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This is a response to: everyone on social media lol NT
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Cass is ridic. Seriously she is nuts NT
03/20/17 05:20 PM

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* Cass is delusional. Who thinks Cass is better than Neda? Lol NT
03/20/17 05:14 PM
xx * Only Cass does, that's why she didn't understand why she didn't get the safety until jury votes NT
03/20/17 05:27 PM
xx * I think she's a bit tipsy... but that may not make any difference. NT
03/20/17 05:24 PM
xx * She's said this every day since feeds started NT
03/20/17 05:24 PM
xx * Both way overrated, both enormous egos. They're the same. NT
03/20/17 05:22 PM
xx * Neda has shown no ego so far. Cass is out of this world ego NT
03/20/17 05:25 PM
xx * to me, theyre both overrated players NT
03/20/17 05:20 PM
xx * everyone on social media lol NT
03/20/17 05:17 PM
xx * I checked the @everyone account on twitter. No mention of BBCan but I do think they think Cass is better. NT
03/20/17 05:21 PM
xx * Cass is ridic. Seriously she is nuts NT
03/20/17 05:20 PM
xx * I didn't watch las season, but girlfriend is a train wreck this season. She's a nutjob! NT
03/20/17 05:23 PM
xx * She was exactly like this last season, even worse. NT
03/20/17 05:29 PM
xx * She was always in trouble last season as well. But would wiggle her way out. NT
03/20/17 05:24 PM
xx * being worthless in comps is why she wasn't a target. NT
03/20/17 05:49 PM

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