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BB19 July 12, 1:05AM - 1:09AM (Cam 3/4) Wednesday - Ramses, Alex, and Jason talking about Kevin being shady (transcript in body)
07/12/17 09:59 AM

Camera cuts in during conversation (Kevin left 45 seconds earlier and camera followed him to bathroom)

Ramses: It makes no sense, she was my best friend.

Alex: Anyway, pushing my buttons and keeps saying "showmance" and stuff. That's going to build a real reputation if he keeps doing that.

Ramses: Listen, listen 'cause this has been pissing me off. 'Cause this is throwing my reputation down the drain because it makes it seem like I'm the sketchy one that voted Jillian out. I was asking him [Kevin], "Who do you trust in here?" First name he says: "Paul." Second name: pauses, thinks about it and says, "I think I trust Alex, Cowboy's cool too." What the hell is that about? He's f****** working with Paul, Paul always pulls him up there and talks to him about everything.

Alex: Well, I didn't do so well confronting him because I hate that he keeps saying showmance and he keeps doing that ***** to you.

Ramses: I know, he's playing both sides perfectly.

Alex: I know but he keeps trying to get under our skin. He keeps saying ***** about you being a superfan.

Ramses: Like, why does he say that? That superfan thing?

Jason: So you really did not vote Jillian?

Ramses: I did not, dude. I f***** did not. I did not.

Jason: [unintelligible]

Ramses: I did not, dude. I f***** did not! And I tried to throw this veto because I know that was going to like get me like good. I just f***** up and I hit my buzzer earlier. But remember how I tried to pull you [Alex] in the night before, we were going to go to storage but we didn't we went out there. But people kept coming. I was going to tell you, if I happen to win I was going to take you off.

Alex: Oh, good [claps and rubs hands together]!

Ramses: That's what I was going to tell you. I wanted to take you off. I wanted to get that to make sure that somebody was going to come off and that was going to be you [Alex] so that he [Cody] is guaranteed to go home. That's what I was going to tell you.

Jason: Son of a bitch.

Ramses: He's [Kevin] been playing us, dude. And, I don't want to believe that because, like, he's so cool. But, that's part of his game, he's so believable.

Alex: He's been getting really mean lately.

Jason: Son of a bitch.

Ramses: Guys, you have to believe me. I'm not f****** with you guys.

Jason: Yeah, where is he now?

Alex: Exactly, he went to the "bathroom."

Ramses: That's what he does, dude. He's always going up there. And, Paul is always like, "Kevin [gestures to go upstairs]," and they always go upstairs. Always.

Alex: He's upstairs. (ED Note: Kevin is in the apple room with Paul, Christmas, Elena, Mark)

Jason: Yeah, he's coming back now.

Ramses: I don't want to believe that because it's Kevin but...

Jason: *****, Ramses. This sucks, man.

Ramses: Yeah.

Alex: We're so screwed. All three of us. I don't know why he keeps saying ***** to me.

Ramses: And, he always keeps saying that superfan *****. Like, where did he get that ***** from?

Alex: What?

Ramses: The superfan thing. 'Cause that's going to be a target. My brother told me if you go in there, like, superfans are a target.

Alex: Exactly.

Kevin comes back and conversation ends.

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* BB19 July 12, 1:05AM - 1:09AM (Cam 3/4) Wednesday - Ramses, Alex, and Jason talking about Kevin being shady (transcript in body)
07/12/17 09:59 AM
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