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This is a response to: Our Report: BB19 After party at Clifton's in LA (long post, and limited to my opinions/observations)
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I've been to a charity event with a ton of BB folks along with Survivor, Bachelor, TAR, etc folks right after BB ended. Everyone should go at least
09/23/17 12:29 PM

once. We had a blast. This was right after BB14 and we took Wil, Ashley, and JoJo out to lunch & drinks. It was fun telling them stuff they didn't know that happened in the house.

It was surprising how much they didn't know. We wound up at an after party in someone's hotel room. Howie was putting the moves on my friend. Casey complained constantly, and Chef Joe was so drunk he missed breakfast (that he was supposed to cook).

The funniest part was Wil doing his Joe impressions and his Jenn impressions. I was choking from laughing so hard. Ashley was a doll, a little naive, but so sweet!

JoJo said "I know, riiiiight?!" a million times but was a hoot. Russell Hantz was a douche who thought he was a huge star. Cara Maria was stunning in person and so nice.

I loved meeting Bunky and he was really appreciative when I bought him a drink. Although I hated S12, we sat down and chatted with Hayden and Kat. He was probably the most surprising, because he was absolutely the most sincere asking us questions regarding our thoughts about the show. Really nice guy.

The hunky black guy from Survivor, Arthur?, and Roberto from the Bachelorette were extremely handsome! I was lost for words meeting Roberto. I was stunned into silence (which is a rarity)! Lol

Michelle from S10 was a snotty biotch. Lawon was the sweetest guy ever!

If you ever have a chance, go, go, go! You won't regret it!

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* Our Report: BB19 After party at Clifton's in LA (long post, and limited to my opinions/observations)
09/23/17 11:47 AM
xx * Sounds like Paul had a private party only for those houseguests that voted for him = Loser. NT
09/25/17 11:57 AM
xx * I would avoid Jason R too! Sounds like fun, I guess. Thanks for the update. NT
09/24/17 04:45 PM
xx * A woman picking up the tab gasp NT
09/24/17 12:50 PM
xx * Thanks for the update. I get BB withdrawal when season ends. Like to read everything I can. NT
09/24/17 09:50 AM
xx * Thanks for your take on the peeps! NT
09/23/17 07:48 PM
xx * Interesting read, thank you. NT
09/23/17 07:37 PM
xx * Thanks for posting, it was fun reading about the after party from someone who was actually there! I appreciate your insights! NT
09/23/17 05:48 PM
xx * Thanks for posting! Not surprised the guy with 2 shirts let the girl buy his drinks! NT
09/23/17 03:36 PM
xx * Thank You- NT
09/23/17 03:14 PM
xx * Thanks! So interesting hearing about behind the scenes stuff. NT
09/23/17 02:00 PM
xx * Jace a attention seeker I'm shocked absolutely shocked lol NT
09/23/17 01:23 PM
xx * I've been to a charity event with a ton of BB folks along with Survivor, Bachelor, TAR, etc folks right after BB ended. Everyone should go at least
09/23/17 12:29 PM
xx * Thanks for sharing your experience with us!! NT
09/23/17 12:19 PM
xx * The autographed pics are already on eBay for sale. For around $30-40. The real fans want pics not sloppy illegible names(Cody is the worst). NT
09/23/17 12:17 PM
xx * thank you NT
09/23/17 12:15 PM
xx * The gal pulling Christmas wasn't her "bodyguard". It's her gay best friend Beth who they call "crazy Beth". She's wild and crazy and Xmas was drunk NT
09/23/17 12:11 PM
xx * Beth is gay? Are X's best girlfriends gay or bi? She and Jenny are or were in love & seem to have some sort of relationship that extends beyond work.
09/23/17 12:25 PM
xx * I wondered about that as well. Beth has a LOT of pictures of Xmas on her IG. NT
09/23/17 11:26 PM
xx * Christmas is not bisexual (perfectly fine if she was though) and has never had a relationship with Jenny. I have no idea where you got that from. >
09/23/17 11:16 PM
xx * You know Xmas personally? I watched on feeds Xmas stroking Elena's hand in a VERY SEXUAL manner.That was telling & you can't convince me otherwise. NT
09/24/17 08:08 PM
xx * Maybe from her words on the feeds? We've no need to spin... she said it... not that theirs anything wrong with that... NT
09/24/17 04:48 PM
xx * I think she said on the show that she had been in relationships with guys and women NT
09/24/17 01:11 PM
xx * Xmas told a story about Beth bringing home a girl stripper from the club and they banged all week. She only saw Beth into 1 guy and he was fem. NT
09/23/17 05:02 PM
xx * I can tell you as FACT... Bisexual woman are the very best lovers. Nothing greater than to see two woman make love and then invite a man to join them.
09/27/17 01:47 PM
xx * True a body guard is not 5 feet tall and female, it was one of Christmas's friends NT
09/23/17 12:17 PM
xx * Sexist, no?... I'd sooner have Brienne of Tarth as a bodyguard than most men... NT
09/23/17 02:51 PM
xx * Brienne is not 5 feet tall. Or real. NT
09/23/17 03:01 PM
xx * There are Briennes out there... it's sexist... if they had just said 5 feet tall, maybe... they highlighted "female"... NT
09/23/17 03:07 PM
xx * You can see photos of Beth on CMas's insta. She is just a cute little blond gal. She is not muscular like CMas. NT
09/23/17 11:18 PM
xx * Great observation, but not seeing relevance to questions... NT
09/24/17 04:49 PM
xx * Matt letting Raven pick up the tab. Don't know who that says more about. NT
09/23/17 12:07 PM
xx * All it says to me is that they are sharing expenses which is how I prefer to do things in my own relationships. Is this 1950? NT
09/23/17 11:20 PM
xx * Right? But TBF to Matt, if someone's willing to pay for my drinks, have at it! NT
09/23/17 02:52 PM
xx * Don't think it says anything about either. Raven picked up the tab. Big deal. NT
09/23/17 12:19 PM
xx * yeah, what is this, 1950? NT
09/24/17 09:54 AM
xx * IKR?! And who's to say he didn't pick up the tabs other times? Random sexist, judgmental comments based on one incident? NT
09/24/17 04:50 PM
xx * uh huh NT
09/23/17 01:13 PM
xx * That made me gain respect for him honestly. NT
09/23/17 12:12 PM
xx * Very interesting...thanks for taking the time to write it all up and share it with us! NT
09/23/17 12:04 PM
xx * Thanks..a bird's eye view is great!!!! NT
09/23/17 12:00 PM
xx * Such a fun tradition, thanks for sharing! NT
09/23/17 12:00 PM
xx * Thanks for this NT
09/23/17 11:55 AM

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