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This is a response to: How closely related is bbott to bbusa..?i am curious lol...are they similiar games...i talk about bbusa stuff NT
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pretty similar...it just so happened that we chose who left almost every week but most of the time the odds were against that happening. so for it
02/14/17 04:26 PM

happen so many times...i don't think production could have expected that. i think they wanted us to have a say not be the deciding factor every single week. i don't think it would happen that way again unless rigged and i don't think it was except for a couple of key points in the game. the rules made veto as powerful if not more than hoh but a comp is a comp...you decide if it's worth winning and go compete, sometimes it's just luck. the biggest difference imo is f3 instead of f2 and if not for that the most influential player inside and outside of the house would have won. it changes the entire endgame strategy and not in a good way. to me it makes no sense to start trying to lose your numbers in a numbers game. i appreciate the ability to influence others above all else in this game. i don't understand how anyone thought it was a good idea to force them to lose influence at the most crucial part of the game.

don't believe anything i say.

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* How closely related is bbott to bbusa..?i am curious lol...are they similiar games...i talk about bbusa stuff NT
02/14/17 02:18 PM
xx * OTT is more in the BB1 category NT
02/15/17 12:58 PM
xx * pretty similar...it just so happened that we chose who left almost every week but most of the time the odds were against that happening. so for it
02/14/17 04:26 PM
xx * They gave us what we asked for and taught us to be careful what we ask for. NT
02/14/17 08:31 PM
xx * i agree with that. NT
02/15/17 01:10 PM
xx * BBOTT was a cross between BB1 and current summer BB. But you should watch it to see stuff they'll never show us during the summer. NT
02/14/17 02:27 PM
xx * Yes, but unlike BB1, bbott gave us a good strategic winner NT
02/14/17 02:33 PM
xx * jason would have been the most strategic winner but nobody really played a good strategic game in bbott...morgan far from it. NT
02/15/17 01:09 PM
xx * Jason was a poor strategist tho. Morgan played the best game and won NT
02/15/17 01:18 PM
xx * Morgan played nice. Jason's mouth got him into trouble or he would have won. NT
02/16/17 08:42 PM
xx * In other words Jason didn't play a very good at the end. Morgan won comps when she needed to, overcame fans screwing her over, and kept her composure
02/16/17 08:52 PM
xx * i wouldn't say he played a poor strategic game but not great either...he got to the end with 2 weak players. you can't ask for much more
02/15/17 01:36 PM
xx * I think he overestimated his game and fans saw that and rewarded the most strategic player at the end NT
02/15/17 03:08 PM
xx * there were no other strategic players at the end. i agree that he may have overestimated his game but i think he also overestimated the fanbase.
02/15/17 03:51 PM
xx * How is Morgan anything like Victoria tho? Morgan was a solid member of her alliance, had a good social game, and won comps. If anything, Jason was the
02/15/17 04:20 PM
xx * she was just a follower like victoria...never had any influence over people or the game or played with any kind of strategy. i don't know where this
02/15/17 04:59 PM
xx * She had her alliance, she wasn't a follower, there's a difference. She had her own ideas and she survived thanks to her calm approach.
02/15/17 05:39 PM
xx * what ideas that her alliance followed were hers? what did she ever do on her own that her alliance wasn't aware of for her own game? never happened...
02/15/17 06:19 PM
xx * Was anyone following anyone's ideas tho. They hardly had a plan other than evicting the opposite alliance. Good social game is not the only
02/15/17 07:00 PM
xx * i think all that needs to be said about morgan's strategy is that she would have gone to the end with 2 stronger players and finished 3rd with hardly
02/15/17 07:24 PM
xx * That's just speculation on our part. All we know is what Jason did and the horrible mistake it turned out to be NT
02/15/17 07:33 PM
xx * not sure how horrible it was...considering how pc our world is and things jason said and a vote split he still lost by only 500 voters. that also
02/15/17 08:01 PM
xx * for sure...jason had influence over danielle at times like with the scott eviction, kryssie had influence in keeping justin and over justin in
02/15/17 07:13 PM
xx * She was relatively good at comps. Jason also won when there were fewer people. She didn't have to win the balance thing because she was a cheerleader
02/15/17 07:23 PM
xx * i agree 100% that kryssie's game is underrated...she was better than jason at times and miles ahead of morgan. jason did have a good game with "the
02/15/17 07:32 PM
xx * Alternative facts NT
02/15/17 12:59 PM
xx * Popular vote winner NT
02/15/17 01:01 PM
xx * Pssh NT
02/14/17 04:03 PM
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