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My overall take on the effects of America being so involved in bbott season 1
11/29/16 11:23 AM

First, I want to point out that my thoughts shared by no means is meant to judge one person or the different sides that people have taken.

Being a long time fan of the big brother experiment, and show I wanted to see what bbott was all about. To my surprise, it was America's reaction to the show that shocked me the most. The season started out like every other season, but we were able to see things from the start. For example, we were able to watch how alliances began to form, and how each houseguests learned to adjust to their new environment. We then began to see the house become completely divided. With that division America began to play it's role in the big brother experience. Sadly, once America became involved American feeders began to divide in alliances as well. These alliances began innocent enough, until feeders started attacking other feeders because of the side of the house they wanted to support. This was noticeable in the different forums that needed to be created to keep each side apart. Feeders began to feel attacked just because they supported one side or the other. This was so shocking to me, and to many others.

Each week as America became more involved with the bbott game, the more hatred was being shown. It got so bad that cheating was even happening to control the winners of America's vote. It made me realize that people are more comfortable being mean to eachother because they could hide behind a computer screen. I would hope that people are not that evil in normal society. Yet could it be the world is becoming more violent?? I think maybe the true experiment might have been what happened outside of the show. Especially when people where allowed to play such a large role on what happens inside the house.

I wonder how the houseguests will feel once they learned just what was happening on the outside of the house?? I wonder if America will ever be able to play such a large role in a reality online show again, or maybe it does not even matter to the creators of bbott??

I personally believe that America was too involved in a show that I have loved for a very long time. I think that people may have taken a reality show too seriously, and forgot that this show was meant for entertainment reasons only.

I did enjoy being able to see 95% of everything that happened throughout this season. It actually gave me new insight on the competitions, inner workings of the DR, and the inner thoughts of each player. However, I doubt I would ever watch another season where America's is so involved. I never want to witness the ugliness that was shown between people just because they aligned themselves with a certain side of the house.

I want to tell all the moderator's thank you for all your hard work!! Your jobs have not been easy.

As this season comes to a close soon, sadly I will be walking away for this experience with a bad taste in my mouth.

Best wishes to all!!

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* My overall take on the effects of America being so involved in bbott season 1
11/29/16 11:23 AM
xx * I loved all the live content and feeds and forums yet
11/30/16 07:04 AM
xx * Interestingly enough, on BB1 anyone of interest got kicked off early and America left the game. Paying for each vote makes people act
11/30/16 06:41 AM
xx * Finally Ag admitted in her THR interview that without Jason it would have been a BS steamroll and that makes things uninteresting for them.
Thunderclap *
12/01/16 10:43 AM
xx * I am shocked she finally admitted something! NT
12/01/16 11:19 AM
xx * Thank you for the very eloquently written reply. I see your point of view, and agree with many things your shared!!
11/30/16 09:50 AM

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