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**Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting! (Edited 3/17/15)
03/17/15 02:32 PM

**New 3/17/15**
**With the new BB season upon us, please take a few minutes and review our posting guidelines in the sticky post for the forum. Thanks!**

Hi, everyone!..Pre-BB reminder....Please re-read the posting guidelines before posting.

Chief among no-no's are personal attacks. If a post annoys you..please do not respond. You can report a post and if it's against the rules, the moderators will handle it. Responding to a post you don't like will NOT make it better and making it personal will always get your post removed.

**Another main (and very ironic ) reason your post will be removed is for discussing moderation on the board.**

Let's enjoy the show and not attack each other. Those who do it to get a reaction will not be doing it for long as we do monitor for that as well and it does become obvious quickly.

JU Staff

**Reminder** If your post is in any way bashing of fans, regardless of whose will be removed.
Bash any HG you want so long as its not obscene...ask fans questions (yes, you can use the word "fans") but if you call them crazy, or anything will be removed. If your post is removed and you have a complaint...PM a moderator. If you post about moderation on the board, it will be removed.

Everyone agreed to the same rules when they signed up. You can re-review them in the FAQ's.

Thank you.

***Edited to clarify the use of the word fans***

The use of the word fans can be innocuous when used in terms such as: "Are there any XYZ fans left?" or "A question of XYZ fans, do you approve of what XYZ did?" or "XYZ fans, do you think that was a good move or do you still like her?"

HOWEVER, when you use the word fans to bash them such as "XYZ fans are crazy!" etc., that is not allowed, nor has it ever been allowed, nor is directly bashing a poster by saying, "YOU" are crazy or deluded or whatever.

Please use common sense when you post and re-read the rules and your posts won't be removed.


**Reminder to All: Directing negative or rude comments at other users is NOT permitted**

Please keep discussion on BB & the HG's only.

A few most common violations:

Directing negative comments at other users includes "stans" "fans of (HG name)" or "(HG name) haters".
Posts with the intent to harm, stir up trouble, troll or "bait" other users, as well as excessive hate towards HG's are also not permitted.

Thank you!
JU Staff

Who on Earth do you think you are? A Superstar? Well, right you are..

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* **Reminder to EVERYONE** PLEASE READ before posting! (Edited 3/17/15)
03/17/15 02:32 PM

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