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Joker's List of Abbreviations, Acronyms and Other Board Terms
04/07/08 09:46 AM



    Batt = Battery Pack for Houseguest Microphone
    BB = Big Brother
    BBAD = Big Brother After Dark
    BR = Bedroom
    BY = Back Yard
    DA = Dining Area (Large round table)
    DE = Double Eviction
    DOR = Dropped on Request
    DR = Diary Room
    F1 = Feed 1
    F2 = Feed 2
    F3 = Feed 3
    F4 = Feed 4
    FF = Fast Foward
    FOTH (in BB Forums) = Front of the House / Flames or Trivia
    FTW = For the win
    HG’s = Houseguests
    HN = Have Not or Have Not Bedroom
    HT = Hot Tub
    ITA = I totally agree
    LD = Lock Down
    LR = Living Room
    NSFW = Not Safe For Work
    NT = No Text
    POV = Power of Veto
    RP = Real Player
    SR = Storage Room
    WC = Water Closet (Bathroom)

    153 = "I adore you" for the number of letters in each word
    AC = America’s Choice
    ADL = Activities of Daily Living (brushing teeth, hair etc)
    AP = America's Player
    AS / A$ = Arnold Shapiro
    APSR = Austin Powers Sex Room
    Banner = message flown over house backyard.
    BB = Big Brother
    BBAD = Big Brother After Dark
    BBAU = Big Brother Australia
    BBI = Big Brother International
    BBOZ = Big Brother Australia
    BBT = Big Brother Time
    BBUK = Big Brother United Kingdom
    Blue Room / Blue Grotto = Bedroom with 3 blue beds just off the living room
    BOB - Battle of the Block
    Bob = the camera/cameraman
    Boo = Marcellas’s gnome from BB3
    BR = Bedroom
    BY = Back Yard
    Cams = Cameras
    CFG = Catfight Girls - also known as Nathan's Harem (Alison, Michelle, Jun, Dana)
    Chenbot = Julie Chen
    DEhay = Dickhead
    DOR = Dropped on Request
    DR = Diary Room
    EB2XWFLOM = Erin Brodie Two Time Winner of FOR LOVE OR MONEY
    Elf or Elves = BBUS crew sometimes seen when the cams don’t switch to FOTH soon enough
    F1 = Feed 1
    F2 = Feed 2
    F3 = Feed 3
    F4 = Feed 4
    FC = Food Competition
    FFC = ***** FishCam (thanks UK)
    Feeds = Live Feeds
    FOC = Fart on Command
    FOCC = Front of chicken coop (BBUK)
    FISH = FishCam or SharkCam
    FOTH (in BB Forums) = Front of the House
    Fred = Mysterious person on BB3 seen occasionally in the house, often reported wearing a red ball cap (unconfirmed)
    FSA = Fake Sleep Alliance
    FT = Fake ta-ta's
    FTW = For the win
    FUPA = Fat Upper Pubic Area
    Gucci = Really Cool
    Giselle = Inflatable Giraffe (BB17)
    GR = Gold Room
    Habitrail = The Big Brother House
    Hamsters = Big Brother Houseguests
    HC = House Calls hosted by Marcellas and Gretchen
    HG’s = Houseguests (not to be confused with HG – Houseguest13 – a JokersUpdates Poster)
    HGT = Houseguest Time (ie Pacific Time)
    HM’s = Housemates
    HOH = Head of Household
    HOH WC = Head of Household Water Closet (Toilet Room)
    HPV = Human Papilloma Virus (Genital Warts)and more and yet more
    HRD = High Rent District (from BB3)
    HT = Hot Tub
    Huck = the inflatable pool shark from BB3
    IP= Internet People
    JC = Julie Chen
    LC = Luxury Competition
    LNC = Late Night Crew
    LD = Lock Down
    LF = Live Feeds
    LR = Living Room
    MW = Memory Wall (Houseguest pictures)
    MRA = Mrs. Robinson's Alliance
    MFU = Moved from Updates
    Noms = nominations or those nominated
    NSFW = Not safe for work
    NT = No Text
    OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    Orange Room / Orange and Green Room = bedrom with 2 double beds (was Tiki room in bb3) located beyond the Blue Room
    OTEV = Veto spelled backwards - an elimination type POV competition where you find/bring things to the god of Veto.
    PB = Peanut Butter
    PBJ = Peanut Butter and Jelly
    Peach – Pit = kitchen for BBOZ
    POT = Power of Ten - BB8: game show on which Amber and Daniele appeared
    POV = Power of Veto
    QC = quad cam
    RP = Real Player
    RR = Red Room
    Slop = replacement for PBJ - On Big Brother All-Stars, they actually peeled the Big Brother label off and revealed that it is Bill Pearl's High Protein Oatmeal
    SR = Storage Room
    Sand Box = The bedroom just off the bathroom (BB3's HRD) - named for its desert theme
    TC = Team Christ
    The Three Stooges = Jee, Justin & Robert
    TP = Team Pink
    TwoElle = Allison Grodner
    VC = Veto Competition
    WC = Water Closet (Bathroom)
    WS = "weird scene"
    WBRB = We'll be right back
    WWJD = "What Would Jesus Do?"

Big Brother Canada 6


    The Real Deal = Derek, Kaela, Paras and Jesse

Big Brother 19


    AMF Asian/Armenian Mother Fers = Alex and Paul
    Misfits = Josh, Christmas and Paul

Big Brother Canada 5


    Jass = Jackie and Cassandra
    Brevin = Bruno and Kevin
    Tortoise & The Hare = Gary and Cassandra
    Kary = Karen and Gary
    Tea Time = Gary, Cassandra and Ika
    Gavin = Gary and Kevin
    French Connection = William and Dre
    Leftovers = Dre, Jackie and William
    Gold Diggers = Ika, Neda, and Sindy
    Core Six = Bruno, Demetres, Ika, Kevin, Neda, and Sindy
    Vet Girls = Neda, Ika, and Sindy
    Beauty and the Beast = Dillion and Emily
    Droka = Ika and Demetres
    Ménage à Trois = Bruno, Kevin, and Sindy
    Dilly Dally = Dallas and Dillion
    Season Three = Bruno, Kevin, and Sindy
    The Three Peasants = Kevin, Jackie, and Bruno

Big Brother Over The Top 2016


    Fatal Four = Whitney, Alex, Shelby and Morgan
    Late Night Jamboree = Danielle, Jason, Neeley, Kryssie, Shane, and Justin
    Secret Sisters Plus = Alex, Morgan, Whitney and Shelby
    The Guys Alliance = Shane, Monte, Scott and Cornbread
    Flirty = Shane and Danielle
    OTT Jamboree = Jason, Shelby, Kryssie, Scott and Justin
    The Plastics = Alex, Morgan, Whitney and Shelby (not their chosen alliance name, LNC calls them this)
    The Ball Smashers = Alex, Morgan, Whitney and Shelby
    Jambalaya Gang = Justin, Morgan, Shelby and Kryssie
    The Longshots = Shelby and Morgan
    The Jamboree = TheJayRoy and TheKryssieCrisis

Big Brother 18 HouseGuests/Acronyms

    LBR = London Bedroom
    NR = Nairobi Room (First Floor Lounge)
    PHB = Phone Booth
    SL = Sky Lounge (Second Floor Lounge area outside HOH)
    TBR = Tokyo Bedroom


    Fatal 5 = Nicole, Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Tiffany, and Michelle
    Eight-Pack Alliance = James, Frank, Day, Nicole, Michelle, Zak, Corey and Tiffany
    Powerpuff Girls = Natalie, Bridgette and Bronte
    Operation Evict Vets = Jozea, Victor, Paul
    The Revolution = Jozea, Victor and Paul
    Spygirls = Natalie, Bronte, Bridgette
    The Board = Victor, Paulie, and Paul
    Strength and Honor = Paulie and James
    The Executives = Corey, Paulie, Victor, James and Paul
    PP = Paul and Paulie
    The Sitting Ducks = Victor and Paul
    The Final Four = Nicole, Corey, Victor, and Paul


    Category 4: Bridgette Dunning, Paulie Calafiore, Michelle Meyer, Frank Eudy
    Team Big Sister: Jozea Flores, Zakiyah Everette, Paul Abrahamian, Da'Vonne Rogers
    Team Unicorn: Bronte D'Acquisto, Victor Arroyo, Natalie Negrotti, James Huling
    The Freakazoids: Glenn Garcia, Corey Brooks, Nicole Franzel, Tiffany Rousso

BB17 HouseGuests
    The High Rollers = Da'Vonne, Audrey, Jeff, James, Jason, Jackie and Meg
    Tres Amigos = Jace, Austin and Liz
    Five Alive = Austin, Audrey, Clay, James and Jace
    Shelltown = Austin and Jace
    The Sleeper Cell = Audrey, Clay, Austin, Shelli, and Vanessa
    Cloud Town = Audrey, Jason, Jace and Austin
    SOS = Vanessa and Steve (Students of Sound)
    Freaks and Geeks = Vanessa, Austin, Steve, Liz and Julia
    The Girl Alliance = Audrey, Da'Vonne and Shelli
    Jo'Vonne = Da'Vonne and John
    Shay = Clay and Shelli
    Alive = Audrey, Austin, Clay, Jace and James
    Sixth Sense = Austin, Clay, Liz, Julia, Shelli and Vanessa
    Goblins = Jason and Meg
    Dark Moon = Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Jason, Meg, James, Becky and Jackie
    ADC = Jason, James, Meg, and Jeff (After Dark Crew)
    Three's Company = Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli
    Scamper Squad = Steve, Julia, Liz, Austin and Vanessa
    Austin's Angels = Liz, Julia, Vanessa and Austin
    The Authority = Liz, Julia, Steve and Austin
    Rock Stars = John and Steve

Big Brother Canada
    The Three Stooges = Talla, Andrew, and AJ
    The Shield = Alec and Peter
    East Coast Alliance = Emmett, Jillian and Andrew
    Quattro Alliance = Tom, Emmett, Alec and Peter
    Poutine = French fries, topped with brown gravy and curd cheese
    Beaver Tails = Trademarked fried dough pastry sold throughout Canada

BB16 HouseGuests

    Bomb Squad = Derrick, Cody, Zach, Dev, Caleb, Frankie, Amber and Christine
    Detonators = Bomb Squad minus Amber, Caleb and Devin
    Los Tres Amigos = Zach, Cody and Derrick
    The Hitmen = Derrick and Cody
    Bottom Feeders = Derrick and Nicole
    The Quad Squad = Hayden, Nicole, Cody and Derrick
    No Name Alliance = Hayden and Nicole
    Trust Circle = Christine, Zach and Frankie
    The Rationale = Cody, Derrick, Hayden and Nicole

BB15 HouseGuests

    3AM Alliance = Andy, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae
    The Blonde Tourage = David, Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Jessie, GinaMarie
    The Goof Troop = Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy
    The Knockouts = Amanda, Andy, Helen and Elissa
    The Mom Squad = Elissa and Helen
    Moving Company Alliance = Nick, Jeremy, Spencer, Howard and McCrae
    Triangle of Thrust = Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy
    The Widows Club = Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GinaMarie
    The Exterminators = Judd, Spencer, Clawson, and GinaMarie

BB13 HouseGuests

    Big Jeff = Name Jeff uses to descibe himself
    Bookie or Buki = An affectionate term Brendon and Rachel have for each other
    Brenchel = combination of both Brendon and Rachel's name into one loving nickname
    Crybernating = Rachel going away for a few days to cry
    DCA = DreamCrushers Alliance - Returning Houseguests - they want to crush the dreams of the SuperFans
    Elfified = Name Lawon used to describe Elf Adam
    NBSB = Northern Boys and Southern Belles Alliance - Northern Boys = Jeff and Adam - Southern Belles = Jordan and Shelly
    PB & J = Pretty Boy & Jew - Alliance name for Dominic and Adam

BB12 HouseGuests

    Bragade = Enzo, Lane, Hayden and Matt (Brigade)

Bragade Code
    AA = Athletes Alliance (Brendon/Hayden/Enzo)
    BG = Bragade
    BT = Britney
    CB = Cabana
    CT = Covert (meeting, move, etc)
    DE = Double Eviction
    FG = Final Four
    GB = Goodbye Messages
    HD = HOH
    HOH WC = Head of Household Water Closet (Toilet Room)
    KT = Kathy
    ND = Brendon (Needle Dick)
    PM = Power Move
    PV = Power of Veto
    RT = Ragan
    SA = Side Alliances
    ST = Saboteur
    TA = The Animal = Hayden
    TB = The Beast = Lane
    TG = The Gremlin = Matt
    TM = The Meow = Enzo

BB11 HouseGuests
    NBK = Natural Born Killers Alliance - Lydia, Natalie, Kevin, Ronnie, Chima and Russell

BB10 HouseGuests
    Renegades = Dan and Memphis Alliance

BB9 HouseGuests
    Crazy James = James
    Natty = Natalie
    Matty = Matt

BB8 HouseGuests
    ED = Evel Dick = Dick

BB7 All-Star HouseGuests:
    CG = Chicken George

BB6 HouseGuests:
    Eric = Cappy or Crappy (for Captain)
    Kaysar = KK (King Kaysar)

BB5 HouseGuests:
    The Don = Mike
    Purple, Nik, Nokomis - Jennifer
    Cowboy/CB = Michael
    A/N = Adria/Natalie
    Dr = Drew
    Di = Diane

BB4 HouseGuests:
    Al / Ali = Alison
    Am = Amanda
    E / Er = Erika
    Dn / Mantroll = Dana
    Dv = David
    Ja = Jack
    Je = Jee
    Jn = Jun
    Js = Justin
    M / Mi / Mich= Michelle
    N / Na / Nate = Nathan
    R / Ro / Ratbert / Robat / Rubbertoe / Robnoxious = Robert
    S / SC = Scott


    AFAIK = As far as I know
    AFK = Away from keyboard
    BAH = Big Arsed Hug
    BC = Because
    BIL = Brother in law
    Blog/Blogger/Bloggering = Journaling only online. Either private of public
    BLTN = Better late than never
    BTDT = Been there done that
    BTW = By the Way
    Bwah = Bwahahahahahahahhaah (evil laughter)
    CFDC = Caffeine Free Diet Coke
    CNAM = Could Not Agree More
    DC = Diet Coke
    DD = Dear Daughter
    Dew = Mountain Dew
    DH = Dear Husband
    DP = Dr Pepper
    DS = Dear Son
    DVR = Digital Video Recorder (aka Tivo)
    DW = Dear Wife
    FFS = For F*ck's Sake
    FIL = Father in Law
    FTR = For the record
    FWIW = For What It’s Worth
    FYI = For Your Information
    GM = Good Morning
    HBD = Happy Birthday
    ICAM = I Couldn't Agree More
    IDK = I don't know
    IKR = I know really
    IMHO = In my humble opinion
    IMO = In My Opinion
    IOW = In Other Words
    IRL = In Real Life
    ITA = I Totally Agree
    J/K = Just Kidding
    JMHO = Just my humble opinion
    JMO = Just My Opinion
    Kewl = Same as Cool – just spelled phonetically to emphasize pronunciation
    LJ = Live Journal (a site that you can blogger on)
    LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
    LOL = Laughing Out Loud
    LTNS = Long time no see
    MD = Mountain Dew
    MIL = Mother In Law
    MTE = My thoughts exactly
    Muah = Muahahahahahahahahha (evil Laughter)
    NP = No Problem
    OMG = Oh My God
    OP = Original Post
    OS = Official Site
    OT = Off Topic
    OTOH = On The Other Hand
    PITA = pain in the ass
    Plmk = Please let me know
    PMP = Peeing My Pants
    POV (book forum) = Point of View
    PTB = Powers That Be
    PVR = Personal Video Recorder (aka Tivo)
    RE = Reply or Regarding
    RL = Real Life
    ROFL = Rolling on Floor Laughing
    ROFLMAO = Rolling on Floor Laughing My Ass Off
    ROFLOL = Rolling on Floor Laughing Out Loud
    ROTFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing
    RP = Real Player
    SAHM = Stay At Home Mom
    SIL = Sister In Law
    SMH = Shaking My Head
    SN = Side Note
    SWEIN = So what else is new
    TBA = To Be Announced
    TBD =To Be Determined
    TIA = Thanks In Advance
    TMI = Too Much Information
    TP = Top Posting
    TPTB = The Powers that Be or Powers That Be
    TY = Thank You
    TYVM = Thank You Very Much
    UK = United Kingdom (aka Britain) (Not to be confused with UncleKevin – a JU User).
    UR = You Are
    UserNameHub = Reference to the husband of a User
    WMP = Wetting My Pants
    WMP = windows media player
    WTF = What The F’ck
    WTG = Way to Go
    WW = Weight Watchers or The West Wing
    YW = Your Welcome
    YVW = Your Very Welcome

    BBTT = Big Brother TeleTubby (featured in the Just Kidding Forum)
    Buk = The sound a chicken makes
    BUU = Beam Us Up – Joker’s Sci-Fi forum.
    FOTH (Jokers Lounge/JIA) / Hanging Shelves / Waxing Car = sexual intercourse
    FOTH = a Substitute for that “f” word (not to be confused with other definitions)
    Frell = A Substitute for that “f” word
    GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike
    JIA = Jokers Intelligence Agency (A forum under Fun Stuff)
    JU = Jokers Updates
    Lizard = Someone who hangs out and posts a lot in The Lounge (a forum at Jokers)
    Member = a part of the male anatomy
    Mod = to moderate or in reference to a Moderator
    Mok = Running Amok
    Narf = A goof or a laugh – something fun
    P/X = The Post Exchange – for Discussion of Big Brother USA (originally titled for Poppy/Xeno)
    PM = Private Message (you can send and receive these in My Home – and if you have a flashing envelope at the top of your screen – you have received a PM)
    Pooney / Box = a part of the female anatomy
    Sig = Refers to one's Signature Line
    SigPic = A Picture in the Signature of Your Posts
    Sticky Post = A post that is locked at the top of a forum
    Waxing Car = having sex

    AFK = Away From Keyboard
    BBIAB = Be Back In a Bit
    BBL = Be Back Later
    BRB = Be Right Back
    F&F = Game played every Saturday at 10 Eastern. See here for rules/info.
    OP = Chat Operator (Moderators in Joker's Chat)
    RE = Re-Hello
    WB = Welcome Back

    AI = American Idol
    AMC = All My Children
    AMC = American Movie Classics (A Cable Network)
    AMW = America’s Most Wanted
    ANTM = America's Next Top Model
    AR = The Amazing Race
    ATWT = As The World Turns
    B&B = The Bold & The Beautiful
    BATG = Beauty & The Geek
    BG = Battlestar Galactica
    CanIdol = Canadian Idol
    CI = Canadian Idol
    DH = Desperate Housewives
    DoND = Deal or No Deal
    DOOL = Days of Our Lives
    DWTS = Dancing With the Stars
    EHME = Extreme Makeover Home Edition
    FNL = Friday Night Lights
    GH = General Hospital
    GL = The Guiding Light
    HGTV = Home and Gardens Television (A Cable Network)
    JM = James Marsters
    JW = Joss Whedon
    OLTL = One Life To Live
    OTH = One Tree Hill
    PC = Port Charles
    PH = Paradise Hotel
    QAF = Queer As Folk
    RW = Real World
    RW/RR = Real World / Road Rules
    SMG = Sarah Michelle Gellar
    SORAS = a term used to describe the practice of accelerating the age of a television character
    TAR = The Amazing Race
    TLC = The Learning Channel (Cable Network)
    TS = Trading Spaces
    Y&R = The Young & The Restless

    ATFR = After The Final Rose
    DOD = Diaries of the Departed
    F2 = Final 2
    FD = Fantasy Date
    FIR = First Impression Rose
    FRC = Final Rose Ceremony
    FS = Fantasy Suite
    LCD = Last Chance Date
    MF = Mike Fleiss - Creator/Exe Producer
    MTA = Men Tell All
    RC = Rose Ceremony
    SC = Screencap
    WTA = Women Tell All

    TC - Tribal Council
    IC - Immunity Challenge
    RC - Reward Challenge
    JP - Jeff Probst
    II - Imunity Idol
    IN - Immunity Necklace

    B5 = Babylon 5
    BTVS = Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    DS9 = Star Trek Deep Space 9
    DSV = Seaquest Deep Sea Venture
    EFC = Earth Final Conflict
    ENT = Enterprise
    ENT-D / ENT-E / ENT-B = Versions of the ship called Enterprise
    FS = Farscape
    GvE = Good vs Evil
    HGttG = Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    ID4 = Independence Day
    IF/IF2 = Interceptor Force/Interceptor Force 2
    I-Man = Invisible Man TV series from Sci-Fi
    K9 = Dr Who's robotic Dog
    LIS = Lost in Space
    MIB = Men in Black
    MST3K = Mystery Science Theatre 3000
    P3: The Power of Three (used in Charmed) and also the name of the club in Charmed owned by Piper.
    RHPS = Rocky Horror Picture Show
    SCA = Society of Creative Anachronisms - group of medieval reinactors and they kick butt over the Ren Faires
    SG-1 = Stargate: SG-1
    ST = Star Trek
    ST:DS9 or ST:DSN = Star Trek Deep Space Nine
    ST:ENT = Star Trek Enterprise
    ST:TAS = Star Trek The Animated Series
    ST:TMP = Star Trek The Motion Picure
    ST:TNG = Star Trek The Next Generation
    ST:TOS = Star Trek The Original Series
    ST:VOY = Star Trek Voyager
    SW = Star Wars
    SW:ANH = Star Wars A New Hope (Episode IV, first film)
    SW:AOTC = Star Wars Attack of the Clones (Episode II, fifth film)
    SW:ROTJ = Star Wars Return of the Jedi (Epsiode VI, third film)
    SW:TESB = Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back (Epsiode V, second film)
    SW:TPM = Star Wars The Phantom Menace (Episode I, fourth film)
    T2 = Terminator 2
    T3 = Terminator 3
    TARDIS = What Dr Who travels in, it's short for "Time and Relative Dimensions in Space" Basically it's a machine that generally looks like a police box (blue phone booth) and can travel from place to place and time to time
    TNG = Star Trek The Next Generation
    TOS = Star Trek - The Original Series
    VOY = Star Trek Voyager

Something we missed? Send Dreamer a PM!

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