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This is a response to: Has Neda's behavior permanently tarnished her legacy or can she recover?
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no cure for true color
03/31/17 11:50 AM

what legacy? every thing she said about cass was really spot on herself. nothing but an insecure mean girl.

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* Has Neda's behavior permanently tarnished her legacy or can she recover?
03/31/17 10:04 AM
xx * What has she done to tarnish her image? Evict Cass? Cass is the one that should be worried about her image. NT
03/31/17 08:35 PM
xx * She wouldn't see herself as anything less than perfect NT
03/31/17 08:36 PM
xx * That's true. NT
03/31/17 09:56 PM
xx * Yup. I also don't think ppl will be buying her shirts or whatever anymore. NT
03/31/17 08:10 PM
xx * Wow NT
03/31/17 08:36 PM
xx * All she did was evict a fan favorite who was targeting her. You must be very immature if you think that is bad behavior. NT
03/31/17 06:56 PM
xx * I don't think she has tarnished anything...nothing to recover from she is playing BB NT
03/31/17 04:05 PM
xx * It's unfair to expect her to be the same person now as in her original season. We all change and BB has given her some amazing opportunities. NT
03/31/17 01:19 PM
xx * Had she not been given immunity by this twist, she would probably gone by now. I find her to be more emotional and egotistical this time around. In S2
Shoreline74 *
03/31/17 01:11 PM
xx * If Neda was gone I'd probably watch BBCan more... too much ego and pouting. Her facial expressions are so dour! NT
04/08/17 06:07 PM
xx * please tell me which hoh would have evicted her? no way she'd be gone by now. NT
04/02/17 10:58 PM
xx * She said it herself. She needs "a Jon". She claims that it was because he was not so emotional like Ika. Reality is she is just petty & insecure.
04/01/17 10:28 AM
xx * no cure for true color
03/31/17 11:50 AM

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