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This is a response to: The "didn't we always want an all-girl alliance?" question . . .
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I respectfully disagree... I don't think we ever wanted an all girls alliance... I don't believe you did either...
11/05/16 01:56 PM

I have always wanted a successful group of girls, but I am afraid that the average BB viewer doesn't really want it. You say that you are looking for women who are "amazons," but in what world does that describe the actual demographic of women? Essentially your argument comes down to backing up an all girls alliance only if they fit very limited specifications, unrealistic to the female population. (Probably a good time to note that amazons are not even real, they are mythical gods.)
This type of conditional support is not truely support.
I pose one question to you, if someone were to say that they support some group (let's say gay men) do they actually support that belief if they condition that statement by saying something like (but only ones with blue eyes & blond hair.) I understand the analogy is not 100% the same but I think it may invoke some thought.

Addressing some of the points you made:
I have watched the feeds pretty consistently this season. I always search for the ppl talking game. For most of the season, the BS girls are talking game, not LNJ. However, it's been the LNJ actions and conversations that have seemed more juvenile and high school to me. both sides have been petty but the quintessential high school "bully" does things like passing gas on ppl, fart jokes, sex jokes. I don't find that the girls discussing makeup or feminine things as high school at all. Nor do I find makeup childish. Most people grow out of fart jokes, burping competitions and pranks that involve bodily fluids however most women don't grow out of makeup.

For the above reasons, I find their apologetic nature rationale. given the BB track record of all girls alliances, it would make sense for them to worry that voters would not take them seriously.

I agree that the dynamics need to be better but I understand that we can't expect perfect dynamics in this game. But relatively speaking, both sides have made a concerted effort to be very loyal to eachother. In a game of alliances that are made and fall apart within the hour, both sides have beat amazing odds by staying so loyal for so long.

I do want to see a cut throat game but the key word is GAME. I have no interest in watching crap talking for the sake of a laugh (or for no reason at all.) If I wanted comedy, I would watch a comedian; I came here for the gameplay.
I can understand playing with someone's emotions for strategic purposes but not for the sake of putting someone down. For me, that is indicative of hate, spite and an extreme lack of empathy that I can not support (or watch bc it makes me angry/hateful as well).

With all of this, the girls have stayed relatively strong, positive and kind. They have had their moments but under the circumstances, they have handled themselves better than most and have continued fighting, playing and strategizing. I would have been happy to see an all girls alliance no matter what but it's this kind of mental strength that makes me proud.

I hope that you can see that I mean none of the above offensively. Let me know your perspective.

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* The "didn't we always want an all-girl alliance?" question . . .
Singaling *
11/04/16 04:00 AM
xx * The problem with all female/male alliances is lack of depth. Lip gloss vs wet dream convos. As far as being apologetic, our culture does not
11/06/16 10:27 AM
xx * I'm in my late 40's and agree with much of what you said. I don't think age is a factor. Whit has always been my fav though. NT
11/05/16 10:36 PM
xx * I am 40's and don't agree with any of what you have posted about the BallSmashers, so it is not about age. NT
11/05/16 03:01 PM
xx * I respectfully disagree... I don't think we ever wanted an all girls alliance... I don't believe you did either...
11/05/16 01:56 PM
xx * ITA with every single word you have said. I wish I could have said it as well. I do feel that the OP
11/17/16 11:18 AM
xx * Thank you RazzyBB for your excellent reply. But let me clarify . . .
Singaling *
11/06/16 05:10 AM
xx * In my 50's and #NeverCared about a girls alliance happening. CBS planted the seeds for viewers to want that, wasn't organic.
11/17/16 05:05 PM
xx * I'm in my 60's so the cattiness of LNJ doesn't surprise me. It saddens me NT
11/06/16 09:04 PM
xx * I agree with your post and crack me up, thank you, I think at 491/2 I'm far from kid but I'll take it!!! NT
11/06/16 12:16 PM
xx * Thank you for the clarification, I understand much better now.
11/06/16 09:47 AM
xx * I would like to say thank you all for the adult conversation and respectful address to any disagreement. I truly enjoyed the read NT
11/17/16 11:26 AM
xx * Excellent post. You addressed quite a few of the things I disagreed with. NT
11/05/16 03:04 PM
xx * Thanks! :) NT
11/06/16 09:49 AM
xx * Re: I respectfully disagree ...
11/05/16 02:25 PM
xx * Thank you for the positive post NT
11/06/16 09:48 AM
xx * I'm older also and I don't think any of this about the girls. NT
11/05/16 11:35 AM
xx * Nice post. It seems a lot of our Jokers have come in with great insight today. I do agree with what you say. NT
11/05/16 06:33 AM
xx * I'm older and I don't think any of this....so it must not be due to age. NT
11/05/16 06:05 AM
xx * Very good insights. On the last point Whitney could have said "Smashers" NT
11/04/16 08:24 AM
xx * True. You think faster than she or I do. NT
Singaling *
11/04/16 12:52 PM

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