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this is bullsh*t that BB still allows them to speak french NT
04/21/17 10:27 AM

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* this is bullsh*t that BB still allows them to speak french NT
04/21/17 10:27 AM
xx * Remember Judd on BBUSA? He was allowed to use whatever language he was using. And Donny spoke almost pure bumpkin. Embrace the regional nuances. NT
04/21/17 11:19 AM
xx * It's not going to change, just switch feeds and wait for someone to translate. It's a bilingual country. NT
04/21/17 11:10 AM
xx * Canada is bilingual. NT
04/21/17 11:03 AM
xx * They didn't say anything important. Will just told Dre what Kevin said, that Kev never said Will's name and that Bruno only mentioned Will & Dre as
04/21/17 10:45 AM
xx * It's clear that there are certain production staff that allow it and some that don't. RRR. NT
04/21/17 10:37 AM
xx * If BB said they had been told so many times now and now threaten them with a penalty nom, they would soon be speaking in English all the time. NT
04/21/17 10:29 AM

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