's going to bring much to the table besides clinging to Jordan. Should be interesting, can't wait!

Ps- anyone else get a huge kick out of Karthik's western accent on tonight's show? I thought it was hilarious!!

Pps- attention Helen, Sandi &'s been almost a week, feel free to show your faces & do something not ordered by BB anytime now

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* August 7th - Day 6/Episode 7 Show
08/07/17 08:26 PM
xx * Hey Paul in Khazakstan is the best Paul of them all! Lol
08/07/17 10:05 PM
xx * Oh, as someone originally from Wichita, I definitely enjoyed Karthik's accent. I think Special K is going to be the one leaving. I originally was
08/08/17 12:21 PM

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