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"Just stick to the plan."
07/09/17 08:25 AM

"The best-laid plans of mice and men ought to go awry." Supplement mice with hamsters. The future of BB19 is unveiled.

Plans are fragile things and fragility does not survive in the Big Brother house; unless, of course, for the sole reason of exploitation. Moreover, the carefully laid plans are often oversimplifications. Nine people gather in a room, look around, say "This works!", and cling onto that group, hoping to fight off the looming threat of eviction. What appears to be functional has one principal stipulation: the shortsighted nature of the outcome.

The game does not stop at nine. Nine people cannot divide the half million dollar prize. It is human nature to factor this into the equation. Thus, the common goal becomes uncommon as the hamsters realize that out of these nine, only two make it to the end. The plan then has nine different sub-plans, with each hamster looking to an unforeseeable future with or without the others. The simple plan splinters. Paranoia runs rampant in the Big Brother house and things change on a dime. The future becomes the present. Why wait until nine to evict a houseguest when there's an ample replacement? Why give them the chance to get me before I get them? Someone is going to get stabbed in the back; might as well do it myself. That was Week 1. Amidst the chaos, the plan changes. But with chaos comes complications. The sufficiency of simplifications is overridden. Some acknowledge this. Others replace nine with seven and desperately cling on to the familiarity of the past, hoping it holds the answers to the future. But where a plan failed once, it ought to fail again.

Why wait until seven? Beyond seven, this person goes--why not do it now? The gravitational pull of future scenarios enables the simplifications to fall apart. Those who are on the outside looking in see it. Thus, they contribute. They become complications and entangle themselves in the mess, further guaranteeing the downfall of what once was concrete. That is the future of BB19, predictable through the precedent of BB18. The best-laid plans ought to go awry. It is not a question of if, but when. For the sake of entertainment, which is why we are all here, let's hope sooner rather than later.

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* "Just stick to the plan."
07/09/17 08:25 AM
xx * Well Said! And that's what makes the game fascinating -- even though we're offered some influences -- it is STILL intriguing to watch it unwind! NT
07/09/17 02:09 PM
xx * Paul
07/09/17 12:56 PM
xx * The plan keeps evolving, too
07/09/17 10:41 AM
xx * Taking Josh off has to do with Jason (and a few more) voting to evict him instead of Cody.
07/09/17 01:26 PM
xx * Ahhh! I see it. NT
07/09/17 02:13 PM

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