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Interesting and Informative Evening.
10/27/16 12:46 AM

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I've been watching since season 1. Ive read the updates and watched live feeds here and there but I learned a lot about production tonight. It was things I knew. I mean you have to be an idiot to be a fan and not know that's how some of the things go down but still really cool. Also eye opening in the sense of knowing how the feelings and emotions house guests have had in the past. Then you have Justin. Wow! I bet production loves him. I imagine it to be a tedious job at times watching them brush their teeth but Justin keeps it interesting. He sings songs they don't have to ask him to stop because he free styles, he dances interestingly but good, does elevator jokes when everyone else is praying to their rightful gods and then does pretty dang good in the comp. I immediately saw Dani's ego come out and it was gross yet I was very happy for her. I think she's got a good heart. She can't help it that it's hard to be mean to her because of her looks, people grow up different. However, I think her heart is good. Krissy is the ***** stirrer. I think she's the one that's making it more about the squares and the drapes. So dramatic she is! I still like her though. So there's that.

The first question answered in the hog, all the "smart kids" went out. (Scott, Shelby, Alex) To me, that's kind that interesting. Isn't Shelby suppose to be the literal "genius" or over achiever? I dunno but I've yet to see it and she just isn't my favorite to watch. I can't quite figure out how I feel about her. Scott hurts my heart. I started out loving him and now he just seems like an over calculating weasel. Super fan so hard he's over playing his cards for the fans. For example if a girl told him she liked clowns and the next day he showed up at school/work dressed as a clown. Just too much man. Who else? Alex, I loved her from the beginning, but she isn't who I thought she was. I would have taken her for the one that became closer with the LNJ. Someone that was more with the "outcasts"
I think because of nocturnal habits the wrong alliances formed. Had say, Shane, Alex, Jason, Morgan started an alliance and maybe Justin in the 5, that would have been deadly. Now just because I didn't put Justin in there doesn't mean I don't love him. I think I'm rooting for him. In big brother however everyone is reaching their breaking point in and around week 5 and this is where ***** gets real. Peoples true colors start to show. You see people for who they really are.
I also realized how Morgan was studying closing her eyes, she was quizzing herself and looking up. I wondered if this was a good way and I was betting yes. She was in the first out so I was wrong in that. I never rooted for the plastics or the BS's but I was almost rooting for Whitney tonight but had to stick with my alliance! Oh Whitney, isn't she just the cutest? Is she a genius or an adorable southern belle? Or both? I think she's playing the best game out of the BS's. She talks to the other side and her alliance doesn't even notice. She's my new favorite on that side. Unlikely candidate killing it! LNJ! Throw them a bone! Get rid of Shelby! She's boring. Keep the sisters. Keep the Komodo dragon, Whitney. (Komodos bite you then follow you for days until the venom sets and then they eat you) keep Scott for entertainment value and keep LNJ! Let's keep it even! It's a new civil war! Great season! ❤️
Ps. I bet whoever made the baseball stands photo in production loved how much the HG's appreciated it. I do graphic design and I bet whoever did it was like "that's totally from battle star galactica...or not.
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* Interesting and Informative Evening.
10/27/16 12:46 AM
xx * Whit has been my fav as well as Justin. The social aspect of BB is what draws me in. It's never been about "comp wins" BB isn't a sport or even a
10/27/16 01:36 PM

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