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This is a response to: Jackie for veto and not to use it NT
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The puddle of tears is too busy weeping. NT
04/21/17 07:52 AM

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* Jackie for veto and not to use it NT
04/21/17 07:23 AM
xx * The puddle of tears is too busy weeping. NT
04/21/17 07:52 AM
xx * She's upset now but she'll need allies going forward. She's at the bottom on Ika's side if she goes that way. She'd be an equal if she goes w/ B/KM NT
04/21/17 07:28 AM
xx * She doesn't need to go on any side lol. She's fine as a floater. NT
04/21/17 07:29 AM
xx * Yeah. At this point she needs to forget out about sides and trusting people and just play individually because clearly no one is going to
04/21/17 07:33 AM
xx * I don't really have a problem with Jackie being a floater but it's just the crying every time she feels alone that gets me. Own it. Use it. NT
04/21/17 07:35 AM
xx * This is why I picture Jackie as a shuttlecock. She gets slammed back and forth between sides and tossed by the wind. Not excusing her, just saying NT
Singaling *
04/21/17 07:44 AM
xx * Well, she wasn't a floater previously. She was trying at every turn to get in with some people, someone... to find trust with them to fit in, etc.
04/21/17 07:37 AM
xx * I don't doubt she is truly hurt and upset, but this is BB. You can't cry every time someone turns their back on you NT
04/21/17 07:37 AM
xx * She cries every time she is put under pressure. It's not a good look. And people already perceive her that once she feels betrayed she will spill
04/21/17 07:38 AM
xx * Then maybe they shouldn't betray her. She's tried and tried to show she can be loyal but people just believe what they are told instead of finding out
04/21/17 08:53 AM
xx * That's exactly what Ika does yet everybody is chomping at the bit to be her number one. Weird it works out differently for each of them. NT
04/21/17 07:39 AM
xx * The only information that Ika "spilled" on an existing alliance was the 6 and we saw it imploding over the first 6 weeks. NT
04/21/17 07:40 AM
xx * Whether you feel Ika does this or not, the house perception is that Jackie is the one who does it most. NT
04/21/17 07:43 AM
xx * I don't "feel" she does. I know she does. NT
04/21/17 08:08 AM
xx * Well stupid on them (the house), then. NT
04/21/17 08:12 AM
xx * well duh. of course they're stupid. NT
04/21/17 08:15 AM
xx * Please!! NT
04/21/17 07:26 AM

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