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Trash Talking (and how I hear it)
11/02/16 08:34 AM

As individuals or collectives there is not a single person in the house that has not uttered personal attacks against other people. Maybe Scott is the one person who generally stays silent during BS rants and tirades, but he has been heard uttering some things as well (I think mostly to gain access to his "alliance"). However, as I write this Scott's fate is sealed.

Knowing that this is somehow a predominant part of the game, I tune most, if not all out. If there is a group chat and it starts to get ugly I will either change cams, mute, or turn it off completely.

America is no better. I scroll through the discussion board here, read comments on FB, twitter, and on rare occasions watched the live chat on CBS. People hide behind their IP address and seemingly clever nicknames and spew hate and vile remarks against whoever is not part of their side.

I try to not let the ugly overshadow the game. I vote for who I think warrants whatever the outcome is, HN, ACP, AN, VTE. And sometimes I see the desired outcome and sometimes I don't. But, I don't see very many outlets for people who are not biased toward a side to really discuss the game.

I found last nights DRs very interesting. There was considerably much less pandering. Thank you house guests for that! Justin talked more than his previous three DRs combined, and for a quick second I thought he was going to even admit to not trusting Jason. Alex said tat least hree times "...to keep me safe...." about other people in the house. If it was once, okay, but repeatedly tells me her game is to walk a step behind all of her shields and not do anything "to keep herself safe." Dani is confident, and confident leads to complacency, I suspect if she does not dial it back a little she will be paying the price for it. I really want Shelby and Morgan to stop working for Alex and start working for themselves. I forgot who, but I think it was Morgan saying she wanted to work with the other side but didn't have any sort of leverage. I would think this is the best time to approach someone. There is no agenda, nothing but a social game, good conversation and then actually sticking to it, instead of running back and spilling all and not keeping your word. I found it hilarious that Kryssie was overly concerned about Dani playing her game as opposed to the alliances game. When Whitney "flipped" that was a perfect time to go over to BS side and not reveal anything and or everything but still use the opportunity to mix things up. Power is going to shift back to BS side, probably tonight, and they will smugly sit and isolate themselves in the HoH room and not interact much. Maybe it was the parties, but i really thought Dani did a great job not hiding up in the HoH room exclusively. There were times yes, but she was much more out and about than previous HoHs.

Excited to see how Whit works her way through this "tricky" situation, regardless of where power goes, she is in the best position. BS needs her, LNJ want her, and she can "float" without really being regarded as a floater.

I think Alex is trying hard to never be in the block, kind of a Nicole (ish) and Derrick style game. Go into finals with that resume bullet, so, for that reason and that reason alone I would like to see her nominated soon. Not evicted necessarily, but put up and see how she spins it. I am pretty sure she would make a lot of deals, and have no intention of seeing them through.

Going back to the trash talking...it should be obvious by now that neither side will stop. There is no litmus test for acceptability of trash talking, the world is a sensitive beast, and regardless of why or what you say someone will be offended and feelings will be hurt. I do hope that their friends and families can be objective when they get home and clearly and supportively go through the videos of them in the house and each houseguest matures a little from this experience, or will they go home with the same blinders that they are right and perfect and don't do anything wrong and the other side are the horrid, vile, disgusting ones? I don't blame them for what happens inside the house and I will have no idea what happens outside, but there is no shortage of footage for each person there on how they could have avoided the trash talk and kept things impersonal regarding the game.

Just my 83716253 cents...

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* Trash Talking (and how I hear it)
11/02/16 08:34 AM
xx * WOW & Welcome to Jokers. Great post. I have said this season of BB has turned Jokers chatters OTT. I have found chat can be as bad as the HG. NT
11/05/16 06:28 AM
xx * You lost me completely when you suggest Justin's DR had a shred of substance. I give pandering to America a free pass. They ALL do it to excess when
11/05/16 06:19 AM
xx * The voice of reason!! I've missed hearing it this BBOTT season. Thanks. NT
Singaling *
11/04/16 03:25 AM
xx * I give passes for trash talking behind a HGs back, after all they are not hearing it, no ones feelings are hurt. We have feeds and hear it all,
11/02/16 01:20 PM
xx * What about after the show? or the families of the HG during the feeds. Maybe Im crazy but My friends don't joke about sex acts with girls for hours NT
11/02/16 08:13 PM
xx * That shows character...or lack of. Love trash talking but when they attack to a personal level to EXCESS , I can't get on board. NT
11/05/16 06:22 AM
xx * Agree. Justin is disgusting. Im a mom of daughters and sons, none talk like that. I emailed CBS. Remember they "CBS CARE$" NT
11/05/16 04:35 AM
xx * Agree!
11/02/16 08:38 PM

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