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10/28/16 10:14 AM

I am not sure if I am alone here or not, but I think Whitney is the most devious and conniving one in the game, best positioned to win, and maneuvering better than all others. Most seem to think Alex is playing a great game, and Morgan, and even a few kudos out Danielle, but there is little I have seen that really gives credit to Whitney.
Let's think about this a little...

She has poured on tears and garnered sympathy from everyone in the house but all of America all while carefully positioning herself in everyone's favor.

She admits to never watching live feeds, but yet has masterfully adapted to the twists, and warring sides and with doe-eyes and a southern drawl that charm everyone.

She listens to everything and inserts subtle comments here and there, that are either spot on, or plant a seed that Alex ultimately makes her own.

Volunteering to go on the block at any point is either delusional or you are so supremely confident that you are willing to risk eviction to avoid being caught in a lie.

She had a pivotal role in starting the fight with Danielle and Monte when she cried about Danielle's lack of sportsmanship in the golf POV, but also conveniently doesn't cry when Scott clapped when Neeley left.

She has learned (better than Jason I think) how to best use/weaponize Justin.

You never hear her start a conversation that bashes the LNJ, she will insert comments, but has very effectively positioned herself in a manner that she can almost absolve herself of any contribution.

She doesn't have a ride or die, but allegedly production is pro-Whitney (I couldn't hear anything indicating so, but all of the house guests have made comments.) For the record I don't think this "rigged" but of course "production is going to have favorites, they are as much a part of their lives as we are, and we have favorites.

She is perceived by her own side as "playing the game" but has contributed just as much Shelby, and she is perceived by other side as not-strategic because she has never been caught really in a lie. I was hoping to see her have to scramble after she told Justin she was voting out Kryssie but in fact voted Danielle. I think that Shane's eviction over shadowed that incident from Justin.

There are times when the Ballsmashers start making comments about other house guests that I think she will start to stop them, but I think she is taking mental notes and archiving them for when she really needs to use them.

Of course, since America seems intent on setting up the girls (maybe not Scott) till we can no longer impact the game. 2/5 of her alliance as of now have received care packages, which positions herself very well to get either DE Veto or advance to final 4. I really think that at some point either production or we will take pity on the LNJ and throw them a bone.

But this week I fully expect to sit back and watch BS get CP, not be HNs, and AN will be either Kryssie or Jason, probably Kryssie, and Kryssie will go home. Which I really think is a good idea, she is defeated, tired, and not really contributing. I hope something can a light fire under her, but hope is not a plan.

(Side note, this is my first, and possibly last, posting here...)

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* Whitney...
10/28/16 10:14 AM
xx * Yes, shes covering her butt by playing both sides. If this were real BB, Krissy and Dani would be gone. NT
11/05/16 04:37 AM
xx * Agree, Whitney is a great player. The best this season, probably. Very strategic and able to maneuver well, and this year that is difficult! NT
AuntieDee *
10/31/16 12:07 AM
xx * Thanks for posting this! I'm going to pay closer attention to her. She's only 22 and very mature. I wouldn't mind Whitney winning It all NT
10/29/16 09:22 PM
xx * I spotted Whits skills early on! I told my hubs that girl sleeps with 1 eye open! She's gonna go far because no one she's her as anything but a nice
10/28/16 11:30 AM

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