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This is a response to: My overall take on the effects of America being so involved in bbott season 1
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I loved all the live content and feeds and forums yet
11/30/16 07:04 AM

we create monsters.
Villains do not stand the test of time. ED, Hantzes, etc. do not thrive, but Jeff Schroeders do. Even one million will not do you well in our economy.
Players on these shows need to realize that they are not playing for one season, but for their whole lives.
Sure, Jason's fans are rooting for him. Even if he wins, he loses. The money will not last long. He even admits that he blows money. All this negative fandom will blow away in the wind when the new troll villain comes around.
People who feel that they are misfits and underdogs will always look for trolls to idolize...people who act out their anger. From law enforcement profiling, computer hackers and trolls usually are people with little social skills and assertion. They look for badly behaved people to vicariously act out their fantasies.
A few posters on the forums have admitted that they hate girls like the BS due to past experiences, real and imagined. Like Dani, they hated them from the first instant and never gave them a chance.
Look at Kryssie, a admitted narcissist. She could be pretty if she let herself. So she's big, own it, be a BBW, be a rockstar. I see very little good coming from BB to Kryssie, Dani, Neeley and Shane. Neeley probably the worst of being mocked. Yet. I had such high hopes for Neeley. What happened to the fun wig diva? She got intimidated and bitter.
Heroes and good players can and have made a career from their shows. Those with a sense of humor thrive also.
Jason also has the goodwill of being young. 27 is starting to get to be too old to live his way. It will get tired as the years go on.
I love BB and the players. The forums and twitter make the game alive. Yet, this acting out will always happen in an anonymous internet,

Watched every season, every episode, but stayed off feeds till OTT. Season 19 got me off the feeds.

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* My overall take on the effects of America being so involved in bbott season 1
11/29/16 11:23 AM
xx * I loved all the live content and feeds and forums yet
11/30/16 07:04 AM
xx * Interestingly enough, on BB1 anyone of interest got kicked off early and America left the game. Paying for each vote makes people act
11/30/16 06:41 AM
xx * Finally Ag admitted in her THR interview that without Jason it would have been a BS steamroll and that makes things uninteresting for them.
Thunderclap *
12/01/16 10:43 AM
xx * I am shocked she finally admitted something! NT
12/01/16 11:19 AM
xx * Thank you for the very eloquently written reply. I see your point of view, and agree with many things your shared!!
11/30/16 09:50 AM

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