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In the Heated Waters of the BB19 House, was born Hurricane Paul, Hurricane Christmas, Hurricane Josh and Hurricane Alex & the Zeitgeist of our time.
09/10/17 10:26 AM

A. The decades long cult of celebrity culminating in a "celebrity" inhabitant of the Oval Office, basking in the photographer's glow, outrageous, theatrical, self-possessed, selfish.
B. The cult of several "Me, Me, Me" decades resulting in the glorification of the self -- watching out for numero uno. That's all that matters.
C. Disassociation. People immersed in their own world with their electronic gidgets and gadgets -- human discourse and interaction suffering.
D. Coarse, crude language, the common language of our time.
E. Bullying from the upper echelon on down rearing its ugly head time after time.
F. The celebrity and social media cult of youth, where age and experience is not celebrated, but feared and ignored.

NOOOOOOOOOO! IT'S not ALWAYS that bad!!! BUT -- all these negative and pathetic societal trends are present, to be rued and to be disgusted by. And this summer they all came together in the BB19 environs -- and the viewers have watched, and the viewers have been appalled by what they've been witnessing. WHICH bring us to:

A. Hurricane Paul -- the King of BB19, he seems totally disconnected with human decency, friendliness, caring. YES -- one has to have a strong ego, simply to be on the show -- but his ego and his gloating is so ferocious that his Hurricane persona has swamped the house. His game-playing abilities are most impressive, and may very well bring him the win -- but it is an ugly win -- unpleasant to witness. It has made BB19 a trial for many people to watch.
B. Hurricane Alex -- is SO obsessed with Kevin, it boggles the mind. Her idiotic put-downs has made an initially charming HG one to shudder at. That's sad.
C. Hurricane Christmas -- her volcanic temper sometimes seems to well up suddenly and ferociously and it is almost frightening to witness. Initially I had thought she was going to be BB gold -- beautiful, charismatic, athletic, successful (maybe a Vanessa 2.0) -- all pointing the way to a potential BB star. THEN came her Paul Adoration and her sudden angry outbursts -- as vicious as a slap in the face. In Flashbacks on 9/9 at 9:28 or so, she suddenly burst out with: "F&%$ing KEVIN, THAT mother-F&%$ing D&%$ C&%$#@#$er. Shove it down his F&%$ing, little F&%$ing throat. Sorry, Christmas: you're initial lustre has faded -- faded badly.
D. Hurricane Josh: This ED wannabe may be onto Paul (to the relief and anticipation of many viewers who are so disgusted by Paul's persona -- but Josh's banging on the pots and pans (feebly, albeit noisily trying to emulate his disgusting hero of BB8) and his own sudden angry outbursts have made him an odious and unbearable HG.

IN CONCLUSION, Ladies and Gentlemen of the court -- I rest my case on this miserable season populated by miserable HGs with this Final bit of Updates I just spotted from 9/9 10:13-10:29pm.

From Jokers Updates, the following conversation took place beginning at 10:13PM on 9/9 between Josh/Christmas/Paul concerning Kevin and how they intend to unnerve him before the next HOH competition so he'll blow it.

10:13 - Josh: I'm going to pots and pans this mother f*cker. Paul: More than pots & pans. You got to attack his character, his ego.
10:15 - Christmas: If I start a fight with Kevin then you (Josh) need to jump in. Paul: And be the cherry on the top.
10:18 - Christmas: What I have to say to Kevin will strike a nerve in him faster and harder. Then you (Josh) come in and follow through.
10:19 - Christmas; I will call Kevin an old man and pervert. He won't be able to think straight. Have him blow up like last time.
10:21 - Christmas: You have to put me on the block with Kevin next week so his ego will shatter when I stay over him.
10:29 - Christmas: If I start this fight with Kevin... Josh: Then you need to finish it. Christmas: No, I need you to come in and blow him.

I rest my case, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Verdict: BB19 HGs = SCUM

Edited (09/10/17 10:38 AM)

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* In the Heated Waters of the BB19 House, was born Hurricane Paul, Hurricane Christmas, Hurricane Josh and Hurricane Alex & the Zeitgeist of our time.
09/10/17 10:26 AM
xx * Well done. I'd only add the sad declaration by Paul that "this is how the game is played," other HGs agreement, and many outside who defend that. NT
09/13/17 03:18 PM
xx * This imo is what is at the core of what is wrong with BB. I read here that BB is about anything goes to win $500K. I find that the implementation of
09/13/17 04:27 PM
xx * This is one of the best commentaries I've read on this site.it goes to the depth of my distaste for this entire season except for the comic relief
09/12/17 08:00 PM
xx * I have been fascinated with all this season's players. The only one I have felt a real
09/11/17 06:38 PM
xx * Most of us with HEARTS and COMPASSION can... .... NT
09/13/17 01:00 PM
xx * I think you are in a extremely small DDB minority. NT
09/13/17 08:04 PM
xx * I really liked Christmas...
09/10/17 05:37 PM
xx * Exactly how I felt about her. She has moments of clarity but then cackles in glee at others future misery & how she'll "rape with words " ugh! Ruined
09/11/17 10:02 AM
xx * Another one of your excellent post's BB... NT
09/10/17 02:03 PM
xx * Thanks to you, Sizzle & others for liking my post! Glad we have Jokers to vent.....errr.....discuss! NT
09/10/17 09:22 PM
xx * Excellent
09/10/17 01:35 PM
xx * Excellent Final Argument! & Hereby concur BB19:Slimed! (by politics of preening narcissism, greed & hate, yuck, can't get the taste out) NT
09/10/17 12:17 PM
xx * Thank you for the time it took to type all this. I don't even think enough of them to want to say how much I detest them. I can't help but
09/10/17 12:01 PM
xx * The only time I’ve missed an episode of BB was during the evacuation from Katrina
09/10/17 12:50 PM
xx * After witnessing the outpouring generosity and kindness for the victims suffering from these hurricanes, it only magnifies the crassness of these HGs
09/10/17 12:35 PM
xx * Enough said. Well done. NT
09/10/17 11:46 AM
xx * PERFECT description. Thanks NT
09/10/17 11:16 AM

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