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'Bachelor' Finale Spoilers: Who Does Juan Pablo REALLY End Up With? ..
01/19/14 06:33 AM

'Bachelor' Finale Spoilers: Who Does Juan Pablo REALLY End Up With? ..

If you watch The Bachelor -- or any reality show for that matter -- you most likely fall into one team or the other: Either you want to watch from week to week with the suspense of who goes home, who stays, and who ultimately ends up winning OR you jet straight to Google/Reality Steve for spoilers galore! If you're here, I'm guessing you fall into the latter camp. If for some reason that's not the case, you may want to navigate away ASAP, cuz things are about to get spoiler-packed up in here ...

In other words, DO NOT read on if you don't want to know who Juan Pablo (most likely, probably) gives his final rose, and THEN SOME ...


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* 'Bachelor' Finale Spoilers: Who Does Juan Pablo REALLY End Up With? ..
01/19/14 06:33 AM
xx * I've thought all along they would have gotten better viewership had they chosen Drew as Bachelor...and better chance of proposal, looks like. NT
02/15/14 05:08 PM
xx * I think it should have been Zac. He was funny and had a personality. No big ego there. NT
02/15/14 05:58 PM
xx * Yeah, either one, really, would have done more for me than JP. I've kept up w/ this season halfheartedly..haven't planned my mon. nights around TB NT
02/18/14 10:35 PM
xx * I would have liked Drew or Zac. I absolutely LOVED Zac and feel that he would have entertained.
02/17/14 10:04 AM
xx * Zac really did seem to be a sweetie. Drew was very handsome, but they never showed him as having much of a personality. NT
02/17/14 12:20 PM
xx * To each their own, I never thought Zac was the least bit attractive and Drew, while sweet and adorable, was almost childlike. I can't picture either
02/18/14 09:44 AM
xx * I, for one, wouldn't have watched had they chosen Zac. He had his sweet moments, but mostly he just came across as awkward and creepy to me. NT
02/16/14 06:20 PM
xx * A opposed to being a horn dog? LOL NT
02/16/14 06:39 PM
xx * Well, I haven't seen Juan Pablo as a "horn dog"...but, that's just me. I am enjoying this season.
02/16/14 06:46 PM
xx * Nope, not just you. I don't JP as a horn dog either, and I am enjoying his season as well. I too was not a Zac fan or a Drew fan. NT
02/17/14 09:13 AM
xx * Juan Pablo is the stereotypical dumb jock IMHO. I guess having working in professional sports, I see how the Latino players behave. NT
02/17/14 04:21 PM
xx * I have been around baseball since I was a teen and I think that Latino players get some flack they do not deserve. We can't impose American norms on
02/18/14 09:42 AM
xx * And I worked in professional sports for a decade. I got to really know some of these guys quite well. Not implying that all Latino players are
02/18/14 05:56 PM
xx * raging bitch & no proposal.... sounds good. NT
01/26/14 08:59 AM
xx * I do not see her as a bitch. She seems to be the most real person there. Clare is the bitch. NT
02/04/14 08:50 AM
xx * Seems to me that Clare is the raging bitch that no one in the house likes. NT
02/03/14 05:43 PM
xx * I am liking Nikki so far, his prediction seems "off" to me--it's Claire who is seeming like a brat if anyone. Should be interesting!! ;) NT
01/21/14 04:58 PM
xx * To me Claire reminds me of those annoying candies that stick badly to your teeth! NT
02/02/14 03:03 PM
xx * I's Clare that seems to have the issues...and is the one that nobody likes? NT
01/28/14 07:35 AM
xx * That is certainly how I see it. Ali vs Vienna redux. NT
01/28/14 08:56 AM
xx * I'm just now watching them dancing in Korea & I see Nikki is turning into a whiner NT
01/29/14 02:39 PM
xx * But give her credit...she whined in her interview but tried to put on a happy face with the group date. I read that Danielle was pretty uncomfortable
01/30/14 06:29 PM
xx * Ditto Violet. And Sharleen is really starting to bug me. NT
01/23/14 05:39 PM
xx * Most of this is not new except for the fact that he wants to get back with his ex? hahahaaa NT
01/19/14 06:34 AM
xx * awww... little camila's parents getting married would be sweet. NT
01/26/14 09:01 AM
xx * No wonder ABC did their best to ensure none of the tabloids covered the "deadbeat dad" court records from Florida. NT
01/26/14 08:48 AM

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