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Kryssie Ridolfi was feeling aggravated. Banhammer time
02/23/17 02:18 AM

Banhammer time:

Okay guys. This is getting out of hand. I'm announcing here and now that if you add me to a group without my permission, I'm going to just delete you so you can't do it anymore. My fake social media friendship is so we can interact and maybe ACTUALLY get to know each other and become ACTUAL friends, not so you can peddle your ***** mascara and I can get the fibers in my eyes all ***** day because I've been too ***** nice to tell you "no."

I've been so patient over this *****. Younique cosmetics is part of what made that video of me go viral in the first place, and while I'm grateful for the weird exposure, I don't and won't EVER want to buy or present the ***** product.

I had an incident today with someone who literally begged for my Facebook friendship and lead off with asking me to have a Younique party under her umbrella as a presenter. I politely declined and told her of my distaste for the product/business model and how I've shot down literally hundreds of other people who've asked the same of me - repping for one person over the others doesn't seem fair, ESPECIALLY for a product I don't even use. The rest of her messages seemed sweet and heartfelt and were a reaction to my appearance on BBOTT, so I went ahead and accepted her friend request.

She added me to a Younique group. I posted on her wall to please not add me to any more (since my earlier polite correspondence via messenger obviously didn't stick with her) and she blew up my messenger and was extremely rude to me. She said she added me to the group via a bulk add and that asking her not to do so was "impulsive" and "rude."

Guys - what's impulsive and rude is adding ALL OF YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS to groups at ONCE for ***** they DON'T NEED or CARE ABOUT so you can make some extra cash. For every person like me who speaks up and tells you where to shove your ***** mascara, there are LOADS more that are talking tons of ***** about you behind your back and are making your business look like a ***** joke.

You wanna actually grow your business? Aim for the right demographic, don't actively piss people off, leave the people you DO deal with a decent lasting impression, and ***** talk to new people. I sell nutrition supplements. Did you know that? NOPE. You never would unless you expressed interest in something I thought I could help you with. I don't shove my products up your proverbial ass by adding you and all 4,000 others of my Facebook friends to a group. Why? Because I'm not lazy.

You can cover lots of ground by just exploiting your friends list, yes, but you also alienate and piss off a LOT of people, and we all talk to each other.

I'm one of them. Don't add me to *****. I will ***** delete you.

And it's not just Younique. It's those ***** leggings. And nail wraps. And body wraps. And all your pyramid scheme *****.


Rant over. If you read the whole thing, I owe you a high five.

Shut the flippin' front door! ~~ Do you think you were born awesome, or just grew up badass? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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* Kryssie Ridolfi was feeling aggravated. Banhammer time
Dreamer Administrator
02/23/17 02:18 AM

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