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I think someone needs to remind Chad he is on Celebrity Big Brother and not some dating show. NT
08/07/17 02:19 PM

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* Aug 6 Episode discussion
08/06/17 04:06 PM
xx * I think someone needs to remind Chad he is on Celebrity Big Brother and not some dating show. NT
08/07/17 02:19 PM
xx * Jemma's task SUCKS. It is one of the worst things anyone has had to do in a while, even when people have broken the rules multiple times lately all
08/07/17 02:32 AM
xx * Reminded me of punishments BBAU would do if they broke the rules lol NT
08/07/17 02:22 PM
xx * BB Australia was definitely my first thought when they brought that out too. It's a great punishment, but use it as an actual punishment. NT
08/08/17 12:25 PM
xx * BB Aussie is still my favorite overall BB I think. Great houses, housemates, format & their BB character was awesome! I miss it so much :( NT
08/07/17 04:53 PM
xx * The naughty corner. Good memories. NT
08/07/17 04:35 PM
xx * Agree, I can't think of a worst one. I hate boring tasks and tasks where there's no way production tried it first. NT
08/07/17 09:30 AM
xx * Well, that got awkward fast.
08/06/17 11:52 PM
xx * watching now.. Karthik is so weird. He needs to go. Also Brandi is starting to take on an english accent. I'm not a fan.
08/06/17 07:17 PM
xx * The first few days he was a jerk. Talking about the women like they were on his menu & saying he was a 200 on a scale of one to ten. Also..
08/06/17 10:24 PM
xx * Sam is definitely the more tolerable part of Jam. NT
08/06/17 07:18 PM
xx * Jordan is dragging him down SO much. I think he would be so much better without Jordan NT
08/07/17 02:23 PM
xx * Chad and Paul..
08/06/17 05:56 PM

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