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BB9 Winner Adam Jasinski has a 6-page interview in next week's issue of Entertainment Weekly...
04/22/17 09:29 PM

It's pretty expansive. He talks about his life before Big Brother, how he was cast on the show, what it was like inside the Big Brother house and what eventually led to his arrest in October of 2009. A lot of it is stuff we knew already but there are a few pieces of information that I think are new.

A few excerpts:


"I'm a great manipulator," says Jasinski. "Drug addicts are the most resourceful people. You're constantly conning people out of money to survive. I think my being a drug addict is one of the reasons why I won Big Brother. I had them all fooled."

There are still a few things people never knew about Jasinski's wild Big Brother experience -- until now. Like the fact that he smuggled a fistful of OxyContin into the house. Or that he was forced into withdrawal on live TV after producers uncovered his stash during week 2. "I was freakin' dope sick," says Jasinski, who remembers bringing in enough pills to take up to three a day until the end of the game. "That was the day I had lost a food challenge, and I was in bed sick. Everyone thought I was pouting. that covered my ass. I was withdrawing."

It's a stunning admission since no one -- including producers - knew about Jasinski's decade-long addiction to painkillers. "If we ever find anything, the players are absolutely told it has to be out of the house," says Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner, who adds that she was not personally aware Jasinski had a drug problem.

Jasinski's downward post-show spiral began with a hotel orgy. After the Big Brother wrap party, Jasinski admits he joined at least one other houseguest and that houseguest's sibling at a nearby hotel to have group sex. "I was ***** up," Jasinski shrugs, saying he left the house not planning to do drugs. "I was going to do the right thing. But then someone gave me a Percocet on day 2 and I was doing coke within three days."

Adam also talks about why he didn't keep his promise to donate a portion of his winnings to United Autism (he was bitter they fired him for calling autistic kids "*****" in the house) and whether or not he would play the game again.

The article also features quotes from BB9's Matt and Sheila. Nothing earth-shattering, but Matt reveals that he and Adam haven't spoken to each other since Adam's arrest in 2009. Here's a direct quote.


McDonald was sentenced on May 11, 2011, to 36 months in federal prison. He and Jasinski have not spoken since Jasinski's arrest -- even though they live a mere 30 minutes from each other -- but he does not blame the guy they nicknamed "Baller" on the show for the ordeal. "A lot of people ask if I'm mad at Adam," says McDonald, who now works as a project manager for a construction company in Fort Lauderdale and is about to get married. "You know what? I'm not. I've done a lot of growing up and he didn't force me to do anything. He offered and I went for the money. I took a shot, and naturally that shot landed me in prison."

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* BB9 Winner Adam Jasinski has a 6-page interview in next week's issue of Entertainment Weekly...
04/22/17 09:29 PM
xx * Imo, if drugs or any illegal substances are found brought in by a contestant, they should be expelled from the game immediately.... NT
moeopoly *
06/02/17 08:59 AM
xx * I wrote about this yesterday not having seen this. I'm glad he's sober. He did come across really cocky still. NT
HumblePie *
04/27/17 09:27 PM
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