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Episode 12: Rock of Ages
12/05/13 05:30 AM

By John Powell -

Welcome back Purple Rock of Doom. We sure have missed you.

It has been 11 years since you took Paschal English out of Survivor: Marquesas. You know…the kindly father figure who never had any votes against him but drew the wrong rock during a deadlocked Tribal Council vote. It sure was a tough and cruel way to go after working so hard for so very long in such a cutthroat game.

Paschal, you can rest easy now as another castaway shares your pain. Katie Collins, the daughter of former Survivor winner Tina, has rolled the dice, gambled and lost. It is not like she really had any choice though. A political showdown at Tribal Council which saw Tyson, Gervase and Monica in a tug of war with Hayden and Katie for Ciera’s support and vote. It ended with the dreaded Rock of Doom pull when Ciera jumped ship creating an unbreakable tie. As per the rules, Hayden, Tyson, Gervase and Katie drew stones.

”That’s your chair over there,” Tyson rudely razzed Katie pointing to the jury bench as her torch was snuffed by Jeff Probst after she opened her hand revealing a white rock.

Swayed by Hayden’s argument that she was on the losing end of the dominant alliance, Ciera turned on them and voted with Katie and Hayden against Monica. Ironically, now that they have lost the numbers, it may be up to Monica whether Hayden and Ciera make it any further in the game.

Kasama Tribe – Night 26

In front of everyone, Hayden calls out Tyson as the mastermind. He reminds everyone they are playing for second place. Gervase insists Tyson is his puppet.

Hayden to Tyson: You deserve to win this game.

Tyson believes it was a mistake to have played the Hidden Immunity Idol and Hayden must go next for throwing him under the bus like that.

Redemption Island Duel

The players have to build a house of cards 8 feet high.


Winners stay in the game and the first place finisher decides who gets a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Winners: Laura and Tina.

Laura finished first and gives Ciera the clue. Ciera keeps it.

Kasama Tribe – Day 30

Ciera decides to share the Hidden Immunity Idol clue with her alliance. Hayden and Katie tag along as they search for the Idol.

In an emotional statement, Tyson says the only reason he can justify staying in the game now that his girlfriend is gone is if he wins the million dollars. Leaving the others behind, Tyson searches for and uncovers the Idol. With his work done, he heads off for a nap.

Hayden meets with Gervase and pitches blindsiding Tyson. Gervase will only agree to do so if Hayden can convince Ciera to side with them.

Immunity - Reward Challenge

Carrying a ball through an obstacle course and landing bean bags on perches.


Immunity from the Tribal Council vote and an ice cream feast.

Winner: Gervase.

Gervase picks Monica and Tyson to join him.

Pre-Tribal Council Happenings

Swaying in the hammock, Hayden tries his best to convince Ciera to turn on Tyson. Ciera tells us it is her strategy to make Katie and Hayden feel like they have hope and then vote them out. She has no intention of walking away from the core alliance.

Tribal Council

Hayden calls out the core alliance. He warns Ciera she is next after he and Katie are voted out. Tyson and Gervase work to keep Ciera in the fold. The jury laughs every time Tyson and Gervase claim to be loyal and honest.

When Gervase votes for Hayden he says: “This is not Big Brother. This is Survivor. We do things different here.” He writes Hayden’s name as “Hay Done.”

Final Vote

Ciera: Monica

Gervase: Hayden

Hayden: Monica

Katie: Monica

Monica: Hayden

Tyson: Hayden


Ciera: Monica

Gervase: Hayden

Katie: Monica

Tyson: Hayden

Tribal Council Victim (after picking rocks): Katie Collins.

On the next 'Survivor'

It looks like Tina may throw the Redemption Island duel to Katie. Ciera attempts to win over Monica.

Powell's Thoughts

Most Valuable Players:

Hayden laid all the cards on the table and is not going down without a fight or quietly, for that matter. He and Ciera live to fight another day.

Most Invaluable Players:

Katie, simply because she didn’t seem to do a whole lot to win over Ciera.

At Risk :

Everything hinges on Monica. If she will not entertain an alliance with Hayden or Ciera, they are sitting ducks unless one goes on an Immunity Challenge streak.


Monica now holds the balance of power, if everyone else remains loyal to their alliance. Her decision could very well determine how the final phase of the game progresses.

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