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03/23/16 05:41 PM

Watching on computer. Telus has a max bandwidth per month. If I want to change to unlimited it would cost an extra $30/mo and I already pay $40/mo for Internet. If I go over the limit they start charging, first $5, then $10, then another $10 etc. depending on how many more gigs I use. This happened to me with last year's BBUS when they switched to CBS live feeds that were all HD. Got slapped with a bill of an extra $25/mo without realizing. Just thought others might be in the same boat and not know it.

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* BBCA live feeds use HUGE bandwidth. Just fyi, so you don't get a big bill at the end of the month.
03/23/16 03:46 PM
xx * Have you tried using the BBViewer that Liquid8 has created. It allows you to pick the quality and it remembers it when you switch feeds.
susanr342 *
03/31/16 08:09 AM
xx * I can't imagine living somewhere that you have to pay for bandwidth. Some places you can get gb/s speeds. Other places that would force you over....
03/23/16 03:59 PM
xx * One of the reasons we pay for unlimited Internet. Lots of streaming here. You can reduce the resolution which saves bandwidth, money. NT
03/23/16 03:51 PM
xx * How are you watching the feeds and who's your provider? NT
03/23/16 03:51 PM
xx * Telus...
03/23/16 05:41 PM

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