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Scott & Kryssie incident: My reply to someone posting that Kryssie misunderstood Scott when she lied and said Scott was clapping bc of her injury.
10/30/16 02:35 AM

Scott & Kryssie incident:

My response to someone saying that Kryssie simply "misunderstood" Scott when she heard him clap behind closed doors when she was washing her slightly injured hands:

U can't be serious. U love LNC so much you're willing to lie for them. I'm not even a Scott fan, but I'm at least humanistic. Scott doesn't have X Ray vision and he's not SuperMan! Scott would have to be omniscient to be able to celebrate Kryssie's injury AND Kryssie would have to believe that Scott was omnipotent & omniscient in order to accuse him of such bc how does one see through walls and how is one all knowing? How on earth did Kryssie think that it had anything to do with her when she was washing her hands in the BR and heard Scott clapping(to pump himself up and to cheer on Shelby emotionally)? The only way Scott could have known that Kryssie slightly injured her hands would be if he had X Ray vision and could see through walls as Scott was shut in the yoga room for 5 hours. And you're saying this was a misunderstanding by Kryssie?!?! You say this even after she has made up many lies about other people and after wiping her armpits on Scott's pillows only bc he won HOH?!?!

There's two obvious reasons/possibilities as to why Kryssie made up this lie. They may or may not be mutually exclusive. First, she performed so poorly in the POV and was whining and was DQ'd that she made up a story as a smoke screen so this Scott story could be what people talked about instead of her horrible performance. She has talked herself up so much that she was probably embarrassed. She proceeded to scream this lie many times to the LNC without any proof. Basic logic tells you that Scott wasn't clapping bc of Kryssie's minor injury, mostly bc no one on earth has X Ray vision.

The second reason Kryssie made up this lie was bc according to her BF she either has NPD or at least has narcissistic tendencies. She thinks everything that is done in the house is done bc of her. When America votes for something she always finds a way to say it was bc of her. Only someone who is truly narcissistic could walk by a room with a closed door and someone behind the door clapping to pump themselves up and think that it is solely and only bc of them and their minor injury that NONE of the HG's know anything about yet bc they are all sequestered and Kryssie had just injured her hands.

It is sad that you say she misunderstood him. They had no convo, no eye contact, what's to misunderstand? If she misunderstood him, then when Scott was explaining himself to the house why was Kryssie silent the entire time? Bc she knew she had made up a lie to take the focus off of her horrible POV performance. And if she made a mistake then why didn't she then apologize to Scott? Scott apologizes to Kryssie for no reason and Scott was the one the lie was told about. It's amusing that Kryssie keeps repeating to the house that Scott is the most horrible person in the house yet Scott is apologizing for something Kryssie is 100% responsible for & Kryssie never finds an apology in her.

And if Kryssie made an honest mistake then why did she vehemently yell this lie and accusation to her side of the house? She kept saying it over and over just to get the LNC even more mad at Scott and it's all lies. Misunderstood Scott? Really? There's nothing to misunderstand. Kryssie and Scott had no conversation and they didn't even see each other. If I'm having a bad day and I walk by someone who is laughing, I don't suddenly assume that this random person is laughing at my pain bc I'm having a bad day. And I surely don't go home and tell my entire family that this person I walked by was laughing at me bc I'm having a bad day. Obviously Kryssie does, and you're willing to say it's not her shortcoming, instead she just "misunderstood" someone. LOL.

If Kryssie misunderstood Scott then she would just keep it to herself and ask him about it later, again there's nothing to misunderstand bc no convo happened and Scott was behind a door and doesn't have X Ray vision. But instead Kryssie told her side of the house and said the most haneous and rude things about Scott and went on and on for days about how evil he is without any proof that his clapping had chit to do with her. If she simply misunderstood Scott she wouldn't have taken to the negative attack levels where she has Neeley's entire speech about this bogus incident.

Jason saw Scott rubbing his shoulder after the comp bc of his soreness and bc of the Have Not beds affecting his muscles, and Jason told his side that Scott was dancing and celebrating! What was Scott celebrating? He didn't win anything. And Scott told Jason he was just rubbing his sore muscles. But Jason went to his side and still bashed Scott for celebrating. Did Jason just misunderstand Scott like Kryssie? The LNC likes to lament and wallow in their bad luck or the results of their gameplay. And instead of owning the results they make up BS to throw shade and to get their side hating people like Scott & Shelby even more.

Kryssie also lied during this same time frame and told her side that during the POV that if she would have gotten the 3rd clue correct that with her strategy of dropping after each tile placed that she still coulda finished in "9 mins and been very competitive." Someone on the forums did the math that she woulda had to finish the competition in negative 3 minutes to have a time of 9 minutes if you include her strategy of dropping. How someone can complete a comp in negative 3 mins is beyond me. Do you see that she's at least slightly delusional? Maybe she just "misunderstood" the rules. I did the math that her time woulda been closer to 20 minutes if she got all the clues right which she didn't. If she had the strength or endurance to finish that comp, which she obviously didn't, she might have finished around 28 mins or so but she couldn't complete it. She didn't even get onto the wall to even place her first tile until the 6 minute mark!!!!! And you could only complete 1 tile at a time. So where does she get 9 minutes? This is proof that she was embarrassed by her performance since she's lying about her time and this is possibly why she made up a lie about Scott, to take focus away from her. Kryssie has threatened to quit the game multiple times thus far when things don't go her way so you never know how she will react to something.

Remember that Kryssie is vindictive. She wiped her sweaty armpits on Scott's pillows. Monte didn't want to sleep in a bed with a guy and Kryssie told the house that Monte was homophobic. You seriously think Kryssie simply "misunderstood" Scott? If so, I would encourage you to go watch the feeds when this happened so you can see how innocuous the situation was. If you still believe Kryssie misunderstood Scott and she was innocent in the ordeal then I pity you for your ignorance and lack of a objectivity.

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* Scott & Kryssie incident: My reply to someone posting that Kryssie misunderstood Scott when she lied and said Scott was clapping bc of her injury.
10/30/16 02:35 AM
xx * Wow. Breathe. Do you feel better now? NT
10/30/16 02:46 AM

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