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Raven/Matt pinky swear and stamp it convo. (Raven and Paul met in March)
07/11/17 08:03 PM

Raven: "I have one secret i've been keeping"

Matt curious: "Oh yeah" / "Everyone's got a secret"

Raven: "Well, it's not that big but..."

Matt: "What?"

Raven: "You gonna tell?"

Matt: "Who am i going to tell?"

Raven: "No one's friends with you in this house"

***Raven and Matt pinky swear and stamp it***

Raven: "So... in March, the reason Paul and I kind of get along..."

Matt: "Yeh?"

Raven whispering: "...is we met each other."

Matt: "Oh Really! That's awesome!" / "it's not that big of a secret"

Raven: "No, but... well if people knew that in the house that would bl... ***inaudible noises*** not go over well"

Matt: "Yeah. That's probably for the best" / "Agreed" / "it's not that big"

Raven: "Well... it, ***stammering*** that would be a big deal"

Matt: "Probably"

Raven: "Because we talked, we talked and he was like when i first saw you in the house i was like oh my god... he knew, because i've been leaked... so his fans... have see...

Matt: "Oh you are so getting the temptation"

Raven: "...so his fans, okay, you know that was leaked right. There's a picture of Paul and I on my Instagram..."

***Matt laughing***

Matt: "Your definitely getting the temptation"

Raven: "And so, he said he saw that i was going to be on Big Brother and he's like no f'n way, no... so when he came into the house he's like, after he hugged me he gave me this like side eye, like...

Matt: "He didn't know?" or "We didn't know?"

Raven: "He didn't know like, it could've been Paul's, but... he saw it and he was like there's no way. And so, we didn't talk... we literally went up stairs in the HoH to feed the fish and stuff, and he was like dude i was so happy when i saw you cuz i was like... ***making fist like gestures with her hands*** "

***Matt and Raven cracking up***

Raven: "So... yeah. I'm just keeping that one.."

Matt: "Yeah, we'll Keep that one tight"

Raven: "So, just so you know you're pretty good with Paul... and Christmas is too, i'm not telling Christmas, well i told Christmas that your good with Paul cuz she was like i feel like uncomfortable, and i was like bro i got you, more than she knows"

Matt: "Perfect"

***Christmas Joy enters the room***

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* Raven/Matt pinky swear and stamp it convo. (Raven and Paul met in March)
07/11/17 08:03 PM
xx * Ughhh She's going to get the temptation.. regroup and Alex ca nwinn hoh again NT
07/11/17 08:07 PM

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