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BBOTT November 16, 11:11 PM (All Cams) Wednesday - Morgan gets her HOH room! (details & pics)
11/17/16 11:32 AM

She gets pics of her cheering and of her and her dad at Homecoming. They ask if she was Homecoming queen, she says no she was runner up. Someone thought it was her date. Justin says her dad looks like he could be an actor. She laughs and says he'll totally appreciate this. Kryssie says her dad is like REALLY attractive. Jason says he looks really young and like a "cool" dad. Morgan says he's actually kind of old. Kryssie says he looks great for 55. Jason says his parents are that age, it's not that old.

She got a pair of little red boots from when she was little.

Some of the things they named in her basket was: Lots of apples, Skinny Girl popcorn, pickle spears, Chex Mix, Special K cereal, her shampoo & hairspray preferences, Miracle Gel nail polish, Jergens lotion with sunscreen, lots of watermelon, BBQ chips, Ben & Jerry's, hummus in different flavors, Red Bull, Diet Coke, fruit snacks, coffees, yoga pants, blue gaterade, sparkly shirt, a new sweatshirt with a hood, varies socks including avocado toast socks and honey bear socks, Wheat Thins, veggies, berries, quest bars, & nutter butters. We can visibility see Lucky Charms cereal, soda, clothing items, etc. She gets Beyonce's Lemonade for her music - Jason says Danielle's at home throwing a fit. Says he needs to listen to it though.

She opens her letter and says "Awww, it's from my dad, I'm gonna start crying.."

She reads the letter tearfully:
"Hey Morgan! How the heck are you doing? Hoping you are having a BLAST, and enjoying this crazy adventure. It's down right WEIRD not to have spoken to you in so long. " She gets emotional.

Morgan gets tearful and says, "I miss my family so much."

She continues reading... "I'm so using to seeing texts from you on a variety of subjects every day. Everything here is pretty much the same.. I've been super busy with work and I continue to travel. Piling up on those frequent flyer miles though! The lake is still up and have been out on the jet ski some, and of course been watching lots of football. It was incredibly hot here in Texas, but cooler weather's on the way. Can you imagine how hot it would be cheering down in the field when it's 95 degrees and humid?" She says "Yeh that that sucks."

She continues reading.. "I guess you can't since it hasn't been that long, huh? Hope you're getting to enjoy a little bit of the so-cal weather. If you're reading this letter, that it will mean that you've gotten HOH, and that is certainly a big deal. Well, I hope you're enjoying yourself so far.. Well, I'm incredibly proud of you and can't wait to see how things play out in the end. I'm betting you're having a blast, and I can't wait to hear all about it when we see you again! Miss you and praying for you. I love you, Dad. #LonghornForLife" She and Shelby chuckle. Justin laughs.

Morgan: Awwwwwww, I miiiss himm. He's probably watching this...
She's glad they gave her pics of her dad.

Jason and Kryssie point out that operation right column is over. (All HGs on the right side of the HOH memory wall have been take out). Jason says bye to the right side, it was nice knowing ya. They all congratulated Morgan again, and exit.

Shelby remains in the room with Morgan. She's excited Morgan got HOH. Morgan says "yay" and does a little dance, smiling happily and singing "we got the room back... we got the room back"

They gametalk and said Jason and Kryssie will probably need to go OTB, because Kryssie won't vote with them. Shelby points out that by how they were acting, they were going to backdoor her (Shelby) this week. Justin comes in and reconfirms that plan is still the same this week. He'll vote Jason as long as he's OTB. Morgan says she's the tiebreaker, even if Kryssie votes to keep Jason. Jason just can't win veto. Justin leaves. Shelby congratulates Morgan again on her HOH. Morgan says lets keep up this trend till finale. She says it makes it even better that no one can say they threw it to her, and the rules were read that they could also play in next week's HOH. Shelby says Jason is so depressed right now. "Maybe you shouldn't go around being an a**hole." Morgan: "All I can say is, what goes around comes around." They bring up the fact that Jason said they were just bottom-feeders before.

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* BBOTT November 16, 11:11 PM (All Cams) Wednesday - Morgan gets her HOH room! (details & pics)
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11/17/16 11:32 AM
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