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This is a response to: Please emily, stop targeting Ika lol :( NT
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She's targeting Neda and Sindy too NT
03/20/17 09:50 PM

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* this Neda-Ika convo about Cass is priceless NT
03/20/17 09:10 PM
xx * Please emily, stop targeting Ika lol :( NT
03/20/17 09:12 PM
xx * She's targeting Neda and Sindy too NT
03/20/17 09:50 PM
xx * Haven't heard her say Neda, but definitely Sindy NT
03/20/17 09:51 PM
xx * Yes, she said the 3 girls NT
03/20/17 09:56 PM
xx * Well Neda isn't even an option at this point so..moot point NT
03/20/17 10:01 PM
xx * Neda is playing Ika like a fiddle. NT
03/20/17 09:12 PM
xx * Not really, obviously all of these people benefit Neda slightly more than Ika, but Ika is her number 1 NT
03/20/17 09:16 PM
xx * Until she finds a new #1 NT
03/20/17 09:17 PM
xx * ^This. Neda knows Ika is too paranoid, emotional and irrational to be her closest ally. NT
03/20/17 09:40 PM
xx * So who is she gonna pick? Sindy? Bruno? Kevin? None of those work NT
03/20/17 09:45 PM
xx * She wants demetres, as she can control him. I actually think neda will be in a bad spot soon. Kevin is the only other option but he's with bruno. NT
03/20/17 10:57 PM

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