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This is a response to: Why did he do that? NT
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it looked to me like he was trying to "fill in" his mustache... NT
04/21/17 10:10 AM

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* William as Hilter...YIKES!!!
04/21/17 10:03 AM
xx * He's a moron for doing that. If it were Hitler's Germany today, William would be the first victim, based on his Homosexuality. NT
04/21/17 11:01 AM
xx * This should be sent to producers... NT
04/21/17 10:22 AM
xx * He really is an all around gross person... NT
04/21/17 10:20 AM
xx * This guy is sick in the head IMO. In such bad taste NT
04/21/17 10:17 AM
xx * Very ignorant of him. I think they should take away his veto for putting on a hitler stache and doing the salute. NT
04/21/17 10:13 AM
xx * Why did he do that? NT
04/21/17 10:09 AM
xx * it looked to me like he was trying to "fill in" his mustache... NT
04/21/17 10:10 AM
xx * Was the hand gesture a minor coincidence? lol NT
04/21/17 10:11 AM
xx * oops didn't realize it was a video and YIKES indeed...very poor taste! NT
04/21/17 10:14 AM

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