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The Summer of My Discontent... Thoughts on Paul
09/09/17 03:33 PM

I have watched Big Brother since the beginning. Since I used to “dial up” onto AOL and actually watch their version of the live feeds (free, I might add). I watched Chicken George feed the chicken and Lisa of BB3 cruise to victory on a smile. I marveled at Dr. WIll and cursed at Evel Dick. I have cheered some winners and felt bad for some losers whom I had stood behind all summer. But I have never, ever, ever, disliked a houseguest as much as Paul the Sequel.

Of course, to be honest, iI didn’t like him last year either. His hyper-manic energy as he went from guest to guest spinning his web got on my nerves but I had to admit, he played a great game, I was thrilled to death, however, when he was stupid enough to take Nicole to the finals. My jaw hit the ground and, I cheered in the last moments as he was shot down, key by key, into what I thought was BB history.

Sigh... But, Paul came back. I have toned my forever BB addiction down a great deal this summer… I canceled my CBS All Access (sort of miss those feeds in the back ground as I do mundane chores), I don’t stay up half the night watching BBAD on POP every night, and don’t log onto Jokers Updates as frequently as I did in the past. When I do, I find myself writing “I hate Paul.” in that sixth grade logic that figures… if I hate him, everyone else does too.

But some do not. Some admire his game and remind me that, after all, it is Big Brother and to lie and lie again is perfectly acceptable. And, quite honestly, Paul the Sequel is a pro at it. The way he goes from group to group and spins his web is amazing but I hope he doesn’t ever find out I said that because his ego is already big enough to fill the entire CBS lot on which the BB house sits.

Paul the Sequel talks consistently about how stupid people are, how smart he is, how talented, and how much fame and money the past year of traveling the globe after getting an agent have brought him. At least Jason (yuck) on BB OTT (which I loved) admitted he went back to stocking cans on grocery shelves. Paul, on the other hand, from the comfort of his parent’s home (where he has a really cool room with weird lighting and skulls, he bragged in a way reserved for 14 year olds) goes on and on, endlessly, about, well, himself. He is the kid you just want to knock down a few pegs… then a few more. He is the obnoxious loud mouth in the restaurant that you can’t help but notice… but that doesn’t mean you want to share a table with them..

And that, folks, is why I dislike Paul the Sequel. Then add to the fact that he takes such utter joy in placing the blame on others for every thing until it incites a mob mentality that has made this summer truly a challenge to watch — esp knowing how foolish some of these Kool-Aid drinking Paul houseguests look. I find myself muting the TV at times when Paul does his diary room sessions… it’s just too much to listen to over and over.

But Paul certainly had help in this game this season… help in such a way that the BB Show actually hurt others' games and never even gave that poor Cameron to get a chance to play. First, production gave him the first three weeks with a pass on being on the block — never done before and certainly a HUGE game changer. And, of course, passing out the friendship bracelets allowing him to be seen as something special and offering a chance to ride on the Paulmobile for those “lucky” enough to get “friendship.” Before the season started, Paul had been given advantages never seen before and, let’s face it, can he be blamed for taking those advantages and running with them? But I still hate him… or I guess I should say, I just hate what this loser who wants to be a winner represents… someone who got a second chance after blowing his first one and really didn’t deserve it. And, along the way, making it clear it wasn’t going to happen again.

So, bring on the Celebrity BB. If I am forced to recognize another guest early in the season, a washed up singer or has been heart throb is better than Paul. And, agent or not, I hardly think we will remember his name in a few years… then again, I don’t even know his last name now!

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* The Summer of My Discontent... Thoughts on Paul
09/09/17 03:33 PM
xx * Couldn't agree more! I record BB and fast forward thru Paul's diary room antics. The only reason I even watch BB anymore this season is to see the
09/13/17 08:32 PM
xx * Great post
09/10/17 05:00 PM
xx * Cody/Jessica were the only 2 who refused to play CBS/Paul BB this season NT
09/10/17 04:28 AM
xx * ...and there is Jessica riding her 15 minutes while Cody sits in jury. Not game players at all. NT
09/10/17 09:09 AM
xx * She is out of the house. What do you want her to do? Sit and watch the feeds 24/7? NT
09/13/17 12:51 AM
xx * Agreed. Not sure why they'd go on the show and not play. NT
09/10/17 09:26 AM
xx * Jody didn't refuse to play BB, they saw the light and checked out of the CBS/PP rigged version. They went after their target, realized he was
09/12/17 05:40 AM
xx * They quit, DOR'd aft losing Comps slept thru Safeties & Nommed Ramses not Paul. Price is Right a better fit for those ill-equipped in team sports. NT
09/13/17 12:51 PM
xx * I agree.. NT
09/13/17 12:44 PM
xx * "Checked out" and "refused to play" are the same thing, but we can call them absentee players if you'd like. Doesn't change anything. NT
09/12/17 03:31 PM
xx * Another thought, PAUL ruined the other players INNOCENTS as well. he pushed them too hard, he made them take no chances, everyone played boring NT
09/10/17 04:27 AM
xx * Paul ruined the season because he went to final 2, felt the money slip from his hands...and that is exactly why he couldnt be brought back... NT
09/10/17 04:25 AM
xx * It is like you read my mind. I hate the help BB has given him, I hate his narcissism, I hate his rediculous costumes but most of all I hate his
09/09/17 07:25 PM
xx * Badaboom! Boom! Stellar analysis of why many of us are over, OVER this person and his paullowers.. (whoever coined that phrase, btw, a big TY!) I'll
09/09/17 07:21 PM
xx * Beautiful
09/09/17 07:18 PM
xx * Paul's Beard
09/09/17 07:27 PM
xx * You have given me a new fantasy to dream of... sneaking up on Paul as he sleeps and cutting a huge hunk of his beard off. Love the idea!!! NT
09/09/17 07:31 PM
xx * Followup
09/09/17 07:40 PM
xx * He said a few weeks ago that he was going to cute it off Las t year but the public would not recognize him NT
09/09/17 09:26 PM
xx * I doubt that. He was a beard model before and after he came on BB. NT
09/13/17 08:59 PM
xx * I could have written this myself NT
09/09/17 06:48 PM
xx * This post is everything ! Thank you ! Couldn't agree more . And Iam Sure
09/09/17 05:44 PM
xx * Great post NT
09/09/17 04:51 PM
xx * Thanks for your feelings about Paul the Sequel, I share very similar sentiments regarding the heavy handed assistance proffered him this season
09/09/17 04:45 PM
xx * This may sting a bit. S14 had 4 Coaches/Returning Vets ...
09/09/17 04:40 PM
xx * Dan didn't get four weeks of safety, If Danielle was evicted on week 2 he was going home. Also, Janelle was the third person voted out. NT
09/10/17 10:16 PM
xx * 2 factual errors. Dan did get 4 weeks before he was ever IN the game. Janelle did too. You're trying to argue semantics. NT
09/11/17 09:35 AM
xx * So, if Danielle was evicted on day 20, Dan would have stayed to play the game? NT
09/11/17 05:39 PM
xx * Do you have a problem with time? What may have happened isn't what did happen. NT
09/11/17 05:43 PM
xx * Are you getting a pay check from CBS this season?? NT
09/10/17 02:15 PM
xx * If I were supposed to, Sizzle, they screwed up my address. NT
09/10/17 03:28 PM
xx * So sorry Mikentosh, ya just cant count on anyone this season... NT
09/13/17 12:43 PM
xx * True, but with more than one vet in the house, they try to take out each other. Paul going in solo didn't have someone competing for the newbies..
09/09/17 08:57 PM
xx * Yes, but they spent that time telling their teams how underhanded the others were... they at least had to share the spotlight NT
09/09/17 06:29 PM
xx * I'm a Paul fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. :). NT
09/09/17 03:40 PM

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