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This is a response to: But had she not used it the whole season would be different potentially. She told Josh before playing it "You don't have to do what Paul says,"
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potentially but i don't think that would have been a deal breaker between those three. her saying that before her dr is exactly why i think dr
12/06/17 03:46 PM

had something to do with her using it. they didn't want their twist wasted and the circumstances under which she could use it were so specific.

don't believe anything i say.

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* For a quick pick me up in this dreary cloudy weather, I watched the last 10 minutes of the season finale, it worked, full of joy again, amazing NT
12/06/17 08:30 AM
xx * my pick me up is when xmas used her veto replacement... nail in the coffin. NT
12/06/17 01:12 PM
xx * Nail in the coffin of her game! That action proved she would always be playing Paul's game NT
12/06/17 01:17 PM
xx * It was the nail in the coffin for Paul's game and for Xmas's game! That was the dumbest move of the entire season. Cody going to jury sealed it. NT
12/06/17 02:35 PM
xx * Come to think of it, you're right. And it was totally unnecessary. She could have saved it for when she really needed it but Paul is such a hunk
12/06/17 03:11 PM
xx * Xmas was really bad at BB. Her main play was constant capitulation and big talk that meant nothing. Jess & Cody played. NT
12/06/17 04:53 PM
xx * there was never a point where she needed it and i actually think when she was in dr right before the ceremony they might have had some influence
12/06/17 03:35 PM
xx * But had she not used it the whole season would be different potentially. She told Josh before playing it "You don't have to do what Paul says,"
12/06/17 03:39 PM
xx * potentially but i don't think that would have been a deal breaker between those three. her saying that before her dr is exactly why i think dr
12/06/17 03:46 PM
xx * But why would the DR want to take away Cody's chance to save the day? That would've been exciting. Instead we get him & Jess crawl deeper into
12/06/17 03:50 PM
xx * that storyline had gotten so stale by that point especially with jody quitting. NT
12/06/17 03:52 PM
xx * They didn't quit. Cody cried because he lost the chance to save Jess. NT
12/06/17 03:56 PM
xx * he should of thought about that before winning the Safety Comp telling her to throw it so she would be the third nomination that week.
12/28/17 10:11 PM
xx * Theirs was a sound strategy. In the end, Cody won AFP, Jess & Cody won America's hearts, they won CBS over, and they finished off Paul's season. NT
12/29/17 12:52 AM
xx * They did the opposite of quitting. They sprinted through the finish line. Cody crushed Xmas's soul with the AFP win, crushed Paul with BB loss! NT
12/06/17 04:59 PM
xx * they quit long before that...i loved seeing xmas crush his soul. NT
12/06/17 03:59 PM
xx * LOL — Tune in starting January 3rd to see how badly his soul & spirit were crushed! /sarc NT
12/06/17 07:37 PM
xx * not interested in tar probably only seen one season since it moved to friday. i was talking about bb. NT
12/06/17 08:21 PM
xx * Yeah. Cody orchestrates Paul's defeat from jury, wins AFP, gets the best girl, gets on TAR, and stars on it January 3rd. He IS the big winner BB19. NT
12/06/17 07:58 PM
xx * Xmas crushed the bitter loser cody NT
12/06/17 05:36 PM
xx * the end of her game was not telling josh they should go f2 together. it ended up being the best move for the alliance. NT
12/06/17 02:00 PM
xx * i'll never understand why she didn't fight to go to final 2 since she whined so much after the fact NT
12/06/17 02:05 PM
xx * Xmas thought she was going to be picked by both guys to go to F2. She was being coy, and it cost her F2. She made some dumb moves. NT
12/06/17 02:42 PM
xx * i think she just thought things were set in stone at that point. NT
12/06/17 02:27 PM
xx * Yeah that Josh was taking her! NT
12/06/17 03:13 PM
xx * she's an idiot NT
12/06/17 02:07 PM
xx * maybe she thought pretending not to care would get the guys to take her NT
12/06/17 02:11 PM
xx * She wanted to be magnanimous maybe? Reverse psychology failure. NT
12/06/17 03:14 PM
xx * maybe she didn't have it in her to campaign within her alliance, 90 days has to be exhausting especially fighting through what she went through.
12/06/17 03:42 PM
xx * You're a couple of steps away from $500,000! If she wasn't playing for the money why complain now ~ NT
12/06/17 03:44 PM
xx * people said she quit so i think she plays up the complaining to try and show that she really wanted it. NT
12/06/17 03:49 PM
xx * Strange. Yeah maybe it's to shut people up I guess NT
12/06/17 03:51 PM
xx * While I loved seeing Paul lose, seeing Josh win completely taints it for me so I can't rank it as high as you. I still wish we had gotten a chance to
12/06/17 12:32 PM
xx * my heart is happy josh won because i like him but my brain hurts knowing that kind of game won. NT
12/06/17 03:51 PM
xx * It just goes to show that being a fan really did the trick for Josh. He knew the GB messages were super important and to come clean at that point NT
12/06/17 03:54 PM
xx * yeah, i hate knowing that something that can be easily edited by production had such a big influence. NT
12/06/17 03:58 PM
xx * Completely different. Paul really ruined it. But Josh was the best choice out of the F3 imo. NT
12/06/17 03:16 PM
xx * Yeah, I still have it on my DVR, every so often I need a lift and watch it. Best Finale ever IMO NT
12/06/17 12:25 PM
xx * Best Finale EVER!! NT
12/06/17 11:46 AM
xx * Agree, best finale. Nothing will ever come close to it. I re watch it and it and it makes me as happy as it did the night it happened. NT
12/06/17 02:11 PM
xx * Watching Josh win the comp, pick Paul F2, reveal his GB messages to Paul, Paul's pissy response, Paul's "not again" & Cody winning AFP was classic! NT
12/06/17 02:44 PM
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