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BB19 August 8, 1:10 pm-1:30 (Cam 3/4) Tuesday - Josh/Cody/Jessica fight transcript and follow up in HOH room
08/08/17 03:59 PM

Josh starts talking about Jess in the BY saying she pisses him off with her smart a** remarks
Christmas: She is salty. She is going home and used her hex inappropriately
Josh: I havenít said anything to her but she walks around here
Paul: She put herself on the block
Josh: Tells to go get Jess and ask why she is so mad. Ask her how to spell drought. Ask her why she is so salty
Josh: In kitchen asks Jess if she can spell evicted. I wanted to play nice but she donít
Josh sits at table looking to be in thought, arms crossed
Jess and Cody at counter not responding. Paul and Jason talking about what is cooking. Mark asking how El the only have-not is doing.
Josh: You went on longshot and fíed up. Karma came and bit you in the ass boo boo.
Jess: You in your tutu
Josh: but you asking me to spell drought trying to make me look stupid. I have a degree and I have a business.
Jess: I still think youíre a moron
Cody: youíre the dumbest fíing person we have ever met Josh
Josh: nice
Cody: you fíing waddle around here with you fat fíing body acting like you are tut but you know it is only because we canít do sh*t in here. You want to try this sh*t on the outside go ahead I fíing dare you
Josh: Ok you guys are making it real personal
Jess: Iím not in the mood today
Cody: it is personal
Jess: donít speak to me, donít address me, I will play along today if that is the game you want to play lets fíing play Iíve got 2 days left baby bring it on. Go away
Josh: I was talking to Matt and you just inserted yourself into it said I was stupid
Jess: actually I didnít say you were stupid but I am going to say it now youíre stupid
Josh: ok how am I stupid
Jess: do you listen to yourself speak on a daily basis cuz unfortunately I have to
Josh: ok you are going to watch back and feel stupid
Jess: no I am not
Josh: yes you are because I tried
Jess: ok goodbye
Josh: bye.. you guys are going to feel so stupid on the outside you both played yourselves.
Jess: oh no Iím so terrified there is nothing for me on the outside (sarcasm)
Josh: I never called you a moron or stupid never called you a fat f* that waddled around
Cody: wait til you hear what I say about you Josh I fíing destroy you
Josh: thatís fine
Cody: I am going to destroy you on the outside, I donít give a f* about you
Josh: anything else you want to say
Cody: I am going to rip you apart on the outside. I am going to make the whole world know how big of a piece of sh*t you are.
Josh: they are already watching so you donít have the power to do that
Cody: I donít give a f*
Josh: you donít have the power to do any of that
Cody: I donít give a f*
Josh: why are you so mad, you do realize you are playing a game?
Cody: this isnít a fíing game to me Josh this is real life
Josh: ok so why have you not spoken to me in 48 days you donít know me but you have judgements on me
Jess: we donít talk to people we donít like
Josh: you were talking to me when Cody was not here
Jess: really? You attacked me during another ceremony Josh. Youíre a coward
Josh: Iím happy. I am HOH. I am living the dream
Jess: you got lucky some stupid a** HOH competition congratulations Iím so proud of you (sarcasm)
Josh: you are digging your grave
Jess: Baby I have a life outside of this house, if you are going to evict me I am not scared
Josh: what? Nobody asked you
Jess: what ..I canít hear you ÖannunciateÖannunciate
Josh: youíre going to watch this week and feel real stupid that you are playing Codyís game
Jess: no Iím not
Josh: Yes you are. Cody single handedly ruined your whole game and youíre still standing by him
Jess: the only reason people keep you in this house is youíre a moron and you canít think for yourself
Josh: wow if I canít think for myself you are going to watch back and feel real dumb. You will watch it and feel pathetic (referring to but not saying specifically about him trying to save Jess and get EL out this week)
Jess: no Iím not
Josh: you know whatís sad you are like 26 and Cody is like 37
Cody: noÖ. no donít go there Josh
Josh: I am 23 and I am more mature than you guys. Everything you say doesnít bother me cuz I am a happy man. 23 yrs. old, extremely successful Iíve been loving life
Jess: Ignorance is bliss
Josh: we sit at the table. You two ***** donít even fit in with us. You sit here and let him (Cody) control you to Cody: I can go to Starbucks and have a conversation you try to be social and just shut down. I can have upteen conversations
J and C: what is upteen
Josh: and you canít because you are a d*ckhead get real
Cody: keep it up Josh
Josh: you came for me, now I tried to play nice but donít have to anymore
Jess: what is your definition of playing nice because you have not been nice to me since day 1
Josh: you inserted yourself in something that didnít involve you
Cody: so women canít involve themselves in menís stuff Josh?
Josh: She involved herself she keeps saying I involved her and I made it clear to her 150 times this is between me and Cody and not you and me. You try to make me out to look stupid
Jess: you handle that all on your own
Josh: if you were not here nobody would even know Codyís name, Itís been 50 days and we donít even know where he is from. Without you he would have no social game or conversation skills so if I suck and Iím the loser look at who you are dating
Jess: itís a little bizarre that I am hearing criticism from you, doesnít hold any bearing at all
Josh: I am not criticizing I am saying facts
Jess: maybe he doesnít want to know ***** about you I donít want to know about you
Josh: you are going home on Thursday
Jess: thank god I donĎt have to listen to anymore of your moronic speeches
Josh: watch back Boo boo ,you joke
Cody: Boo Boo?
Josh: shut the f*up you and you wobbly ..you d*ckface Öyour face is disgusting looking at you is disgusting your demeanor sucks
Cody: good good
Josh: like if you think people love you so be it but you suck as a person
Jess: you are all like I just want a boo. I want a boo. Iím a bachelor I need my own show. You sound desperate.
Josh: itís a joke! You are obviously pissed at life
Jess: I am pissed I have to keep hearing
Josh: (Louder) clapping you are going home thanks to Cody
Jess is banging a spoon on counter making noise as Josh beats on counter and claps yelling you are going home thanks to Cody she gets right in his face and starts banging a jar with spoon
Jess: I put myself on the block I took that power away from you
Josh: you are going home. Iíd rather be fat big a**, have a good conversation than to be a dickhead
Jess: you contradict yourself you sound so stupid you say one thing then you contradict yourself
Cody blocking Jess from going up to Josh again
Josh: I have a good heart and if I want to apologize I can Öhonestly you donít deserve an apologyÖ
I tried
Jess: the sh*t you said to me in the APSR you lied straight to my face
You said mark was using you as a puppet. Paul made you do that fíing speech you said those things
Josh: on my grandfather you are a liarÖ on my family you are a liar
Jess: oh wow wow
Paul is standing against the wall taking this in. Matt and Raven are watching from upstairs balcony area. Christmas and Alex are sitting at the kitchen counter near the backdoor. Mark is peeking around the GBR door saying ďyouíre in the big brother house very quiet..oh look at this beauty as El walks byĒ he has on the snapchat glasses.
Jess: I have nothing left to lose here your game is still going of course you are going to swear up and down you didnít say that
Josh: I would never swear on my family then..its 50 days
Jess: do you just forget what you say so much bullsh*t falls out of your mouth you forget
Josh: for 50 days I have shown I keep my word, on the other hand that is why you are going home on Thursday
Jess: no you havenít you donít even know what a word is
Josh: I have one more things to say to you two. No more air time. You are going home. No more air time
Jess: then go the f* away I donít need your air time baby I have my own fíing life..why are you still talking ..shuffle shuffle youíre a** out the door

1:30 in HOH Paul says way to hold yourself nobody deserves to call you a fat a** and you didnít say anything that was not game related. He says wobble wobble. Now America can see who the real bullies are. (Paul is heated) When you play victim all fíing day but in your vocabulary can be that word. Calling you stupid, calling you fat a** and fat f*ck..f*ck those mother fíers. You stood your ground you donít need anyone to back you up. You stood there like a man and you backed your sh*t up.
Raven comes in and sits on Joshís lap and hugs him to console him. He is crying
P: donít let them make you cry and donít ever respect anybody who treats you like that. I am proud of you for standing up for yourself
Josh sobbing. Raven saying its ok and donít let them get to you that bad. Matt standing to side quiet observing.
Josh: I knew I was getting attacked I knew it was from him but I thought it was more people that letter from my mom had empowering words to let me know. They are attacking me for no reason
P: you are here playing the game Josh and you are treating it like a game and this *ickhead is attacking you personally all you said is game talk. That doesnít give anyone the right to call you a loser or stupid or fat donít let anyone bring you down and if I hear you respect Jess and Cody again I will slap you myself. Never let anyone talk to you like that stand your ground like you did. They are not worth your tears.
Josh: its my family they are seeing this
P: you are playing a game. This d*ckhead is not playing a game he is playing personal and aggressive saying he is going to make sure you are destroyed on the outside what a fíing child

If it makes you happy then why the hell are you so sad?

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* BB19 August 8, 1:10 pm-1:30 (Cam 3/4) Tuesday - Josh/Cody/Jessica fight transcript and follow up in HOH room
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