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EltFitNic Love Letter - I think it's official
08/07/17 11:51 AM

Addressed to "Babes" and signed "yourfitvic" I think I even see a "kiss you, hug (you)" in there.

Edited (08/08/17 08:09 AM)

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* EltFitNic Love Letter - I think it's official
08/07/17 11:51 AM
xx * BB Boyfriend #3! I wonder how many more she'll go through? NT
08/18/17 11:17 AM
xx * Great. I always thought they were cute together NT
08/12/17 11:30 PM
xx * Victor adored Nicole last year, here is part of an entry in his blog........
Dreamer Administrator
08/09/17 03:03 AM
xx * Victor, do you remember how she was all over 'Pauly' (not Paul), how she took Paul to the end with her? Honey she just wants your money. NT
08/10/17 02:03 PM
xx * Huh? She won and is a RN(even if she isn't currently working). If anything she should be worried. Lol NT
08/10/17 02:42 PM
xx * RN's make a comfortable salary, but it's nothing special. They're middle to lower middle class. NT
08/11/17 04:52 AM
xx * They are not lower class NT
08/17/17 11:34 PM
xx * I know that but isn't he just a gym manager? Comparably she's the better wage earner. NT
08/11/17 03:36 PM
xx * good luck you two he has been in love with her since their show
08/08/17 10:03 PM
xx * Poor guy he could do so much better NT
08/08/17 09:41 PM
xx * No Vic! Say it ain't so!! Ewww
08/10/17 09:15 AM
xx * I'm not at all surprised - Vic had a thing for her last year. NT
08/08/17 09:21 PM
xx * God bless anyone who can tolerate her voice. NT
08/08/17 02:17 PM
xx * Oh my God, agreed!
08/09/17 09:59 AM
xx * Victor confirmed on IG live that they are dating NT
08/08/17 02:10 PM
xx * Awesome! NT
08/08/17 02:12 PM
xx * Yay! So happy for them. :) NT
08/07/17 03:39 PM
xx * And Victor's IG pic - "Low key or maybe high key I been peeped that you like me, you know"
08/07/17 11:56 AM
xx * If it's liked by Mariah then it must be official. or at least serious. NT
08/08/17 11:24 AM
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