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This is a response to: the Viewer is the best invention ever --i say it every season, CAN and US NT
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Fast cam switches also with Dual windows. NT
03/10/16 08:23 AM

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* Is anyone else having a problem with their live feeds buffering? This is the first time I've had any problems NT
03/10/16 08:11 AM
xx * Not here, no. All is fine. NT
03/10/16 08:21 AM
xx * No Buffering with bbviewer. NT
03/10/16 08:13 AM
xx * the Viewer is the best invention ever --i say it every season, CAN and US NT
03/10/16 08:19 AM
xx * Totally agree. I got so excited I missed celebrating post 25,000. This is 25,001! Yay! NT
03/10/16 08:24 AM
xx * lol, congrats! i don't pay attention to that stuff NT
03/10/16 09:10 AM
xx * Fast cam switches also with Dual windows. NT
03/10/16 08:23 AM
xx * Are all 4 feeds working now? Only 2 were earlier. If so, I'll go back to using that NT
03/10/16 08:15 AM
xx * earlier BB did some reset that messed them up but was very temporary. all 4 have been working. but they're on lockout. this is a day not to expect
03/10/16 08:18 AM
xx * I still only get one screen that stays and others disappear after 20 secs. I wonder if the Ad Block is the culprit. I updated my Adobe Air. I launche
03/10/16 08:29 AM
xx * At first I thought the black screen problem was only when opening multiple windows. But now that I have had more time to watch using BBViewer it
03/10/16 10:03 AM
xx * hmm, good luck as i have no idea. have you tried asking liquid8 or looking in the Help section? i don't have adblock since the ads only started coming
03/10/16 09:12 AM

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