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This is a response to: why does it seem like ED is the only one tweeting lately? NT
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He's trying to keep up with Trump. NT
07/03/17 01:50 PM

Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you'll be right.

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* why does it seem like ED is the only one tweeting lately? NT
06/24/17 10:20 PM
xx * so Ironic that he thinks paul is the bb pet w/ advantages. But he won't mention that the ONLY reason he stayed in the game was because of America's Pl
08/11/17 02:36 PM
xx * He's trying to keep up with Trump. NT
bb4peeker *
07/03/17 01:50 PM
xx * Ikr!! He must stay on Twitter all day and night long. NT
moeopoly *
06/25/17 02:48 PM
xx * It's not that, it's where is everyone else? Waiting in the BB wings? Tonight ED has a free podcast going up NT
06/25/17 03:08 PM
xx * i cant believe he tweets that much on a daily basis. i feel like its coming from a kid its so much. i love when people try to bring him up on his
06/25/17 05:21 AM
xx * Dickhole is a liar. He says he always tells the truth, but the fact is he lies all.the.time. NT
06/25/17 05:46 AM
xx * AGREE....thats why I blocked him. He has his own VERSION of the truth & when he hates a HG he's BRUTAL and says they do things they dont even do. NT
06/29/17 08:54 PM
xx * Such a profoundly persuasive argument as this is a joy to behold NT
06/25/17 12:43 PM
xx * Annoying isn't it? My finger gets tired of scrolling to ignore him. NT
06/25/17 05:13 AM
xx * i believe you can go into at the top where it says filter options next to S#*! The HGs Say & you wont see whatever HG tweets there NT
06/25/17 05:23 AM
xx * I like Dick but where is everyone else? Is everyone else on BB19? That's my question NT
06/25/17 12:28 PM
xx * Thanks for the tip...He is gone from my list now...LOL! NT
06/25/17 06:13 AM
xx * lol you're welcome NT
06/25/17 06:29 AM
xx * Trying to stay relevant. NT
06/25/17 12:43 AM
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