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I don't know if this has already been posted, I have Mccrae on my Facebook and he was commenting about it last week
02/02/17 07:34 AM

Best and Worst BB Showmances TV Guide

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* I don't know if this has already been posted, I have Mccrae on my Facebook and he was commenting about it last week
02/02/17 07:34 AM
xx * Page isn't there any more NT
10/30/17 12:46 PM
xx * I don't know why Jordeff are the most beloved. They were so boring. Cute but boring. NT
jellyfisher *
02/04/17 07:35 PM
xx * for me its the way Jeff looks at Jordan, you can see the love in his eyes. NT
02/09/17 06:39 AM
xx * They're cute and funny and have a good story NT
02/06/17 12:03 PM
xx * Brendon and Rachel a best? Gag me. NT
02/02/17 05:56 PM
xx * It's a pretty good story with a very cute baby and a happpy marriage. Also lots of TV drama makes for a great reality couple NT
02/06/17 12:07 PM
xx * "They split six months after show, after McCrae revealed that he was only using Amanda to get ahead in the game." This makes no sense. If he...
02/02/17 01:45 PM
xx * i think him being with Amanda hurt his game. he would have been better off alone IMO NT
10/30/17 08:23 AM
xx * He was probably chicken NT
02/06/17 12:06 PM
xx * love how one of the best is a gay guy and a girl NT
02/02/17 09:02 AM
xx * OKay, I went back and looked. I must have missed it, Who is the gay guy? NT
02/02/17 09:47 AM
xx * I think it's the Drew and Diane one. Rumor has it that Drew is gay. NT
02/02/17 09:59 AM
xx * I always assumed(or just hoped) that was just a rumor NT
02/02/17 10:11 AM
xx * It is a rumor, kinda sad it is thought as a fact after so long NT
02/02/17 11:30 AM
xx * he was at least bisexual because he was arrested for domestic violence against a man
02/06/17 12:01 PM
xx * If you fight with someone in your family, a roommate or a roommate of a family member you get Domestic violence charges. NT
02/08/17 09:48 AM
xx * Let me guess without clicking jeff/ jordan #1 ha!!.. NT
02/02/17 07:38 AM
xx * Of course, but It's better than Rachel and Brandon being #1 NT
02/02/17 07:44 AM
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