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'Big Brother 15': Showmances, alliances and Elissa, oh my!
06/27/13 08:53 AM

There has already been so much wheeling, dealing and faux-boyfriend stealing on the "Big Brother" live feeds and we've got all the details for you, so don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled. And be sure to sign up for the live feeds, this summer sounds extremely promising as a season.


OK, so, there are already two blossoming romances in the house and one of them is a love triangle.

First up, Aaryn and David cannot stop flirting and touching each other, so it's probably only a matter of time before they're doing naughty things under a blanket in the dark. It's hilarious because neither one of them is the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree and they also look like brother and sister -- which probably explains the attraction, it's like making out with yourself.

Secondly, Jessie-Jeremy-Kaitlin are embroiled in a love triangle already, which kind of blows our mind just because we don't find Jeremy that attractive and he seems like a big doof. But he has managed to capture the attention of two of the hottest girls in the house. Go figure.

Basically, Jessie likes Jeremy, but Jeremy only has eyes for Kaitlin. And Kaitlin isn't sure what she wants. She's cuddly with Jeremy and they share a bed, but she also doesn't seem to like it when he touches her in front of other people. Either way, Jessie getting super mad at Kaitlin about it, which -- of course she is. Jessie kind of acting like Kaitlin stole her boyfriend, it's ridiculous.

Plus, Jessie is nominated, so she's being an absolute delight in the house so far. Candice is the other nominee, just FYI. She does not appear to be the target at all.

Meanwhile, there is an alliance already formed called the "Moving Company," which consists of McCrae, Spencer, Howard, Nick and Jeremy. They seem to be targeting Jessie and maybe Elissa, but McCrae might also have a secret alliance with Elissa on the side. It's unclear if that's for real or part of McCrae's game.

Nobody else in the house seems to have gotten an alliance organized yet, which is dumb. D-U-M-B, dumb.

And speaking of Elissa, nobody in the house is fooled about her being Rachel's sister, though she hasn't blatantly come out and confirmed it to everybody -- at least, Judd is acting like he's sure she's Rachel's sister, but she hasn't told him.

But anyway, so, Elissa is now on damage control because she knows the house wants her out. The theory she floated to Helen this morning is that there are a bunch of only children in the house, but all the others who have siblings are the siblings of past players. She says she thinks Howard is Danielle Reyes' brother.

Now, Howard does have two sisters who are quite a bit older than he is, but Danielle is from Ohio. We're pretty sure the only sibling in the house is Elissa.

It's an interesting seed to plant for a desperate girl who doesn't want to get the boot, but we don't think anybody is going to fall for it.

Also, David continues to be the stupidest guy ever. This morning, the following exchange took place:

Kaitlin: "I think orange is your color, Dave."
David: "What do you mean?"

What do you think so far, hamster fans?
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I want to make my name on facebook “Nobody” so when I see someone post something stupid… I can like it and It will say “Nobody likes this”

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* 'Big Brother 15': Showmances, alliances and Elissa, oh my!
06/27/13 08:53 AM
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