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This is a response to: Sleep Ho Ray J-"I dont know how to cook lettuce". WTF?? NT
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Do you? ;) NT
01/11/17 09:15 PM

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* Pompous Nicola-"Water is not for drinking-its for washing" NT
01/11/17 04:23 PM
xx * that was one of the facts about her when she was walking up the stairs to enter the house. i thought it was dumb. she probably doesnt realize she
01/13/17 08:41 AM
xx * That blew my mind a bit, lol. How does one, in this day and age, not know that water is essential for drinking? NT
vixenk99 *
01/12/17 12:10 AM
xx * has electrolytes. NT
01/12/17 12:32 PM
xx * Sleep Ho Ray J-"I dont know how to cook lettuce". WTF?? NT
01/11/17 04:26 PM
xx * Makes me shake my head. Even if you have someone prep your meals, know some basics, geez. Lame. NT
vixenk99 *
01/12/17 12:11 AM
xx * Do you? ;) NT
01/11/17 09:15 PM
xx * I'm not sure how lettuce would be cooked...roasted perhaps? NT
vixenk99 *
01/12/17 12:12 AM
xx * Cook lettuce? Stir-fried, that's about it, otherwise it is just ruined. NT
01/12/17 03:45 PM

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