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My Over The Top Final Judgments ™, now that the show is over
12/02/16 10:50 AM

It's that time again. It’s time to address my super-shallow and superficial judgments of the outgoing crop of guinea pigs. I’ll include my original Snap Judgements ™, followed by my thoughts now that the dust is starting to settle.

Cornbread — Over The Top Half Baked. Poor man’s Chicken George. Irritating AF. Can’t be evicted soon enough to suit me.
….and he wen’t out first. YES!!!!

Danielle Lickey — Over The Top Bland. I may have fallen asleep during her video. She won’t last long.
She lasted a lot longer than I thought she would, but man, was she boring.

Neeley Jackson — Over The Top Kooky. Never a fan of self-proclaimed “divas”. She's not nearly as endearing as she thinks she is.
She really never did anything for me, good or bad. She was just kinda there.

Whitney Hogg — Over The Top Dumb. Unfortunate last name. She tawlks REAL dumb, y’awl. Her accent gives me hives. Bless her little pea-pickin’ hawrt.
I gayuss thayut Wheat Knee wuddn’t ayus bayud ayus ah thawt she woowud bee. Bless her hawrt.

Shelby Stockton — Over The Top Delusional. Another irritating voice. Poor man’s Jennifer Aniston. And her laugh is VERY creepy.
LOVED Shelby! She was an unexpected treat.

Morgan Willett — Over The Top Stuck Up. Poor man’s Alison Irwin. Are she and Alex sisters?
Morgan didn’t really make much of impression on me at first, but I liked her sort of icy niceness and her DRs were hilariously snarky.

Scott Dennis — Over The Top Dweeby. He’ll be booted early. He'll have zero social game, I just know it.
I liked him better than I thought I would.

Alex Willett — Over The Top Perky. Girls who describe themselves as “quirky” are usually drama queens. Are she and Morgan sisters?
She kind of annoyed me at times, she was kind of shrill in her DRs, but overall she was alright.

Monte Massongill — Over The Top Boring. Poor man’s Shane. Southern guy, and his last name is MASSONGILL? It’s just too easy.
I honestly don’t remember much about him at this point. I liked his Jeff interview after the finale. Maybe he will grow as a person? I dunno.

Kryssie Ridolfi — Over The Top Trying Too Hard. Poor man’s Jenn City. She does nothing for me.
Probably the most spot-on snap judgment.

Justin Duncan — Over The Top Sleep-Inducing. PLEASE STOP SINGING.
What a complete waste of space he turned out to be. Yeah, good social game I guess, but I honestly wonder if he knew where he was half the time. He seemed like he was in a whole different universe.

Shane Chapman — Over The Top Cringeworthy. Can’t think of a single thing that stands out about him other than his long luxuriant tresses. That’s a bad sign. Cue Delilah.
Hahaha, this is funny in retrospect. He still made zero impression on me. Looks better with short hair though. Still would not bang. Whatever.

Jason Roy —
I didn’t have a Snap Judgment ™ for Jason, but I didn’t need one since he had played before. He really didn’t make much of an impression in his first season, but BOY was he toxic this time around. Entitled, immature, spoiled, and bitter, he really did not impress me this time around. I miss the invisible clone of Pee-Wee Herman that he was the first time around. As much as I love Da’Vonne, I could not get on board with her boy Jason.

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* My Over The Top Final Judgments ™, now that the show is over
12/02/16 10:50 AM
xx * Wow I share most of ur thoughts! NT
12/19/16 06:52 PM
xx * Totally enjoyed this. Thank you NT
12/10/16 07:17 PM
xx * Always loved your thoughts!! This post was not any different! Lol see ya next year NT
12/03/16 03:10 PM
xx * LOL I really like your quips and cynicism. Thanks for the Laughs!!! NT
12/02/16 07:59 PM

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