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GinaMarie - jury votes against remaining HGs. Winner of BB15 may not be that far-fetched of an idea.
08/27/13 01:50 PM

GM against Amanda
Amanda's jury management is absolutely nil and jury management matters as we all know from S11, S12, S14. The early jury is absolutely poisoned against Amanda and more jurors coming in will most likely learn a lot and the poisoning of the jury will continue against Amanda. Amanda's game is also a lot weaker than it appears. She's rarely been a target to this point, not because of her own doing but because of Andy and McCrae. GM's road to get there has been tougher especially after watching her early allies be evicted. She adjusted her game a little bit at a time and is sitting in a fairly good position at this point. GM has better personal relationships with everyone in the house/jury except for Candice, McCrae and Andy. I think it will end with a 6-3 or 5-4 vote, Spencer being the toss up and Candice McCrae and Andy the votes for Amanda.

GM against Andy or McCrae - Andy played the game's Rat and floated around with his loyalty being to McCranda but no one respects the rat and his jury management has actually been worse than Amanda's, particularly his parting shot to Jessie in her goodbye message. McCrae's game play so far involves him winning the 1st HOH and then hiding behind Amanda's skirt for the rest of the game. It's a low key, lay low type game, but without any big moves to claim as his own other than turning on the MC, He doesn't have a lot to lean on, also GM seems to have better personal relationships with most of the house with the exception of Andy, Amanda, and Spencer.
Final vote, GM wins 6 to 3 against either the 3 being Amanda, Spencer and Andy/McCrae if I had to guess.

GM against Judd - Aaryn, Amanda for GM, Spencer and McCrae for Judd, Rest are a toss up. Probably falls on GM's side because Judd got a second chance but could go either way. If I had to guess, this vote would come down to Helen who I think will vote Judd over GM for a total 5-4 but it could just as easily go the other way.

GM against Elissa - Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn for GM, The rest a toss up but I could see this vote going either way.
Andy will probably be a GM vote, but there's no telling how he will feel when he gets a day away from his toxic alliance and the game.
I could easily see Helen, Candice and Judd swaying Jessie to vote for Elissa but Helen may go the other way as well. Most likely swing vote if it comes to it is Spencer - Spencer could vote on game play or personal, I don't really know which way he would go. I have no idea how this vote would turn out.

GM vs Spencer
Ugh...a horrible scenario. Similar game types with the exception of GM having an HOH win. Spencer has a POV when he needed it. This will be the ultimate vote of personal relationships. 6-3 or 5-4 for GinaMarie, GinaMarie gets votes from Helen, Jessie, Judd, Elissa and Aaryn. Andy could go either way but probably leaning towards Spencer leaving it at 5-4 for GM to win.

Of course with 3 weeks left a lot could change, but based on the state of the house now and the jury as it sits. If GM makes the F2, she probably will win Big Brother 15

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* GinaMarie - jury votes against remaining HGs. Winner of BB15 may not be that far-fetched of an idea.
08/27/13 01:50 PM
xx * Great post for thought! Thanks! You did a nice counter to each possibility. GM does have a good chance to take it. Stranger things have happened.
08/30/13 12:22 AM
xx * She's the only well liked HG, and that can't be underestimated...
08/28/13 12:48 AM
xx * I could be wrong but I think the jury will just see her as Aaryn's shadow and making no moves of her own much NT
08/27/13 04:50 PM
xx * Unlike Aaryn, when she was HOH she did what she wanted. Also GM's greatest strength is her personal relationships, the jurors know that GM is a
08/27/13 05:54 PM
xx * Hmmmmmm. Decidedly NOT a far-fetched idea. Only problem is remaining HGs probably also realize this -- & no way will they take GM to F2. NT
08/27/13 03:09 PM

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