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Ray J left the house
01/10/17 02:15 PM

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* Ray J left the house
01/10/17 02:15 PM
xx * With all the fake leaving before, I bet they decided you leave you're gone. No excuses. NT
01/10/17 05:12 PM
xx * he wasn't doing much anyway. NT
01/10/17 04:22 PM
xx * I'm still shocked if they really agreed to pay him almost $1M. That sets the bar high that future HGs will want. Plus how does that work if he got
01/10/17 03:20 PM
xx * David Gest was paid $1 million last year. NT
01/10/17 06:49 PM
xx * I think regardless of when you get evicted you get that money BUT if you walk you do not. Thing is...obvs Ray J had a phone in order to be
01/10/17 03:46 PM
xx * ewww, remember the story he told about where he hid his phone NT
01/10/17 03:51 PM
xx * LMBO Exactly what I was thinking! NT
01/10/17 03:55 PM
xx * wow, I didn't know he was making that much! Do they usually get that much money to be on the show? NT
01/10/17 03:34 PM
xx * Yup, on Big Brother UK the celebs make tons. Ray J was paid a million. Speidi are being paid £570,000. Jedward, £500,000 each. Last year...
01/10/17 06:45 PM
xx * TMZ reported Speidi got 700K, guess it depends on your celebrity and how much you can finagle. NT
01/10/17 03:51 PM
xx * At least that's for 2 ppl. Ray J ain't worth anywhere near $1M. NT
01/10/17 04:01 PM
xx * Kim K (supposedly) and Whitney is and they're betting they'll get their money's worth with him discussing them. NT
01/10/17 04:34 PM
xx * Apparently he was in a lot of pain because of a tooth and according to him BB did nothing about it for 3 days. Link inside and now he is saying
01/10/17 02:43 PM
xx * Well if he violated any contract by smuggling in a phone they should counter-sue. NT
01/13/17 11:57 AM
xx * weird, they have let the CBB HGs out and come back many times before. i thought someone had even been let out for a tooth problem before. NT
01/10/17 04:24 PM
xx * TMZ has his side... NT
01/10/17 02:42 PM

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